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Its a Mindset
Developing mental toughness [1-1k]
Topic : Importance of Mental Toughness & Developing Mental Toughness
by Matt Kuhlmann.It's a mindset. How many times have you heard the saying " This sport is 95% mental"? It seems to be a factor that is very commonly spoken about and yet, how much time is actually devoted to training for the mental aspect. Why Developing Mental Tough...
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Life Coaches - Who are they and how can they help?
by Michael Greeves. Sometimes sticking to that new workout schedule or new meal plan is more difficult than you expected. You might get busy, get off track or lose the drive and motivation. Maybe you try a workout buddy or personal trainer, but that still isn't solvi...
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Defy the Aging Process With a Positive Mental Attitude
by Ron Richardson. The process of developing an attitude that will help you later in life should be nurtured during the younger years. How you learn skills when you're young to help cope with adversities and strategies through life will become all important when you r...
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How To Practice Being Successful
by Glen Smith. You might think that some people are just naturally successful and others are not. Perhaps that is true but I have discovered that achieving success is a skill. It cuts across most areas of human activity including health and fitness, gambling an...
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Be The Count of Blessings
by Derek Dashwood. We had recently how the ladies could work their way through the eight day personal seminar to joy and inner serenity and ability to do whatever one wants: they could be Mary Poppins for a their eight days, but you had to have been there. This is th...
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Newage Smart Goal Setting
by Yip See Kit. Goal setting is important whether it is at work, in management, in sports or even just dealing with our personal commitment. With proper goal setting, it not only helps to realize our dreams, it also constantly serves as a motivation to us and also...
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Success is Addictive
by Ned Wicker. By Rev. Ned Wicker, Editor: Drug-Addiction-Support.orgThe starting of Spring Training activities in Florida and Arizona were over shadowed by the recent testimonies before a congressio...
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Can You Lose Yourself Winning?
by Knight Pierce Hirst. I can never say I never win anything again. I bought a church raffle ticket and won a spa weekend for two. John is definitely not the spa type, but he agreed to go because he's the free type. We went for early morning walks, late night Jacuzzis and ...
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Use Your Pre-sleep Time to Program Your Mind for Success
by Sandra Prior. What do you think about before you nod off at night? Your day at work? Your significant other? Your chores at home? Whatever it may be, you could put that time to better use in an attemp

Best Man Speech: Five Essential Tips
by harvey clifford. Here are five essential tips to consider when writing your best man speech:1. Make sure that your best man speech is prepared several weeks before the day of the wedding.2. Practice reading your speech a few times before finally performing it at the...
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Boosting Sports to Boost Self-esteem
by Joey Singer. One of the largest factors that several youth deal with today is in relation to their self-esteem. Several suffer by looking at themselves as not good enough. This may range from seeing their body image in the wrong light to seeing their mental stat...
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Great Tips to Manage Communication Anxiety
by Sandy Adamson. Copyright (c) 2008 Sandy AdamsonCommunication anxiety is also known as public speech anxiety. Contrary to other types of anxieties, it is just a NORMAL phenomenon among ordinary people. In fact, a significant number of people tend to avoid situati...
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Unlocking the Secrets of your Sense of Smell
by Luke Vorstermans. The Taste ConnectionThough we often imagine our taste buds as the center of taste perception, the human nosenot the tongueis the main organ of taste as wel
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10 Tips for Coping With Grief and Loss
by Tom Parker. Grief is an incredibly agonising human experience but also a natural reaction to loss. In life it is almost inevitable that we will experience grief and loss. Although it is a painful experience, grief is also a process that gives us strength to tak...
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3 Ways to Overcome Loneliness & your Fear of the Unknown
by Tom Parker. Fear and loneliness are two very powerful, complex and unpleasant emotions. As you are probably aware, both emotions can manifest physically. For example, if you are scared of snakes then you will experience fear at the physical presence of snakes...
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How you Can Grow Physically, Mentally and Spiritually - Daily
by Alien. Morning:What do you want to be first thing in the morning? Energetic Fresh. Vibrantly alive. You can be all these and more - because the key to them lies, in your hands! What yo
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The Fear of Spiders
by Patrick Carpen. As amusing as it may sound to many people, Arachnophobia--the fear of spiders, is a traumatizing reality for millions of Americans and people worldwide.If you or someone you know personally has this phobia, then it should be brewing in your mind to ...
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Dreaming Big is the Fuel for Success
by Nirupama.Dreaming Big is the Fuel for Success by: Nirupama Let me start with a quote from Jim Rohn, one of the 50 world famous motivational speakers on p
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How to Realize Your Dream Without Losing Your Job
by Jullie Harvard. Surveys show that most people do not go into a career that they were dreamed of as a child. If you are one of them, I am sure you want to realize your dream one day. But the living commitments such as family, loan repayment for your home and car may...
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The Secret of Her Success
by Jitender Sharma.The Secret of Her Success by: Jitender Sharma Despite all the "dot-com" busts a few years ago, the Internet still represents the ultimate opport
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Six Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Go Greener
by Mark Cheng. With energy prices on the rise and global resources diminishing, more and more people are making efforts to conserve energy, water, and other resources. While some of the ways you can conserve can be expensive, below are some great, low cost ways to...
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Why Having a Mentor is so Important
by Charrissa Cawley. Can you think back into your life to someone who you admire? Perhaps this is someone who is very successful in their career, their family life, or even socially? In our l
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Setting Up Good Images - The Know How
by Whalehooks.Quite obviously, probably the most crucial aspect of designing a successful online blog site is the uploading and implementation of pictures. These various images have an enormous effect on the visual appearance of the blog site and will appeal to m...
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Saving Money
by Jennifer Burns.Sometimes it gets so hard to control your money expenses, especially if you do not have a well-paid job. Approximately every second person on this planet has to struggle to live on a living wage, unless he/she is a millionaire and does not have to wo...
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Our Self Esteem
by Michael Angier.A reader from the Middle East wrote to me recently asking how hecould improve his low self-image. He said, "it ruins my socialand professional life." He wanted to know what techniques hecould employ to solve this lifelong problem. I felt somewhat ina...

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