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Hill-wood not Willing to Sell Arsenal
by Cindy Ferguson. According to a statement made by Hill-Wood to BBC reporters, none of the major shareholders are interested in selling at the present time and have no intention of the selling the club anywhere within the near future. He also acknowledged that no off...
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Uefa Proposals Delayed
by Cindy Ferguson. Michel Platini, current president of the UEFA, made his suggestion in a conference between the UEFA organization and representatives. Such proposals may begin in 2009 where the Premier League's top three along with the FA Cup winners would be eligib...

by Information Bible. Football Football is the name given to a number of different, but related, team sports, although the first sport with this name originated in the United Kingdom. The most popular of these world-wide is association football (also known as soccer). Th...
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Girls Allowed? Its Encouraged
by Gerry McDonnell. I've recently learned the hard way that you should never discuss politics and religion. My lodger and I became embroiled in a furious row over the conflict in Iraq. Dave was very vo
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How to Kick a Soccer Ball - Getting Rid of the Toe Kick
by Coach V. How many times have you heard it yelled from the sidelines? "Kick with you laces, not your toe!" Well it really isn't the fault of the player if you understand the evolution of the soccer kick. The problem is that most parents and many coaches don'...
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Soccer Has A Long Way Go
by William Bishop. I was a little weary to even bring up the sport of soccer but I can just not help myself. I know that it wants to become big in the United States but that is never going to happen. The problem is that is just too boring to watch on TV. They do no...
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Real Madrid - New Dutch Players
by Jane Richy. Real Madrid’s President Ramon Calderon presented Drenthe first; with just twenty years old he is considered one of the new jewels in international soccer with a great left and vision of the game. He attended with his father to receive his fir...
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When Football Hurts
by malo. It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, old or young --- Football is a sport for everyone. In some European countries, almost every school has a football team of their own. Football is a popular sport among teenagers, all of whom were probab...
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A Black and White Dawn
by bnwba. Let's face it. Newcastle have most certainly under-achieved since the glory days when Sir Bobby Robson was at the helm and played and beat teams like Barcelona and Juventus in Europe's most coveted competition. They have had lacklustre cup runs and ...
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Why Manchester United Football Club are No.1 in England
by Keith Driscoll. Manchester United Football Club is an English football club, located at the Old Trafford stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, and probably the most admired football club in the world, with over 50 million supporters across the world. Manche...
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Liverpool Football Club - Champions Elite
by Keith Driscoll. Liverpool Football Club is the most winning club in English soccer history, having won 18 league championships and been crowned champions of Europe on 5 occasions, including the remarkable victory of 2005. Liverpool Football Club is a professional ...
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Its Spain and Its Football Watch Out Real
by Stephen Morgan. It was once said about visiting Galicia and visiting Santiago de Compostela that don’t even think about leaving without seeing Corunna.Corona, when it's not raining seems to be one of those super cities in life where everybody appears to enjo...
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How to Find the Best Football Coaching Method
by Matthew J James. If you’ve always fancied yourself as the next Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho, maybe you’re already involved in playing or coaching football. Maybe you’re considering football as a good way of keepin...
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Arsenal Wins Emirates Cup
by Cindy Ferguson. The inaugural Emirates Cup took place from the 28th to the 29th of July of 2007 and the featured hosts were: Arsenal, Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Valencia. Each team played two matches, with three points awarded for a win, one point for a d...
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The Queen Of Soccer - Mia Hamm Biography
by Niv Orlian. Women's soccer never would have been the same if Mia Hamm hadn't started up soccer when she was little. She had such an impact on women's soccer that she is often thought to mean as much for it as Pele or Cruyff meant for men's soccer. But before be...
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Soccer Dribbling Drill Tips for Volunteer Coaches
by Scott Carlson. Turning your team into above average dribblers should be a major goal of your practice schedule. Ultimately, the drills you do in practice should help your players to become more comfo
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Coach Soccer Successfully
by Scott Carlson. Putting together successful soccer practices takes the investment of time, that is, if you have the required knowledge about the game to complete the task. The best coaches have plan f
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Rafael Benitez : Predestined Success
by JoeReds. Rafael Benitez is something of an anomaly; while, yes, he had his disappointments as so many do (including a few seasons early on that were dismal), he has actually managed to avoid much of the complications that coaches find themselves having. He h...

Rafael Benitez : the Master of Rotation
by JoeReds. Many have cited the way Rafael Benitez handles his strategy as unorthodox but brilliant (as the two are so often linked) and, while few are as willing to take the chances he does, all have to admit that his particular brand of thinking suits him wel...

US National Soccer Team - How Can it Get Better?
by Nishan Wilde. In 1930, the US national soccer team got off to a roaring international career at the inaugural World Cup. In a tournament mostly dominated by South American teams, the United States reached the semi-finals. However, since then, the USA's record has...
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History Of Soccer In The US
by Niv Orlian. Although soccer is not THE sport in the US, the history of soccer in US is one of the longest around, right next to that of the English or the Scottish.After the English set out to form a set of rules for the game of soccer, these were soon taken to...
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The Inventors Of Modern Soccer - English Soccer History
by Niv Orlian. English Soccer History - Early DaysIt's hard to determine exactly how soccer became so popular in England in the 19th century, but the truth is that in the mid 19th century, almost every major town had a semi-professional soccer team. These teams we...
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Sports Legendaries - Holland Soccer Stars
by Niv Orlian. Throughout time, Holland gave out some truly outstanding soccer players, most of them surpassing the status of Holland soccer stars and becoming famous on an international level. Give me 5 minutes of your time and I'll give you an overview of Hollan...
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Ryan Babel Next on Liverpools Rooster
by Cindy Ferguson. Babel is now being transferred to Liverpool after the clubs came to an agreement of around ?11.5 million fee provided to the Ajax. The contract will be valid for a period of five years and the number to be used by the forward in his new club is yet ...
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Beckham Gives Toronto Fc and Mls Ticket Sales a Leg Up
by Terri Dueck. The addition of David Beckham has had a remarkable effect on ticket sales across Major League Soccer, even up in Canada where tickets to the Toronto FC are quickly dissapearing. According to the official Toronto FC website, the team sold 1,036 seaso...
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