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Juijitsu Information
by jimmycox.It is but a few years ago that jiu jitsu was unknown to the Western world. Today the name is understood very generally, in English speaking countries, to refer to that mysterious art of self defense by which the Japanese prove antagonists whom it is ...
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Martial Arts Dont Turn Kids Into Bullys
by scotthtaylor.I began to learn Karate when I was just eight years old. I am stressing on the word "Karate", so please don't mix it up with Tae Kwon Doe, or Aikido, or Chung Moo Doe, etc. It was the 60's and in America we only knew Judo and a few styles of Karate. ...
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Reasons For Choosing a Martial Arts Program
by barneygarcia.There are as many reasons as there are people for choosing a martial arts program. Some people want to be able to defend themselves in any given situation, they want to become fitter, they want to boost self esteem or any combination of the three. Th...
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Secret Martial Arts Techniques
by Kelvin Ho. Many people who are keen in martial arts often seek out the latest and greatest martial arts techniques. What all of them hope to achieve is to master some secret martial arts moves that will enable them to fight better and more effectively than the...
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Choosing The Right Martial Arts Shoes For Your Child
by Jerry Glynn. When your child or children begins studying martial arts, it is important to make sure that they have the right martial arts shoes. Protective gear for the feet is essential for proper safety, and most types are made of lightweight material that is ...
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Tips For Selecting Martial Arts Uniforms
by Jerry Glynn. Martial arts uniforms are another essential part of any self defense student's training apparel. The uniform, or gi, is usually white, but comes in other colors as well. There are uniform variations between martial arts styles, but all uniforms ar...
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Some Common Types Of Martial Arts Supplies
by Jerry Glynn. When you begin your study of martial arts, you will discover that there are a wide variety of martial arts supplies that novices and professionals alike use on a regular basis. The main type of gear includes weapons, dojo mats, breaking boards, uni...
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Tips For Choosing A Martial Arts Style
by Terry Parker. Before you begin to shop for the right martial arts equipment, and before you take that first step inside of the dojo, it is important to choose a martial arts style. All martial arts styles are not created equally and the best style for one person...
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Mixed Martial Arts Stand-Up Style
by Michael Greeves. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full, contact sport which includes techniques such as striking and grappling. This sport can serve as a workout that helps improve many different areas of your body. There are different styles in mixed martial arts an...
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How To Protect Yourself Using Jiu-Jitsu
by Jimmy Cox. A Japanese who is versed in the snares of jiu-jitsu is better equipped for fighting than any man can be who is not so equipped. At the base of all true jiu-jitsu are good nature and leniency. The adept in jiu-jitsu must never be a bully; he must not...
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Forming a Judo Club
by Jimmy Cox. You may be interested in forming a judo club, particularly as it will help your own studies to have a variety of opponents to practice with. The three things needed for a Judo Club are: members, premises and equipment. I shall say something about ea...
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Who Makes Ufc Gloves for Fighters?
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Here the opponents who are fighters have to be well equipped with a good pair of gloves for fighting. These gloves which are used for fighting have to be very strong and should provide
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Jujitsu - The Art Of Self-Protection
by Anne-Marie RONSEN. One of the most ancient of the martial arts in the world is Jujitsu. Jujutsu (also jujitsu, ju jitsu, ju jutsu, or jiu jitsu; from the Japanese 柔術 jūjutsu "gentle/yielding/compliant Art") is a Japanese martial art deve...
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Judo - The Art Of Self-Perfection
by Anne-Marie RONSEN. Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with Judo? When you talk about martial arts, what comes first in your mind? This informative article can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about judo and Martial Arts.It's really...
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The (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts
by Phoenix Delray. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, combines many different fighting techniques, including grappling and striking, and high performance standards, particularly in the often intense, and very popular MMA tournaments. The first tournaments came about as a res...

Martial Arts Academy for All Forms of Martial Arts
by Muna wa Wanjiru. There are many types of martial arts that are practiced the world over. As each of these has different moves it is best if you learn your chosen branch of martial arts from a qualified
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Karate Will Help to Discipline You
by Muna wa Wanjiru. While karate is a peaceful form of defensive fighting there are times when you will need to use force to defend yourself. At these times using the karate weapon of your discipline will
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Karate Uniforms that Will Allow Fluid Karate Moves
by Muna wa Wanjiru. There are many ways that people try to keep in shape. One of the oldest known exercise regimes can be considered is that of martial arts. Of these karate is still the more popular form.
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The Importance Of Effective Discipline In A Martial Arts Class
by Paul A. Walker. One of the main reasons parents enroll their children in martial arts is discipline. You have seen it before. A parent enrolls their child in your class expecting you to suddenly and indefinitely whip them into shape so that they never answer back o...
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How Karate Instructors Can Motivate Students In Three Easy Steps
by Paul A. Walker. If you've been a karate instructor for any length of time you will no doubt know that your success in retaining your students comes down to one key factor - keeping your students highly motivated to continue training. How do you do this while still ...
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For Karate Instructors: The Art Of Effective Feedback In Class
by Paul A. Walker. If you want to become a successful and influential instructor, you will have to become a master of not only the martial arts but also of interpersonal skills with your students. The Art of Effective Feedback will become a cornerstone of your relatio...
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Main and Effective Lesson Plans for Karate Instructors
by Paul A. Walker. As a karate instructor, you no doubt understand the importance of lesson planning. Developing an effective lesson plan is of vital importance, especially for new instructors. However, even for a highly experienced instructor it does not hurt to revi...
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Personal Observations On Karate After 25 Years Of Training
by Paul A. Walker. If you have been studying karate for any length of time now, you have probably come to realize many important insights from your training. From my own study of karate, I have come to notice many interesting lessons. I would like to share some of the...
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Karate Instructors: Six Simple Steps For Scheduling Your Classes
by Paul A. Walker. One of the most important elements of a martial arts school's operations is the class schedule. Deciding on an appropriate and effective schedule that matches the needs of your students and your curriculum can often be a very challenging task but if...
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Tips for Karate Instructors for Different Lessons
by Paul A. Walker. Have you ever felt like you are teaching the same thing repeatedly? Have you been frustrated by using the same old practice drills every week? Do you sometimes sense that your students are getting bored or are losing interest? Often one of the bigge...
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