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Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decoration
Topic : Decorative Glass Jar : Jar Decorations & Decorative Jars
by Michelle Gauthier.Supplies Needed: Most items can be found around the house or in a craft store. Jar Candle with lid – with removable plastic bottom Craft Glue Paint Scissors Decorating Candle Jars and Lids is a fun a...
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Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui
Topic : Feng Shui Home : Feng Shui Home Tips & Feng Shui for the Home
by Jan Andersen.Feng Shui (pronounced Foong Shway or Fung Shoy) is the ancient Chinese art of luck management, which works by maximising the flow of energy (known as ‘Chi’) in your environment. Every object, inanim...
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Seeding Flowers Indoors
Topic : Planting Flower Seeds : Planting Seeds & Planting Flowers
by Debbie Rodgers.Every year you plan that THIS will be the year you have pots and pots of lush plants on your balcony or deck. Then you visit your local nursery in the spring and reality hits -– the cost for your fan...
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Maximizing Space on a Minimized Budget
Topic : Home Storage Solutions : Home Storage & Home Storage System
by Travis Boudreaux.Do you often have friends, family, or guests over for the weekends and are in desperate need of a spare bedroom? Are you going nuts trying to figure out how to turn that extra bedroom that’s never u...
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Finding a Color Scheme - Decorating with What you Have
Topic : House Paint Color : House Paint Colors & House Paint
by Tammy Jo Schoppet.If you feel helpless when it comes to picking and blending colors, your answer could be as far away as your nearest pillow. Check out this quick way to create a color scheme for your home with our ...
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Set Out a Feast for your Feathered Friends
Topic : Feeding Wild Birds : Bird Feeding & Feeding Birds
by Debbie Rodgers.February is “Feed the Birds” month in much of North America. And what great timing! If you’re going through a cold winter, you can help the wintering birds that are going through it with you. If you ...
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So Youve Decided to Finish Your Basement!
Topic : Building a Basement : Basement Renovation & Basement Design
by Patrick Condon.When a family decides to finish a basement space, there are so many factors to consider it can seem overwhelming. What does your family want to achieve within the new basement? Are you looking for a ...
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Ensure Optimal Insulation in Your Home
Topic : Home Heating System : Home Heating & Heating Systems
by News Canada.(NC)—"Improving your home's insulating system is a speedy and cost-effective way to increase energy-efficiency and comfort in your home, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer,"...
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Attic Renovations
Topic : Attic Remodeling Ideas : Attic Renovation & Attic Renovations
by News Canada.(NC)—Tree houses are great in theory but pose a number of safety issues and aren't ideally suited to cold weather play," says David Flood, Insulation Expert, Owens Corning. "If you have an attic with...
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Essential Tools For Home Improvement
Topic : Home Hardware Tools : Hardware Tools & Hardware Tool
by News Canada.(NC)—While the home may be a family's castle and an escape from today's hectic world, it's probably not perfect. Decorating styles change. There are pictures to hang and shelves to install. Things br...
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Use Shelves And Storage Units To Conquer All That Stuff!
Topic : Home Storage Organization : Home Organizing & Home Organization
by News Canada.(NC)—Stuff! Stuff! Stuff everywhere! The clutter starts to overwhelm. However, life can by simplified and clutter tamed with a few organizational hints and a good shelving or storage system. Planning...
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Adding Texture To Your Floors Adds Texture To Room
Topic : House Floor Plans : House Floor & House Flooring
by News Canada.Texture is key in flooring as well. The Perspective 4 plank line of floors features bevelled edges along both the width and the length of planks. (NC)—Home owners today want their interiors to be les...
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Corks Coziness Makes It Ideal Flooring
Topic : Cork Floor Installation : Cork Floors & Cork Flooring
by News Canada.In kids' bedrooms, and family, music and rec rooms, Cork feels cozy to the toes. (NC)—I remember the cork flooring in my old public school. Durable, easy to care for and very comfortable underfoot — ...
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Maximizing Your Living Space
Topic : Space Saving Home : Space Saving Homes & Home Space
by News Canada.Look to contemporary (modern) décor to maximize space. TORLYS Uniclic? Cork flooring, with its sensuous texture, can warm up a modern interior, preventing it from looking stark. (NC)—Whether we live ...
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Carpet Takes Center Stage
Topic : Carpet Buying Guide : Carpet Flooring & Carpet Floors
by News Canada.(NC)—From soft, layered intricate vine and floral designs to multi-levelled patchwork weaves to tailored ribs, geometric loops and lattices to nubby, terry-like twists, there are more than 200 styles...
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Come With Me To The Casbah!
Topic : Moroccan Home Decor : Moroccon Decor & Moroccon Decorations
by Debbie Rodgers.A ripe persimmon is a thing of beauty – sweet, succulent and an amazing shade of orange-red. Orange and red continue to be popular colors in decorating this year but 2004’s shades are softer and more...

Operation Closet
Topic : Bedroom Closet Design : Bedroom Closet & Bedroom Closets
by Ieuan Dolby.When the wife comes to you one fine day and says, “dear, I think we need a new closet for the bedroom”, the heart surges in joy. Immediate thoughts of grabbing the coat and rushing off on a mission t...
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Funky Garden Plants 2
Topic : Flower Garden Ideas : Flower Gardening & Gardening Flowers
by Valerie Garner.What's a perennial garden plant that blooms in the winter? A hellebore! It is an outdoor plant that is shocking to see blooming sometimes in the snow. There are many varieties. They are perennial w...
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How To Build A Waterfall
Topic : Building a Waterfall : Build a Waterfall & Waterfall Building
by Dan Eskelson.The number one, most asked question that I receive about water features is "How do I build a waterfall?" The first advice I give is to visit natural waterfalls or at least look at photos. Don't try t...
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Using Colors in Your Room
Topic : Color Ideas Home : Color for Home & Colors for Your Home
by Lata Budhrani.Colors play an important part in your Home Decor process. Colors are what give life and personality to your room. Here are some quickies to keep in mind when deciding over colors. 1. If you are usi...
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Its Party Time - Lets Decorate!
Topic : Decorations for Party : Party Decorations & Party Decorating
by Lata Budhrani.Holidays are here and so is the spirit of partying. Here are some wonderful ideas for transforming your home into an innovative party scenario and giving your guests an occasion that will forever rem...
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Design Elements
Topic : Room Decorating Ideas : Room Decorating & Decorating a Room
by Lata Budhrani.A well-decorated room can still lack personality. To give your room a personality, choose from among these basic design elements, modify them to suit your tastes and implement them in a way which is ...
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10 Exotic Centerpieces for the Holidays
Topic : Ideas for Centerpieces : Centerpiece Ideas & Centerpieces Ideas
by Lata Budhrani.1. Shoe Magic - Buy gleaming fuchsia (stylish) or red (festive) colored high heeled glass bottom stilettos and fill one of it with flowers of appropriate size for a trendy table top which will set of...
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Tips for Choosing Log Furniture
Topic : Rustic Log Furniture : Buy Wooden Furniture & Cabin Furniture
by Cari Haus.If you just love that rustic look, and are finally ready to finally buy log furniture for your home, there are a number of “rules of thumb” that can help you in making good choices. Begin by consider...
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Seeing the Light
Topic : Home Decor Lighting : Decorative Lights & Decorative Lighting
by Jeff Carpunky.Lighting "Light has illuminated the path of humanity" – While Einstein was probably referring to one of his mind-blowing theories, lighting has also revolutionized the home. Before incandescent and f...
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