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Understanding the Home Appraisal Process
by Craig Berger. If you're planning to sell a piece of real estate, it is important to get your home appraised. While you can look at market trends for houses similar to yours to generate a rough estimate of what you think your home should be worth, only a certified...
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Your Home Appraisal -whats the Big Deal?
by Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans.Your Home Appraisal -what's the Big Deal? by: Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans Think about why this is true. A good appraisal is the best reassur
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Getting a Home Appraiser Inspection
by Locateappraisers. Getting a Home Appraiser InspectionThe real estate appraisal is one of the key steps in the process of getting into a new home. By getting a true value of a home and a property, the appraisal will be able to com...
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A Modern Approach to Home Appraisal
by Andy Asbury. Your home might be worth more than you think. Whether you're happily settled, or getting ready to sell, it never hurts to know how your investment is doing, especially if you've lived in your home for a long time. Population increases, new homes or ...
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Is Your Home Appraisal Really Accurate?
by Bob Schwartz. Working generally as a San Diego California real estate listing broker, I frequently receive calls from appraisers who desire to validate the reported San Diego MLS sales price, ask about the condition of the property and if the seller gave any buye...
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Five Things you Must Know Before Hiring a Home Appraiser
by Steve Hoogenakker. Homeowners who are seeking a property appraiser often ask 'How should I choose which real estate appraiser to use?' When selecting a property appraiser to use keep the following in mind:Always make sure a property appraiser is licensed or certified...
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Home Appraisals And Why They Are Needed
by Joel Teo. A home appraisal can be a very important tool for the real estate investor. An appraisal is a neutral third party assessment as to the value of the property in question. An appraiser will look at the property inside and out, as well as properties th...
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