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What is the Importance of a Home Inspection?
by John Carser. When you want to buy or sell a home you will want to have a home inspection done. There are benefits to having this inspection done for the buyer and the seller. This article will tell you what those advantages are and what the importance of a home ...
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Inspecting Your Home Inspector
by Ted Gaurnero. You hire a home inspector to find the stuff you didn't on your first walk through. Stuff hidden behind walls or on the roof... or the roof itself. Things that, as a home buyer, you aren't necessarily trained to see. Plus, there's the advantage of ha...
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Home Inspections & Warranties Guide
by Benjamin DeBell. A home inspection carried out by a professional inspector is an absolute necessity before you buy a property. A home inspection can tell you whether the home needs any repairs and can tell you what condition the property is in. If there are any safe...
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Getting Ready for the Home Inspection
by Eric Badgely.Getting Ready for the Home Inspection by: Eric Badgely A home inspection can have a major impact on whether a real estate deal is completed or n
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Choose a Solid Home Inspector
by Louise Scoggins. Surprises can be good and they can be not so good. As a homeowner the last thing you want to discover is that home you recently purchased is full of surprise flaws. The prime time to discover what surprise problems might plague a house, is during a ...
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Parameters of the Professional Home Inspection
by Eric Badgely.Parameters of the Professional Home Inspection by: Eric Badgely Many consumers do not understand the role of the residential home inspector duri
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Home Inspection and the Facts
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspection and the Facts by: Eric Badgely While a home inspector looks for significant issues and deficiencies, another part of the job con
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Home Inspection is Important to the Family
by Tom Beaty. As the agent of the "For Sale By Owner" home, it is imperative that you are aware that home inspections are required by most contracts. A standard sales contract will give the buyer the opportunity to have many inspections performed on both the home...
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Top Ten Questions to Ask Before a Home Inspection
by Grant Eckert. There are many things that you are going to want to ask before you have a home inspection. When it is time for you to begin preparations for your home inspection, there are probably all kinds of things that are flying around in your mind. Therefore,...
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Home Inspection and Appliances
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspection and Appliances by: Eric Badgely Many home inspectors not only check the critical components and systems of a home, but also try
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Home Inspections: Conducive Conditions and your Home
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspections: Conducive Conditions and your Home by: Eric Badgely Conducive conditions are circumstances that unnecessarily attract wood des
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Critical Areas During a Home Inspection
by Eric Badgely.Critical Areas During a Home Inspection by: Eric Badgely A home inspector looks at the structure and many systems and components in the home. Wh
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Home Inspections: Pressure Treated Lumber, What to Look For!
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspections: Pressure Treated Lumber, What to Look For! by: Eric Badgely Home inspectors cite wood to earth contact as a condition that wil
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Problems for a Home Inspector
by Eric Badgely.Problems for a Home Inspector by: Eric Badgely A home inspection, because it is a visual inspection by a trained professional, has a certain num
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Home Inspectors and the Re-inspection
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspectors and the Re-inspection by: Eric Badgely On the surface, it sounds simple enough. But, in fact, the simple re-inspection of a prev
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Home Inspections: Unsafe Decks
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspections: Unsafe Decks by: Eric Badgely Decks are so commonplace that people tend to take them for granted. In fact, decks that are not
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Home Inspections: Wood Burning Stoves in your Home
by Eric Badgely.Home Inspections: Wood Burning Stoves in your Home by: Eric Badgely Wood burning devices, such as fireplaces and stoves, are among the most dang
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Buyers Who Do Their Own Home Inspections
by Eric Badgely.Buyers Who Do Their Own Home Inspections by: Eric Badgely Periodically a buyer will decide that he or she wants to do his or her own home inspec
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Your Home Inspection Report, Useful After The Sale Too!
by Shawn Buryska.Your Home Inspection Report, Useful After The Sale Too! by: Shawn Buryska When you bought your home, chances are pretty good that you paid a pro
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Warning: not Having your Home Inspected Could Cost you
by Branden Schroeder. When buying a new (or newer) home, buyers often assume that, since the construction is new (or relatively new), there should not be any problems with the building. Unfortunately, skimping out on a home inspection could cost you a lot more than what ...
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The Importance of Home Inspection
by Rick LeForce. What a great week walking through open houses and looking at the homes in your dream neighborhood! You have been searching for your dream home and have finally found what may be your next castle, palace, paradise, and place of residence!! But hold o...
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The Reality of Home Inspections
by Robert Nachman. Home inspections are one of the most necessary steps in the purchase of any home, new or old. as a home is a major purchase, likely the most major purchase, and the most expensive purchase you will ever make, it only makes sense to ensure that you a...
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What Home Inspections Can Do for you
by Lee Keadle. Home inspections can give buyers a better understanding of the condition of the property they plan to buy. In this article I will discuss four types of home inspections and what they cover.During a standard home inspection a licensed inspector shoul...
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Home Inspector School
by Dorothy Brown. In every city nationwide, every year, thousands of homes require inspection. Thus, the career of the new millennium is home inspector.The demand for home inspection professionals has always been huge. The demand is growing, because people are always...
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How A Home Inspector Can Be Your Best Friend
by Betty Sanville. A home inspection is probably some of the best money you will ever spend when you are purchasing a home or a condominium.A licensed, experienced and competent home inspector is worth their weight in gold.The home inspector takes about 2 hours or so ...
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