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Getting Ready for an Appraisal of Your Home
by Lance Mohr. Throughout your life you likely have heard of the importance of preparation. Simply, one of the most fundamental principles associated with success if being prepared. If you are contemplating the sale of your home, you likely are also considering ...
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Advantages of Using an Mls Broker When Listing your Home
by Leaftech. Selling a house is always a very stressful event. The advent of the Information Age has meant that at least some of the stress can be taken out of the home selling process through the use of MLS brokers. In this article we will take a look at what t...
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Keeping your Home Warm This Winter
by Melanie Speed. Nippy weather sends most people indoors at this time of year. Unfortunately, many still find that even inside the house, they're shivering under the cold air. The question is how do you stay warm this winter without sending your heating bills throug...
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What is your Home Worth?
by Marie Delci. Property values are falling, balancing out an inflated market and getting a little more realistic. But this has some sellers worried. While they might not make as much money on a sale now as they would have a year or two ago, it doesn't mean the mar...
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Help Buyers Connect With your Home
by Steve Proski. The key to selling your home quickly is to make a buyer feel an emotional attachment to your home upon showing. This means that your presence can no longer be the overwhelming one in the home. This process is achieved in a variety of ways, but one i...
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Life is a Stage - so is your Home!
by Bill Black. What is a home staging?Home staging prepares a home for sale, and for the dozens of enquiring eyes that will be scouring the property looking for flaws. It creates an image of the perfectly decorated home, in move-in condition. This should be the ne...
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Let your Home Age With you
by Anne Eliason. More and more seniors are opting for renovating their current residence to suit their needs instead of pulling up stakes and moving from their home of many years. Some renovations can be costly and extensive, but there are many minor changes you can...
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Calculating your Home Price
by Benjamin DeBell. One of the difficult areas involved with building your home as apposed to buying an existing home, is foreseeing the building cost. Today the average new construction home builds anywhere from 95 to 150 dollars a square foot. But when budgeting for ...
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Smart Tips For Making Your Home Fire Safe
by Renee Adelmann. As the fires in southern California wind down, the process of rebuilding lives and properties begins. One thing that all those affected by the recent firestorm probably have in common, and something we share as well, is the thought that something li...
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Do not Let Them Repossess your Home
by Ajeet Khurana. These days, buying a house means securing a mortgage. With property prices shooting through the roof, it is not surprising that we have no means to by a house other than by taking a loan. Given this situation, we are lucky that there has been such i...
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Tips on Sprucing Up Your Home
by Lane Hornung. Maybe you're ready to sell and it's time to put your house on display. Or you're preparing your home for the new owners to take possession. Or, heaven forbid, you've just bought a house and the last owner left a disaster (check with your realtor - y...
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How to List your Home Effectively
by Gary Ashton.How to List your Home Effectively by: Gary Ashton So much depends on a good property for sale listing. It's usually the first thing people see w
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Tips on Decorating Your Home for Fall
by Drew Hartanov. So you've decided your home needs a decorating boost for fall; one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to accomplish this is to bring the season, indoors. Nature has brought us so many gifts at this time of year, and nothing shouts "fall", like r...
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Preparing Your Home For Visitors
by James Gunaseelan. Are you selling your home by owner? If so, are you aware that open houses and other walk through visitors can make or break the selling process? You need to make sure that your home is ready for visitors at all times. When it comes down to it, the w...
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Pricing Your Home
by James Gunaseelan. Are you going to sell your home by owner? If so, do you know what you are going to price it at? When it comes down to it, this is the one detail that you cannot afford to mess up. There are two ways of looking at pricing your home, and if you go too...
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Tips to Accurately Price Your Home
by Jeff Hammerberg.Four Tips to Help you Accurately Price your Home in Today's Market by: Jeff Hammerberg An unrealistic asking price may impede the sale of your h
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Seven Rules to Make Your Home More Marketable
by Lee Keadle. On average buyers visit 19 homes before putting in an offer to buy. What does this finding mean for sellers? There is more competition on the market than there was even 5 years ago. If you want to sell your house, you need to make it look its best i...
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Making your Home in the Desert
by Wayne Hemrick. When you buy your Phoenix Arizona condo or single family home, you're making your home in the desert. Human habitation in a desert environment provides great opportunities, but also poses many challenges.The first rule of living in the desert is res...
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What to Remember When your Home Isnt Selling
by Irfan Faruki. So you have decided to sell your home, the procedure is almost like going through that big test you have been nervous about all week. When you sell a home this would involve, which can be one of the main important factors that can decide the result...
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Setting the Mood: Choosing the Right Paint Colors for your Home
by Matt Barker. Picking which colors to paint the interior of your home can be a stressful venture. Following trends can make your home look fashionable one season, but completely outdated the next. What you want is to choose colors that will satisfy you now and in...
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Ensure That House Sale Does not Make you Lose your Home
by Derrick Adolfo. Many people fall into financial difficulties. This is not unusual in modern times when consumer needs are so diverse and the flow of money is so dynamic. A large percentage of the population in the United Kingdom is under debt, and the reports sugge...
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Value From your Home
by John Mejia. Many home owners are interested in learning how to increase the value of their homes when considering selling them. True to form there are as many different ways to do this as there are people who have asked the question. One fantastic way to do thi...
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Making your Home "work"
by Lane Hornung. As homes are becoming more and more "works of art" we seem to have lost a lot of the utility that helps define a home. Many years ago homes had a real purpose and indeed each room had it's own specific function. It is a real trend that we have seen ...
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X-marks the Spot! Ways to Find Equity Treasure in your Home!
by Elena Talis, Realtor, MBA. Linoleum peeling? Sink dripping? Kitchen remodels are the top, expert approved way to boost your home equity. It doesn't have to be a major over-haul, smaller improvements to consider would be replacing a dated tile countertop with a granite one,...

Choose The Best Color Scheme For Your Home
by Niall Roche.Choose The Best Color Scheme For Your Home by: Niall Roche Choosing a color scheme to use in one room or across your house is probably one of th
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