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Set Your Home Apart -- Listing Vs. Marketing
by Shawn Buryska.Set Your Home Apart -- Listing Vs. Marketing by: Shawn Buryska When you list your home for sale, the objective is to get the most money in your
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Tips to Help your Home Sell Faster
by Jake Marsh. If you take a look around online to try to find tips that will help your home sell faster, you should not have to look very hard. The question is how to separate the facts from the opinions. Well, the simple answer is to take the advice of the profe...
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Better Summer Landscaping Of Your Home, Cottage Or Beach Chalet
by Kerry A. Francis. The effort required by trees to flash up new growth leaves and stems, takes energy and water. These are ways to help your trees whether they are at your home in the city or the Lake Cottage or Beach Condo or Chalet. Mulching is one the most ...
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Keeping your Home Safe From Burglary
by Kevin Cox. Keeping your home safe whether you're in it or not is vary important. The last thing you want is to have your house broken into and have a burglar take your property or your information. One thing you can do to protect your home is keeping at least ...
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Getting the Best Deal on your Home
by Rick LeForce. Getting the best deal when shopping for a home is important, but is it the most important thing in the sale. Many buyers when looking for a home forget to stress this to their realtors. Instead they focus on floor plans and locations and forget enti...
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Keeping your Home Safe
by Christian Jacobsen. For any home owner the need to keep their home safe is a paramount concern. Many people seem to feel that going out and buying a gun is the simple answer. The statistics have shown that this is simply not true. The numbers prove that having guns in ...
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9 Tips To Get Your Home Sold Fast
by Bruce Swedal. The housing market has changed. Not too long ago you could put a home on the market and it would sell in a reasonably quick time. This is no longer the case. Now more than ever, you must follow these steps to understand the market if you want you...
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How to Bring your Home Up to Par
by Alan Olson. This is a continuation of a previous article on Bringing your Yard Up To Par. In this article we shall continue with our preparations for selling a home. Now we will move inside to the home itself and think about improving the appearance of the room...
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Adding a Suite in your Home
by David Ellis.Adding a Suite in your Home by: David Ellis In looking for properties to purchase, many smart investors seek out multi-income properties. This d
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Is your Home Looking Tired?
by Cj deHeer. The real estate market has seen no shortage of tired looking old homes. Many buyers can easily get tired of looking at older homes that have the same appliances, the same cupboards and the same layout. If you are an owner of an older home and are lo...
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Making your Home Viewer Friendly
by Eileen McAdam. In selling your home there are some things that will need to be done in order to make your home more "viewer friendly." This is the simple transition from your home's being a place of living to being a marketable product. If you take a look at any s...
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Windows and Floors Impact your Home
by Albert Bor. If you ask a home buyer what is important in a new home there will be a fairly standard set of answers. However, there are also a number of things that are still very important that many home buyers will forget to put on a list. Things like windows ...
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Be Careful Pricing your Home
by Jim Hirschman. The pricing of a home can be one of the single most important aspects of a home sale. The price tag that you put on your home has the power to attract or repel buyers quite easily. The last thing you want to hear is the phrase "X dollars, for that p...
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How Secure is your Home?
by IC. When it comes to home security, a lot of people don't worry about it until something bad has already happened. Their home has been broken into and they've lost valuable possessions. Maybe someone was even hurt. Hopefully, you haven't had any trou...
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Thinking About the Flooring in your Home
by Eric Badgely.Thinking About the Flooring in your Home by: Eric Badgely When preparing your home for sale in any market, sellers need to do something for thei
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Why Upgrade the Appearance of your Home
by Gary Ashton.Why Upgrade the Appearance of your Home by: Gary Ashton You know, its funny. I some times find myself just aimlessly driving around and looking
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Preparing your Home for a Winter Sale
by Kerri Demski. Winter has never been the best time to sell a home, especially if you live in an area that is besieged by bad weather. But sometimes it is necessary to sell during the months of less desirable weather. Well, that's alright, it just gives you the opp...
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Getting your Home Ready for the Summer Market
by Greg Smith. Across the country home owners are getting ready for what promises to be a great summer in the real estate market. With the doldrums of winter on their way out and spring starting to emerge the time is perfect for the real estate market to start hea...
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If your Home Does not Sell Quickly..
by Simon Conway. Having a home languish on the local real estate market can be an extremely trying thing. All buyers hope that when their home is listed, it will sell immediately and for the price they are asking. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. H...
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Making your Home Accessible and a Pleasant Showing Experience
by Ki Gray. A lot of people ask for advice on how to sell their homes. There is the standard good advice... You can hire a professional stager to make your home be on the level of a model home. You can retile you bathroom or install granite in your kitchen t...
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Closing on your Home
by Katie Lancelot. The actual process of closing on a home is quite the involved undertaking. Typical home buyers do not really know how much goes into the closing of a home beyond the signing of the contracts. Usually the realtor sees to most of the closing concerns ...
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Advertising Your Home Online? Provide A Floor Plan
by Real Estate Advisor. People today are making home buying decisions with the help of the Internet. With most of home shopping done on the Web, sellers are vying to know what attracts them and how to sell their homes faster online.If you are a home seller and want to sell...
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Keeping your Home Competitive
by Karen Hoeve. In an ideal world, your home would sell the same week that it is listed on the local real estate market, but this is not an ideal world. The question arises, "how do I ensure that my home is competitive?" There are a few basic things that one needs ...
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Is your Home Smart?
by V.K. Melhado. Gone are the days where home security meant you owned a good sized baseball bat. Home security has made gigantic leaps in keeping families safe and updated and modern security systems are a huge selling point for homes, especially those in major urb...
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Add Style To Your Home With Wall Tapestries
by Kelly LaRose. A tapestry refers to a fabric that has been woven by hand or jacquard looms. It refers to that work of art which the art lovers cherish and love. Wall tapestry, on the other hand, refers to a tapestry that you can hang on your walls to make your emp...
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