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Budgeting To Buy Your First Home
by J Harris. When it comes to buying a home, many prospective first time buyers know what they want, but feel they can't afford it. Buying your first home takes some creative planning and a workable budget and tremendous discipline but with those in place, even ...
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What to Look for When Buying a Home
by Charlie Pigeon. As a buyer's agent I have seen it all when it comes to home buying. Helping people to find their dream homes has been a real education and it has helped me to identify what too look for when buying a home. There are quite a few things to look for so...
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Home Buying Wisdom - Avoiding The Bad Credit Blues
by Brandon Cornett. Applying for a mortgage loan only to find out you have bad credit is a surefire recipe for the home buying blues. After all, bad credit will reduce the chance of getting a good interest rate, or maybe even prevent you from getting a loan altogether....
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Announcing the True Facts About Buying Property in Turkey
by Des Smith.Announcing the True Facts About Buying Property in Turkey by: Des Smith If you've always wanted to buy your own property in Turkey but didn't kn
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Confidence & Home Buying
by Rick LeForce. There is a certain something to be said for having confidence when purchasing a home. The financial concerns that come with home buying can be a confusing thing to deal with at first. However, there are a few steps that a new home buyer can take in ...
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Some Things to Remember About Home Buying
by Mark Hostetler.Some Things to Remember About Home Buying by: Mark Hostetler Home buying is truthfully one of the most fulfilling things an individual or couple
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Home Buying: Exterior Concerns
by Preston Guyton.Home Buying: Exterior Concerns by: Preston Guyton When buying a home there are a myriad of concerns that you should deal with before making the
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Top 10 Cities To Live, Work, And Buy A Home
by Real Estate Advisor. The best places to live and work for many would ideally be cities that offer plenty of job opportunities, high quality of life and a low cost of living. Big cities are probably ideal places to begin your career, but low cost locales makes it easier ...
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Home Buyers 18-35 Age Range Have Buying Power
by Real Estate Advisor. Young adults aged 18 to 35 with household incomes of $100,000 and above make prime prospects as home buyers especially for upscale homes, according to Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, Inc., a market research firm that publishes T...
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Top 7 Tips for First Time Homebuyers
by Eric Bramlett. 1) Before You Begin, Ask Yourself One QuestionWill you live in your next home for at least 3 years? If the answer is “Yes,” you should probably purchase, rather than continue renting. With average appreciation, you’ll break even ...
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Are You Buying Your First Home? Consider These Factors.
by Matt Schaub. If you're a renter and thinking about purchasing your first home, here's what you should consider:1. Consider how long you plan to live in your home. Here's what can happen. Say you buy your dream home. Or, maybe you're living the first part of your...
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Prepare Before you Look for a Better Home Buying Experience
by John Harris. The current housing market is definitely a buyer's market, but that does not ensure that you will get the home you want - or any home, for that matter. To ensure that your homes for sale deal does not fall through at the last moment, do a little bef...
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What Do Wealthy Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent?
by Real Estate Advisor. Wealthy home buyers who buy multi-million dollar homes are typically self-made millionaires with new money, according to a recent online survey of 683 Coldwell Banker Previews International property specialists. The study revealed the top profession...
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Home Buying No-nos
by Frankie Bastek. The process of purchasing a home stretches far beyond the actual purchase of the home. It has far-reaching effects and consequences if not handled properly. There are quite a few commonly made mistakes in home buying, a lot of them have to do with t...
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Avoid Making An Emotional Second Home Purchase
by Wendy Hauschildt. Houses are not like puppies. They do not have to ability to give you pathetic doggie eyes from behind the bars of their confinement. Nor do they whine for your attention or plea to be purchased.But, I swear that sometimes a property calls out to a p...
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Being Comfortable With your Home Purchase
by Christian Jacobsen. Let's get down to brass tacks with the home buying process. You as a buyer are spending a lot of money and have the right to be comfortable and happy with your purchase right? Of course you do. So essentially the question is what needs to be done in...
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Home Buying 101
by Andrew C. McGibbon.Home Buying 101 by: Andrew C. McGibbon Disclaimer: The primary state that this article covers is New Jersey. Though licensed in New Jersey and
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First Time Home Buyer
by Martin Lukac. When anyone buys their first home they are usually so excited that there are many things they forget to ask and look for. Do not be afraid to ask question before you buy anything. Asking questions is always a good thing, since you learn something ne...
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First Time Homebuyers Tips
by Martin Lukac. We can all use tips for buying our first home. For this reason, we will help you with some tips on what to look out for when you are a first time homebuyer.1) Check for leaks in the roof. You can usually see brown spots on the ceiling. If you happen...
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Reo a Great Way to Buy Real Estate at Below Market Value
by Kevin Cox. REO property is one of the best ways to buy real estate at below market value. REO means real estate owned by a bank. When the owner of a property does not pay their mortgage the bank that holds the mortgage sends a notice to the owner of the proper...
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Good Home Buying Tips
by Krista Fracke. Welcome to the home buying market! This is an exciting time to be purchasing a home, with an array of new homes coming onto the market these is some excellent value to be found. All it takes is a little time and effort in looking and you can find yo...
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FAQ for First Time Home Buyers
by CL Haehl. First time homebuyers are faced with a myriad of questions about the process of buying and financing their first home. Luckily, there are countless programs available to first time homebuyers to help them realize their dream of owning a home.What is...
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Financial Factors of Home Purchase
by Ron Victor. When a house property is listed for sale in the market, the buyers will come with different price ranges to purchase the house property. To purchase the house property, the buyer should have enough price consideration for the property. Most buyers d...
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Things to Remember When Buying a Home
by Bill Ucci. The purchasing of a home is one of the most exhilarating purchases that anyone can make. It is usually the culmination of many years of hard work and has a sense of accomplishment like no other. So it stands to reason that it is also the purchase th...
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Buying your First Home and the True About Interest Rates
by Kevin Cox. Buying your first home can be a challenging thing. There many things that goes into buying a house that the first time home buyer may not know about. One thing that goes into buying a home is a down payment. A down payment is money you put up front ...
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