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What To Look For In A Vacation Condo?
Finding a vacation condo is never an easy task, and for the inexperienced property buyer, it can be riddled with complexity and fraught with distress. If you haven't experienced the vacation condo market, it can be quite difficult to understand what...
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How to Find a $40,000 Beach House in 2008
by domenick buonamici. Think the phrase 'cheap beachfront property' is a thing of the past? If you paid $40,000 for your beach house, how long ago did you buy it? In the US it would have had to have been 30 years or so ago, in Puerto Rico, over 15 years ago, in Costa Ric...
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Summer Safety at the Lake Cottage, Camp or Vacation Chalet
by Cary Z. Francis. Its summer time. The grass is turning green the birds are back. Its time to complete those projects at the Lake Cottage or camp or perhaps even in your own backyard back home in the city. It never hurts to prepare for your project and its safe com...
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Important Considerations Before Buying an Overseas Vacation Home
by Donovan Carter. Buying a home overseas can mean owning a small piece of vacation paradise, but it can also equal a major headache. From differing ownership and property title laws to navigating an overseas market, foreign home ownership can be complicated. If you'r...
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Secondary Vacation Homes: to Buy or not to Buy?
by Dw Wilson. There's a lot to take in these days when considering the idea of a secondary vacation home. With the surplus of foreclosures in some of the prime US vacation markets, folks are wondering if now is the time to buy. But, there are still important ques...
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Surveying The Beaches And Resorts Around Us
by Jon Caldwell. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a break from the busy schedules of urban life. Dipping into the warm waters of the beach, or having a tan by the cool seashores while drinking lemonade, is every man's fantasy.Hawaii indeed is an archipel...
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If You Dream With A House On The Beach...
by Ricardo D Argence. Los Cabos will fill all your desires. A secluded destination once only visited by power players and movie stars has become a location for everyone to enjoy.Whether you want to call Los Cabos home or purchase property for a quick getaway at anytime, ...
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Make Every Day A Vacation Day
by Tim Stewart. Living at the Bay Creek Resort and Club in Cape Charles, Virginia is something that can be challenging to describe. Take one part weekend getaway, one part summer vacation and one part your ideal coastal living environment, blend them together and y...
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Finance the Fractional Ownership Vacation Home
by David Yarian. Prospective buyers are frequently curious about how to financially arrange for the acquisition of a fractional share of a luxury vacation property. Fractional ownership is a new concept and many conventional bankers are not aware of it. What are the...
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Owning a Luxury Vacation Home Through Fractional Ownership
by David Yarian. Vacation homes present the most widespread use of the fractional ownership model. After growing in popularity in Europe, the system first reached the ski resorts in the U.S., then to the East and West coasts. Now fractional vacation homes are expand...
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Dream Locations for Your Vacation Home
by Roger Munns. If you are looking for a second or vacation home, you may be surprised that prices for homes on Spain's Canary Islands are looking good for investors in 2008.The newest statistics show that prices on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria have nev...
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Vacation Homes for High Net Worth Individuals
by Kris Koonar. High net worth individuals are persons who are super rich, having huge financial holdings. Earlier, these people were referred to as millionaires. Any person possessing financial assets worth more than US $1 million belongs to the high net income gr...
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MS Beach Vacation Condos
by Shellaine Enfesta. Real estate investment or real estate property investment in the Gulf Coast can be one of those property investments that have been spared by the mortgage crisis. And when we talk about the Gulf Coast vacation paradise, there is no better real estat...
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Buying Your First Vacation Home
by Jason Couillard. It's a great time in the realty market to buy a vacation home. If you're searching out your own vacation home, a good rule is to follow the same guidelines as you would for a first home - and then some! You may be thinking, "Does this mean location,...
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Is It Wise To Purchase A Vacation Timeshare?
by Ranju Kumar. When buying a timeshare many people are confused with one a question. Does it make economical sense or does it make sense at all to buy a timeshare? Well the answer can be both yes or no depending on who is buying and for what reason it is being pur...
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Get Remote Access to Your Vacation Home
by Sanjog Gopal. A second home or vacation residence can be a great investment, but it may also come with long distance maintenance worries. In many cases your winter getaway may be located hundreds of miles away, how do you find out if a door is left unlocked or a ...
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Making Vacation Memorable in the Locations of Madrid
by David Jones. When selections are made for the holiday destinations Madrid comes at the top of the list. The beautiful locations of Madrid have got the power to keep any visitor spell bound in any season of the year. It is a place where tourist can hire apartment...
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Vacation Condos - 10 Things to Consider Before you Buy
by Toby Munk.Vacation Condos - 10 Things to Consider Before you Buy by: Toby Munk You have worked hard and have arrived at a point where you can afford a sec
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Liberia: Key to the Beach
by Nick Viale.Liberia: Key to the Beach by: Nick Viale It's no secret that Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but you may be surp

Planning for your Vacation Home
by Greg Ellingson. The rush and panic of Christmas and the partying of the New Year is over and inevitably now our thoughts are turning to....spring cleaning? NAH! Vacation homes, more like! YES! Most of us are stuck in the middle of winter and wondering if we will ev...
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What Does your Dream Vacation Home Feature?
by Lee Cameron.What Does your Dream Vacation Home Feature? by: Lee Cameron What wanders across your imagination when thoughts of your dream vacation home come
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Heart Health and Vacation Homes
by Anthony Defrietas. If you don't want to die of a heart attack - then buy yourself a vacation home! Okay, now that I have your attention, I'll explain about this experiment on middle aged men in New York:You may think that you have heard it all before, but here we have...
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Some Tips on Buying a Vacation Home
by David Cowley.Some Tips on Buying a Vacation Home by: David Cowley If you're someone lucky enough to be able to afford a vacation getaway home, you're to be c
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Tips for Selecting Your Dream Vacation Home
by Boris Mannsfeld. Palm trees. Gentle breezes. Secluded sandy beaches. The tantalizing image of living in a tropical paradise makes you want to call the movers right now. Resist the impulse!As with all major investment and lifestyle decisions, take time to evaluate w...
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Woodbine Park - a New Beach Development
by Leaftech. The Beaches district of Toronto has long been noted for the way it is set apart from the rest of the city. In fact, most Toronto residents will correctly state that the Beaches district is a world apart from the rest of the city; the casual atmosphe...
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