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Buying Holiday Properties Off Season For Bigger Discounts
by Scott Riefler. During the monsoon season in Southeast Asia, it rains almost every day. The hotels are empty, the beaches are bare and only a few people can be found in the restaurants around town. During off season is a great time to buy island properties because ...
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How To Save Thousands On Your Holiday Purchase
by Scott Riefler. One of the most obvious things most people don't think about is buying direct from the developer directly and not using a local real estate agent. Most local agents are selling either their own projects they developed on their own or some other proj...
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Taking Your House Off the Market During Holidays
by Sharon Samraj.Taking Your House Off the Market During Holidays by: Sharon Samraj There are many sellers who generally wonder if they could take their house of
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Advice For Those Looking For Holiday Homes
by Thomas Pretty. Many people today are buying holiday homes, not really for somewhere to stay when they decide to go on holiday but instead as a worthwhile investment in terms of property prices and rental income. Holiday homes are a large financial investment so th...
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The Hidden Costs Of Buying A Holiday Home
by Andrew Gibson. I call it my 'sun head' as I cannot explain it any other way. What I am trying to fathom out is how I could have taken the agent's word without checking things out fully. It was a glorious hot sunny day when I bought my holiday home in Florida. Ther...
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The Perils Of Buying A Holiday Home
by Andrew Gibson. Buying a holiday home at the time seemed like a good idea; Lots of sun, good food, cheap flights and best of all no Christmas with the mother-in-law. We spent several months on the internet researching the market and narrowing down which part of the...
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Make The Most Money With Holiday Property To Let
by P Green. If you have decided to take the plunge to buy a property to let, finding a long-term tenant isn't the only option open to you.Depending on whereabouts in the UK you live, you could rent your property out to holiday makers. If you don't live in a tou...
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Your Own Holiday Home: Making The Dream A Reality
by Adrian Adams. In today's hectic world, the decision of buying a holiday or vacation home is very tempting indeed, but before one takes the plunge there are a few things that should definitely be kept in mind.Figure out first, why do you need a second home? Will i...
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Luxury Villas: a Perfect Place for Wonderful Holidaying
by Brittney Jackeline. If you are looking for luxury villas in Spain, your singular effort may not suffice. There will be lots of hassles and even chances of being taken in by the unscrupulous sellers. So, it is better to use the villa sales consultation services. If you ...
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A Holiday Home In Cornwall Makes A House A Home
by Landon Colins. You cannot wait to check into your room. Someone in town recommended the place, so you figured it was worth checking out by checking in. The first thing you notice is that the clerk at the front desk has a striking resemblance to Mr. Bean. That seem...
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The Importance Of Holiday Home Insurance
by Sean Horton. So, you've done it! You've found your own place in the Sun, you've signed the paperwork and now it's yours to enjoy or let out - or both! However, whatever you do, don't underestimate the importance of holiday home insurance.If you own a holiday pro...
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Global Warming Could Cool Holiday Homes Market
by Roger Munns. The call for new taxes on flights to reduce carbon emissions could impact the prices of properties, according to Tribune Properties, who specialise in the sale of overseas property to second home buyers.'There has been more discussion and calls for ...
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