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Property for Sale - Selling a Home Online
by Cheow Yu Yuan. As technology is getting more advanced, we can now do a lot of things that are not possible 10 years ago. Personal computers help us to finish our projects fast and cell phones allow us to keep in touch with our family and friends easily. The emerge...
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Increase in Home-owners With Low Equity Facing Repossessions
by su-kai. Repossession-Stoppers.com report the number of people facing repossession proceedings in the UK increased significantly in February. It also reports that just two weeks in to March08, the number of enquiries from people worried about repossession ha...
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The Zenith of Wood Architecture: Stick Homes
by Gary Ashton. Stick architecture offers a uniquely American blend of Victorian and frontier building styles. Of the many styles developed during the Victorian era, this building style did the most to emphasize wood construction, and was incorporated into more bui...
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Valuable New Homes are Waiting For You
by Tim Dillard. In your search for metropolitan new homes, you deserve no less than your full money's worth. You should take care to make the right choices with the help of new home builders in Sugar Land, TX or elsewhere. This way, you will have made a great inves...
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A Common Sense Guide to Selling a Home in 2008
by Fritz Pfister. The housing market has changed with the exception of the mistakes home sellers make every year. Here are a few tips if you must sell your home. This advice comes from over twenty-one years service as a full time Realtor. The tips/advice are actually...
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How Many Homes Should I See?
by Eddy Kicker. Many buyers, though especially first-time buyers, wonder how exactly to go about the home-buying process. Specifically, many wonder how many homes they should look at before deciding on one that is right for them. There isn't always one simple answe...
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Build Your Own Home - Dream Come True Or Nightmare?
by Kenneth Scott. Building a house is not as easy it appears to be. It involves a lot of hard work and planning. It is even tougher if you have a tight budget and want to save on the cost of hiring expensive contractors. Contractors can do a fine job but when it come...
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Waleska Homes: Build or Buy
by Tim Dillard. The city of Waleska is located in Cherokee County, Georgia and is a small city with approximately 620 people. People thrive in this small and quaint community, known as Waleska. Gated communities provide a sanctuary for people who would love to live...
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Essential Mobile and Manufactured Home Jargon
by Eric Badgely.Essential Mobile and Manufactured Home Jargon by: Eric Badgely Mobile and manufactured homes, being different than stick-built homes, have some
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Smaller Homes - Sensible or Stingy?
by Lee Cameron.Smaller Homes - Sensible or Stingy? by: Lee Cameron It is strange to think that in the fifties houses were considered 'plush' at 1,000 square fe
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More Affordable Homes Proposed by Government
by Simon Weston.More Affordable Homes Proposed by Government by: Simon Weston More Affordable Homes Proposed By GovernmentProposals to build 12,500 new homes in
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Is Your Old Home a Violation?
by Joshua Keen. If you're in the midst of making an offer on a home, you're likely going to be having the property in question inspected by a professional home inspector. It's recommended that you do some thorough research before hiring an inspector. Check their re...
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Timber Frame Homes - Built to Last
by Christian Jacobsen. There is something about a timber frame house that conveys a warm, rustic feel. Even a modern large home still has that log cabin aura about it. A true timber frame home has huge exposed beams with handcrafted interlocking joints devoid of any nails...
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Downsview - Home to Bombardier Aerospace
by Leaftech. Bombardier is a company name that is well known all over the world, but most people are not aware of the name of the neighbourhood where the company bases its operations. In fact, the Downsview area is home to many different people as well as to Can...

Eight Things to know before Selling your Mountain Home
by Gary Ward. For most markets the Spring and Summer are the hottest home shopping times, but that's not exactly true in the mountains. We may get many lookers in the spring and fall because of the many art festivals going on in the Blue Ridge Mountains. but many...
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Packing to Your New Home With Less Stuff
by Jason Sisilli. You've been dreading it for months. Though you're excited about your new home and the prospect of finally moving into it, you've been trying not to think about the herculean effort it's going to take to pack up the contents of your current home and ...
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How to Make a Smart Offer on a Home
by Paige Martin. Homebuyers and sellers have more in common than they may initially think. They may be on different sides of the table when it comes to how much the home should be sold for but they both, in the end, want the home to be sold. The buyer wants to obtai...
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Ready, Set, Sell: How to Get the Most Out of you Home
by Josh Sloan. When it's time to sell your home, a little effort can mean a big pay-off. While I'm sure you've heard the term home staging, preparing your home for a sale doesn't have to be complicated. Sure, you can hire professionals to completely update and re-...
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Healthy Homes: Avoiding Indoor Pollution
by Damon Chavez. There is a lot of talk in recent years about the concept of a "sick building". Obviously, buildings don't get sick. What this term refers to is a buildings ability to make its residents sick. This can happen for a variety of reason, but generally it...
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New Homes in Victorville
by Jayson. Last week, the Federal government stepped in and introduced new measures which should assist buyers and sellers of Victorville California homes and the California housing market in general. A lack of prospective buyers, caused by a severe credit squ...
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Homes: a Tax Shelter you Can Live in
by Kelli Bennett. Tax and legal benefits may not be the first things on the minds of home buyers, but they provide some of the best reasons for owning a home. Well-informed buyers know that homes double as great tax shelters, allowing owners to deduct tens of thousan...
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Right Size to the Right Home
by Kevin Kling. One of the new buzz words in real estate is "rightsizing". Rightsizing is about finding the right size home for where you are in your life - people are searching for the perfect space for their needs. This concept not only applies to your search for...
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Bidding Wars: How to Win the Home of your Dreams
by Eric Badgley. In hot markets, multiple offers and bidding wars on properties can quickly become the norm. In such markets a home may be on the market for less than a week or sometimes only a day before it sells. Often homes will sell even before they are register...
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Financing Vintage and Historic Homes 101
by Nicholas Hanna.Financing Vintage and Historic Homes 101 by: Nicholas Hanna Financing a vintage home can be trickier than one would expect. It's just another ho
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Asbestos in the Home
by Eric Badgely.Asbestos in the Home by: Eric Badgely Many building products, over the years, have contained asbestos. Many of these products are still present
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