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The House Hunt: How Many Homes Should I See?
by Eddy Kicker. So, you are beginning the hunt for a new home, and you ask yourself the question that most buyers ask, "How many homes should I see?" There are different theories on this. They range from the golden rule claim that you MUST see many properties to a ...
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La Belle Province: Affordable and Close to Home
by Tim Lehnert. Editor's Note: This is Part Two of a two part series on Quebec. The previous issue focused on Quebec's Eastern Townships. Montrealers are intensely proud of their city, and for good reason. Montreal is difficult to top for its vitality, beauty and l...
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Historical Homes - Know What Youre Buying
by Eric Bramlett. The charm of living in a historical neighborhood appeals to many. The houses are unique with interesting architecture, not like the cookie cutter homes in most new subdivisions. Most homes are also located in desirable mature areas with tree-lined...
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Selling a Home in a Shifting Market
by Kari Shea. If you are thinking about listing a property for sale in today's shifting real estate market, be prepared. It won't be as easy as it was three or four years ago. However, the property will never sell if you don't list it. Here are a few tips to simp...
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Three Tips for Buying Your New Home
by Kari Shea. Today's shifting home market gives many prospective home buyers the heebie-jeebies. Keep in mind you are not alone. Many other people are in the same situation right now, and lots of them are getting great prices on the homes of their dreams. Fallin...
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New Homes Are Best New Places to Live
by Tim Dillard. When it's time to take a breath of fresh air, there is no better place to get out of town than any area of Montgomery County, Texas. Towering pines line the major highways and streets. There is a freshness that isn't found in big cities, and it is a...
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New Homes Keeping Pace With Competitive Market
by Tim Dillard. As one enters the city of Houston from any direction it is easy to see in the distance on a clear day its impressive downtown skyline. Outer suburbs are increasing with the outflow from the inner city. Now there is an inflow back into the inner city...
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New Homes Quickly Establishing Top Subdivisions
by Tim Dillard. If you are seeking out the best new places to live in Texas, then the world-renowned Houston is the city to start with.They say everything is big in Texas, and this city certainly lives up to that legend by being the largest city in the state of Tex...
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Area Homes Provide For Residences
by Tim Dillard. One of the fastest-growing areas in Gulf Coast Texas, is the League City Area. The community dates back to 1873, when the very first resident settled at the confluence of Clear Creek and Chigger Bayou. The railroad was already in the area and the co...
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How to Buy a Bank Owned Home
by Simermeet Singh.How to Buy a Bank Owned Home by: Simermeet Singh Bank owned homes or Real Estate Owned homes (REO) are homes that have been foreclosed on by the
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Buyer Over Pays 7% While Purchasing A Home
by Admin ODNet. In general we all think sellers pay the commission for the Realtors and if you look at it closely the whole system is manipulated by the bank and the Realtors to make us to think that way.How does the seller get money to pay the commissions? They ge...
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Area New Homes Are Focal Points
by Tim Dillard. I love a Texas drawl; in fact, the accent alone would be enough to make me move to the second-largest state in the union. I don't know what it is, but there's something very genteel about its intonation. I suppose one could call it down right we...
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Is a Fore-closure Home For-you?
by Virginia Wherland. There are lots of foreclosures out there, and it is tempting to wonder if one of them could be your next home. It raises the question: do foreclosure homes sell for a bargain price?Does supply and demand come into play here as there are many foreclo...

Make the Perfect List, Find the Perfect Home
by Carolyn Gjerde Tu. Shopping when you're hungry can lead to disaster. Either you spend too much, fail to get the food you came for - or both. Though you went to the store for a week's worth of meals and with the best intentions, you'll arrive home with a bag of oatmeal...
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The Easy Way to Own your Townhome
by Ray Smith. Buying a luxury town home is something that most of us dream of but only a few can afford. However, there are ways by which almost anybody with a decent income can afford to buy a town home. Many town homes are available on lease with options to buy...
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Pet Proof your New Home
by Anthony Defrietas. Before bringing your pet into the new space of your new home, take several steps to ensure your safe haven is indeed safe enough. Pets will naturally investigate the world they find themselves in. Of course, this cannot and should not be discouraged...
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Decrease the Supply of Available Homes...not the Demand
by Jayson. One-way to rebuild a healthy real estate market is to decrease the amount of homes available for sale. Most of our recent efforts have been geared towards increasing the demand to buy homes. It's pretty obvious that several experts, and the media, a...
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You Should Buy a New Home
by Jayson. There are three things you should first look at before deciding to purchase a new home. Do you want or need a new home, do you have a good credit score, and do you plan on living in your new home for a couple of years? If you fall under these three ...
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Protect your Dream Home
by Christopher M. England.Protect your Dream Home by: Christopher M. England My dream is that we get back to what our Founding Fathers intended for our country - life, li
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Ridding Yourself of the Clutter Monster - When Selling a Home
by Lance Mohr. One of the most important things that you need to do when it comes to preparing to put your home onto the market for sale is to rid your residence of all of the clutter. By eliminating clutter, you will have your home in the best possible position ...
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Finding your Ideal Alpine Home
by Lane Hornung. There are many different versions of the ideal traditional ski lodge. Since the early 20th century this building style has slowly evolved as it has spread across the world, interpreted by different architects and developers. Today's ski lodges and h...
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Olde Home Vs. New Home
by Lisa Buth.Olde Home Vs. New Home by: Lisa Buth While experts can't seem to agree from one moment to the next on the future of the housing market, one thin
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How To Profit From Mobile Park Homes
by Omar Johnson. They may not be the most popular housing, but manufactured homes are certainly a form of affordable housing to be appreciated. Mobile homes these days are a far cry from the ones being produced several years back. They are stylish, large, and some a...
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Using a Home Equity Line of Credit to Buy Properties
by Attorney William. A home equity line of credit ('HELOC') can be an excellent financing tool, if it is used properly. A HELOC is basically a credit card secured by a mortgage or deed of trust on your property. You only pay interest on the amounts you borrow on the HEL...
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Homes for Sale - Seek Help From Realtors for Best Deals
by Andy Steuer. If you looking out for a home and wondering upon selecting the appropriate design or price of home alternative that will suit you the best, there are now various home options available online for you to explore. Through online one can explore availa...
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