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What is a self-managed Condo?
by Leaftech. Condominium living presents some unique challenges to owners of individual units, partly due to the fact that condo living is community living at its most obvious. While individual owners have control of their own units and what they do as far as re...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a New Condo
by Leaftech. More people are buying condominiums than ever before. It seems that every time a new condo development is announced, there are line ups of dozens and even hundreds of people outside the doors of the developer's offices waiting for a chance to get at...
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I Just Bought a New Condo - Do I Have to Pay Gst?
by Leaftech. Death and taxes are said to be the only two sure things in life, and in Canada we are very familiar with the latter of those two. The social programs that many say define us as a country call for some significant charges on citizens in the form of t...
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The Differences Between a Freehold and Regular Condominium
by Leaftech. Due to their easy to manage size, the sense of community they create, and their relative cost when proximity to amenities is considered, condominiums are some of the hottest selling pieces of real estate around. You might be thinking of buying a con...
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Prospecting for Gold: the Map to a Golden Condo Purcha
by Andy Asbury. Condos can be a wonderful lifestyle choice. A wise, well researched condo purchase may be a golden investment, but keep in mind some very important considerations. Take note that the purchase of a condo is very different from the purchase of a singl...
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Getting the Most Out of your Condo
by Marc Talon. Condo living just spoils a person for any other type of lifestyle! If you have chosen your condo in one of the popular retirement areas, you will often have the added luxury of pools and clubhouses and nightlife right on your doorstep! At the very l...
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Condo Hotels Appeal to U.s. Baby Boomers
by Joel Greene. With more baby boomers approaching retirement age each year, (approximately 75 million will retire within the next 15 years in the U.S.) and a large number of them looking for second homes, condo hotels are a concept that is gaining widespread popul...
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Condos Command a Crowd
by Lane Hornung. Recent years have seen an explosion in the amount of multi-unit housing on the market. With new builds starting everyday, it's clear the condo market is hot, hot, hot. Today's units appeal to a wide variety of people for a number of reasons.Price ma...
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House, Townhouse, or Condo?
by Lee Keadle. When looking for a home, you will generally find three home types - single family house, townhouse, and condominium. Everyone knows what a house is, but many buyers (and many real estate agents) use the terms townhouse and condominium interchangeabl...
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Purchasing Group Insurance Coverage for your Condo
by Kinan Beck. "As the proud owner of a condominium, you are well aware that you do not own the actual structure when you buy a condo. Rather, you just buy the unit in which you live. Therefore, obtaining the proper coverage to keep your condominium and the enti...
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Condo Buying Lessons
by Jeff Hammerberg.Condo Buying Lessons by: Jeff Hammerberg Entering into a real estate transaction can be a rather intimidating proposition for anyone who is doin
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What and How Does Office Condos Work
by Jeff Hammerberg.Office Condos: an Overview of What They are and How They Might Work for you by: Jeff Hammerberg The condominium concept emerged in the 1970s as
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Condo Considerations
by Preston Guyton.Condo Considerations by: Preston Guyton So you're thinking of buying a condo? Owning a condo is a different world than owning a house, and comes
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Condos - the Kids Just Love Them
by Brian Enright. What is it about cities that continues to draw the best and brightest? Since time began, the choice of where to live has been driven primarily by the search for food. People settled near rivers and bays where fishing was good, in landscapes abundant...
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Condominiums - Sharing the City
by Andy Asbury. Though condos can built anywhere, perhaps one of the most appealing things about them is that they afford people a high quality lifestyle in expensive high-density areas. Million dollar luxury condos aside, condominiums in desirable areas are typica...
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Energy Efficiency Tips for Condos & Apartments
by Kinan Beck. "It happened again. I got my combined gas-and-electric bill and had absolutely no idea how it could possibly cost so much. My roommates and I sat down and looked over the bill and we really aren't sure quite how we're going to cover the cost. We'll ...
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Condominium or House: Which is Right for Me?
by Kinan Beck. "Most people get to a point when they want to buy a home. In fact, many people are reaching this point sooner rather than later because of all of the advantages of home ownership in comparison to renting. But often, people aren't sure whether they s...
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Condo Lifestyle
by Randy Zlobec. There is one thing that is true of modern life, it has become much busier. Time really seems to be at a premium these days and there is hardly enough time to get everything done in a day. Well, one nice aspect of condo living is the simple fact that...
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Fixing Up the Condo
by Brian Enright. The modern condo is a bit of a different entity from the average home and as such the process of preparing one for sale is a whole new ball of wax. Without having to worry about the external appeal of a condo, this leaves the seller much more time t...
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The Benefits of Condos
by Randy Zlobec. In my last article we took a look at some of the things that the average buyers should be aware of before buying a condo or similar living situation. This article, will look at some of the more beneficial things that a condo can offer to any home bu...
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Things to Know About Condos
by Randy Zlobec. When purchasing a condo there are some things that every potential buyer should explore before purchasing. Condos are quite different from living in a regular home and there are some restrictive measures that everyone should know about. These are ki...
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Condo Conversion Tips
by Santo Del Monico. When it comes to investing in real estate, condo conversions may be the way to go. Although converting an apartment to a condominium is not right for everybody, there are many reasons that you may want to look into this. The fact is that you can mak...
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Condo Conversions
by Brian Enright. With today's high price of homes and rising price of new construction condos, one of the most attractive alternatives has become condo conversions. Conversions are old apartment buildings that have been remodeled and updated to be resold as condos. ...
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Changing Condo Views
by Danny Zita.Changing Condo Views by: Danny Zita If you enjoy the view you have from your condo windows or balcony, you should take the time and investigate
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Enjoy Condo or Apartment in Providence
by Jefferson at Providence Place Apartments.Enjoy All That Providence Has to Offer in a Ri 903 Condo or Apartment by: Jefferson at Providence Place Apartments Living in Providence, Rhode I
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