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Another Positive Period for Northwest Housing Market
by Michael Sanborn. According to the recent OFHEO report issued May 22, 2008, US housing prices decreased .03% year over year on average. Like all of these housing reports, I think it is important to know what is influencing that number. The most significant point to m...
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Housing Market Update
by Gina Labarbera.Housing Market Update by: Gina Labarbera I won't jump the gun and say that all is well but, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal
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Danger on the Horizon for Housing Markets
by Fritz Pfister. Have you ever heard the saying; out like a lamb, in like a lion? The Springfield Illinois housing market, one of the most affordable and stable in the nation, reported to be the best in the Midwest in 2007, is rebounding following a dismal first qua...
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The Housing Market: Buy? Sell? Wait?
by Gary Ward. According to many experts in the housing industry, there may be a long road to recovery as far as the housing market goes. Defaults on mortgages and the number of homes repossessed because of foreclosures are expected to increase 42 percent this yea...
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Housing Market Rebound? Montelongo Flipping Wealth!
by Joseph Lane. The real estate housing market has been through a tough time. Many loans were approved a few years back and many of those loans have payments that increased with time. This problem caused and is continuing to prompt many foreclosures. When the real ...
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Is the Media Responsible for the Housing Market Outlook
by Lee Unsworth.Is the Boom and Bust Mentality of the Housing Market Fuelled by Media Propaganda? by: Lee Unsworth After the property boom of the last ten years
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Cooling Housing Market
by Karan. "The Bank of England will be comforted by today's news which shows its monetary tightening is taking effect," said Thushani Gajasinghe, an economist at the Centre for Economic and Business Research. "With a further quarter-point rate increase possib...
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Housing Market Inventory for November
by Lance Mohr. As you go about considering the timing of the buying or the selling of your home in Florida, including the Tampa real estate market, there are a number of factors that you need to consider and analyze. One of the more important factors that you nee...
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Housing Market not so Gloomy
by Tracy Kellett. Property search agent Tracy Kellett of BDI Home Finders is experiencing her own property crisis.Clients, believing the market is on its way down, are refusing to pay over asking price, but stubborn vendors are not budging.Tracy says: "It seems that ...
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Housing Market Recovery Forecast To Be Slow
by Mike Colpitts. The nation's housing slow down will be a long haul and a full recovery won't occur until some time in 2009, according to a new report by Housing Predictor, which forecasts more than 250 local housing market futures in all 50 U.S. states.The report c...
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Housing Market Forecast Unchanged
by Mike Colpitts. Housing markets will depreciate an average of 4.2% nationwide in 2007, according to the annual Housing Predictor forecast. The forecast for the decline was first issued in January and after a reassessment at mid-year remains unchanged.An average dep...
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The End of the Sub-prime Housing Market
by R Chandler Smith. Recently the most buzzed about event in the real estate universe, the quick end of the sub-prime mortgage industry. Ok, that is a tad exaggerated. The sub prime market isn't gone, just much more strenuous than it has been in the last five years. Pri...

Worst 25 U.s. Housing Market Forecast Hits 13 States
by Mike Colpitts. The Worst 25 U.S. housing markets in 2007 in the Housing Predictor forecast represent markets in thirteen states, which shows housing prices in much of the nation are still declining, despite local markets in another 13 states that are appreciating....
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The Worst 25 Housing Markets To Be Named
by Mike Colpitts. The Worst 25 Housing Markets to be named in Housing Predictor's 2007 list will represent some of the best opportunities available in years to purchase property in the U.S. at bargain prices.Veteran real estate investors search near endlessly for mar...
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2006 Housing Market Third Best Ever
by Michael Sanborn. For those of us in the real estate and mortgage industry, much of the recent news is causing us to wonder if many of us will still be here this time next year. The real estate industry is changing and any successful agent or mortgage broker must ada...
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Understanding the Housing Market
by Martin Lukac. You may have been looking at the real estate market for some indication as to whether you should buy or sell a home. What should you be looking for?Recent reports are pretty gloomy. Sales are dropping, rates are rising and the market is slowing down...
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Strong Housing Market in the Coming Months?
by Alison White. Traditionally, spring is the season when the housing market picks up.An increase in the number of buyers, helping boost the number of sales agree, points to a much stronger market in the coming months.City bonuses have ignited the housing market in ...
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