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What Is A Buyers Market?
by Andrew Stratton. In the world of real estate, there seem to be basically two types of markets that fluctuate with time. These are the sellers market and the buyers market. If you lived through the housing boom of the early twenty-first century you will be familiar w...
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Cometh the Buyers Market
by Gea Elika.Cometh the Buyers Market by: Gea Elika Perhaps because everyone in the industry has been waiting for New York City's real estate market to begi
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Getting Attention: How to Buy in a Buyers Market
by Virginia Wherland. You'd think that a buyer's market would mean that a buyer would have an easy time purchasing a new home. Unfortunately, while a buyers market means there are lots of homes available, it also means that everyone else is out there buying too.Oftentime...
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Negotiating your Sale in a Buyers Market
by Sanjog Gopal. For the moment we can mostly forget the days when five buyers were all clamoring for our house and we chose the ones with the cutest kid. Nowadays, if a buyer presents itself (and its offer!) we are quaking in our boots wondering if we even dare to ...
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Making the Most of a Buyers Market
by John West. Markets are always fluctuating, so it's difficult to guess when the dropping prices will level out or start creeping up. This means that prospective buyers have to be more vigilant when hunting for that bargain. As the market drops, it is easier to ...
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A Buyers Market - Backing a Winner
by Scott Baxter. We all know what the term buyer's market means and those of us trying to sell a home are groaning inwardly. It is possible to miss the market by only a few months or so, and be thousands of dollars out of pocket! Or sometimes we are just theoretical...
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Taking Advantage of the Buyers Market
by Albert Bor. All across the nation, buyers have been waiting with bated breath for a change in the real estate market. For many years the national market has been a seller's market. That is; that there were more buyers then there were sellers so home sellers cou...
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The Seller Guide to Using a Realtor in Buyers Market
by John Harris. Tightened standards on federal subprime rates have had a marked effect on the housing market. What does this mean if you want or really need to sell your home? The good news is that there is still a market out there; you just need the skills and too...
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The Buyers Market: Sellers
by Albert Bor. The buyers market is not the best time to be selling a home but if you spend some time and effort in creating that perfect atmosphere for your home, it is likely that you will be able to sell quickly. In a buyer's market there are more homes for sal...
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The Buyers Market: Buyers
by Albert Bor. Generally the real estate market fluctuates between the buyer's market and the seller's market. Currently the Metro Phoenix market is leaning towards favoring the buyers. What this translates into is excellent opportunity for buyers to grab that hom...
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The Buyers Market
by Charlie Pigeon. More so now than ever before it is necessary for the average seller to think of their home as more of a product to be sold as opposed thinking about their home as their home. Like any other product, it has fluctuations as to when it sells best. Ther...
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Are We Entering a Buyers Market?
by Martin Lukac. No matter where you live, the real estate market will either be a buyers' market or a sellers' market. It might even be slightly in between the two market conditions.Most real estate agents consider a normal market to be one in which homes take an a...
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The Basics of a Buyers Market
by Martin Lukac. Most markets are either on their way up or on their way down. In real estate, the market can be both. It simply depends on if you are a buyer or a seller.A buyers market is when the market is swinging the way of the buyer. This is found when there a...
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