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Considerations in Choosing a Realtor
by echarter.A good realestate agent will help you find your dream property. Remember when you make your first appointment with a real estate agent their goal is to learn as much as possible about you. Your goal should be to learn as much as possible about them...
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Choosing a Realtor Tips
by John Harris. For those looking for a good realtor in the San Diego area, they should know that it is a competitive market.www.Realtor.com is a website that offers information about homes, neighborhoods, an realtors in the area. They claim to give the best and m...
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Realtors Bag Of Tricks
by Zulika Van Heerden. When it comes to buying or selling a home, both parties want to get the best deal possible. The buyer wants to pay less money for the home, while the seller wants the highest price. In order to get the highest possible price for their home, many sel...
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Hire a Realtor to Avoid Lawsuits
by Dw Wilson. In today's internet savvy world where we all have access to massive amounts of information, you may wonder why it's important or at all necessary to hire a realtor for your real estate transactions. Isn't it the much more affordable route to sell yo...
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6 Tips for the Safe Realtor
by Kevin Bilberry. In the haste to make a sale, many realtors have forgotten that their safety is more important than any amount of commission. Realtors have been robbed, beaten, raped and murdered while showing homes. The isolated nature of an empty house makes it ea...
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Friends Dont Let Realtors Design Crappy Myspace Pages
by Kevin Bilberry. If you're a realtor who has a MySpace page to make contacts and generate leads, good for you! You're joining a growing number of business people who are using this to connect with colleagues and potential clients. MySpace, along with Facebook and ot...
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Whats in a Name? the Word Realtor® and You
by Karrie Rose. On July 17, 1947, The National Association of Real Estate Boards applied to the United States Patent Office to register REALTOR as a trademark. The date claimed for first usage was March 31, 1916. It first came into common parlance with an utterance...
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Niche Social Networking for the Realtor
by Virginia Wherland. Facebook and MySpace are starting to get recognized as useful tools in networking for the online realtor. However, as social networking sites have become one of the front runners in connecting people on the Internet, people are starting to get inter...
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Staying Informed with the Help of a Realtor
by Eric Bramlett. As you begin your house hunting process, you will probably already have a good idea of what type of home you are looking for. For example, you might know the size and style of the home you want to purchase and you might have a general idea of the c...
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Some Simple Realtor License Questions Answered
by Jeffry Evans. To have or not to have a realtor license, that is the question. And the logical answer really depends on your situation, mainly: 1. Do I live in a market where homes are valued very highly (average sale price is $200,000 or greater)? 2. Do I int...
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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Realtor
by Ronnie Bredahl.10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Realtor by: Ronnie Bredahl When it comes to selling a home, there is no doubt that choosing the righ
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Realtor Techniques to Help House Sell Fast
by Brian Shelton. Even if you've decided to go the FSBO route, you can use some tried and true realtor techniques to help your house sell blazingly fast.Fact: Houses that sell within the first two weeks they're listed usually fetch their asking price. It's simple hum...
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Commercial and Residential Realtors - is There a Difference?
by Leaftech. There aren't any occupations in which a holder of a specific job has to contend with quite as many categories and labels as today's realtor. Broadly speaking, of course, there are only two main categories of real estate, residential and commercial. ...
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Why Work With a Realtor?
by Joe Samson. Many people, in an effort to avoid paying commissions to a Realtor, go the for sale by owner route. While this may seem like an exciting challenge to homeowners, the reality can be a little bit darker. True, real estate is an exciting market to be i...
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Reasons to Consider Using a Professional Realtor
by Paige Martin. Realtors can greatly help with a home transaction. Whether buying or selling, a realtor can provide expert advice and support when making one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. It is important to know that only those that are licensed w...
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Do You Know Why Realtors Are Important?
by Paige Martin. When choosing to buy or sell a home, there are so many options that can easily confuse the buyer or seller. One of these should not be to sell privately, or to go it alone on the house hunt. If there is one choice that you should not think twice abo...
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Features To Look For In A Realtor
by Gabriel Adams. Are you looking to buy or sell a home? If you are, you will likely call upon a Realtor, also commonly referred to as a real estate agent, for assistance. No matter where you are looking to buy or sell a home, you likely have a number of options. Wit...
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Why Should you Use a Realtor®
by Greg Sullivan. We all want to save a few bucks when we can. But there are times when scrimping is not worth it and in the end, it could cost your more than you can save.Hiring a Realtor® is one of those times when it isn't wise to scrimp. When the stakes are h...
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The Realtor Advantage
by Christian Jacobsen. Many home buyers and sellers use the term "REALTOR®" to describe all real estate agents, but there is a big difference. REALTORS® have more training and accreditation than the average real estate agent, and can draw upon more resources to ge...
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How a Realtor Increase Her Income in Bad Times
by John Alexandrov. If you are in the real estate sales business, wouldn't you like that to be your headline? Can you imagine tripling your income even though housing values are dropping through the floor? For most people the answer to the latter question is no. You se...
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Using the Internet With your Realtor
by Marc Talon. The Internet is often used for browsing new properties, especially when there is distance involved. Statistics tell us that 80% of all home buyers will start their search for a new home by browsing the Internet. While looking at the Internet gives a...
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Choosing your Own Internet-smart Realtor
by Anne Eliason. Choosing the right real estate agent for you will be your first priority when buying a new home. The emphasis here is on the phrase 'for you'. This is because it is not difficult to find an efficient and willing realtor, but the ideal is to find one...
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Getting Legal with Your Realtor
by Eric Bramlett. When it comes time to purchase a home, it is easy to get swept away by the excitement. This is particularly true if this is your first time purchasing a home, which is always a thrilling moment.While you may be anxious to close the deal and to fina...
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Why you Need a Realtor - Seller
by Lisa Buth.Why you Need a Realtor - Seller by: Lisa Buth I used to encourage people to try selling their home for-sale-by-owner before calling me, then pla
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Why you Need a Realtor - Buyer
by Lisa Buth.Why you Need a Realtor - Buyer by: Lisa Buth Okay, yes, admittedly an article entitled "Why You Need a Realtor" written by a Realtor might seem
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