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Cashing in on Repossession Property
by michael sterios. With the number of repossession properties on the rise there are a large number of companies and individuals who have begun invest in properties owned by people in financial distress.In fact, the sheer volume of home owners looking to stop repossess...
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Nnn Property Refinance (triple Net)
by jeff rauth.Nnn Property Refinance (triple Net) by: jeff rauth Refinancing a NNN property has a few intricacies that set it apart from the typical commerci
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Selling Inherited Property
by michael sterios. Many people find themselves in a situation in which they have inherited property from a friend or relative who has passed away. Inheriting property can provide a significant financial gain to the recipient, however, if the property is unwanted it wi...
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Can You Afford Good Country Property?
by P Green. There can be few places to live as beautiful and relaxing as the UK countryside.Find the right village or rural location and you can benefit from a hugely enjoyable quality of life compared to life in the city.There are huge benefits to owning a cou...
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Starting your Own Property Business
by William King. You can start your own property business from your home with a little bit of capital. From this humble start you can go on to make some serious money as well as build your reputation as a master property dealer. You can quickly become quite successf...
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The Role of a Land Surveyor in Purchasing a Property
by William King. A land surveyor is one who using a combination of experience and education comprehends and define the characteristics of land. Who is authorized to perform and represent a physical retracing of the legal history of that piece of land. A land surveyo...
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Tips on Maintaning Your Property Portfolio Even in Bad Times
by Brett Wood.How to Guarantee the Health of your Property Portfolio, Even Through Market Downturns by: Brett Wood The "2 year cash flow" is one of the most i
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How Are Property Taxes Determined?
by Eric Mabo. Those who own properties pay taxes for their properties every year. The tax rates are always determined by the local governments of your area in which you live and depending on the needs of the municipality. Sometimes, the rates of these taxes are a...
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What To Do When You Need Cash For Property
by Net Callidus. There are times when you could want to raise cash for property that belongs to you, and there are a number of reasons why you may have to do this.It sometimes happens that people are presented with a business opportunity that needs a certain amount ...
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Modern Property Seekers Need a Modern Complex
by John Adam. The population of Sofia is quickly growing and according to unofficial statistics, it has already reached two million people, of which about a million and a half are permanent residents. The city is now a place of huge interest and enormous business...
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Perfect Property?
by John Adam. When choosing a place to live, some people only want an apartment big enough for them and their families; others seek a quiet and nice place; others want excellent location or good appearance, while others still want a unique investment opportunity ...
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How To Increase The Value Of Your Property Quickly And Easily
by Shakil Zaman. Owning a property can be a great asset if it is taken care of properly and the value of a property can also be increased sometimes significantly by making some simple changes. Perhaps the best way to increase the value of any home is to add an exten...
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A Top Property Guide To Chains
by P Green. One of the biggest headaches you can face when buying a new house is a lengthy chain.It will slow your transaction down and make it more likely that your sale will fall through.Use our handy property guide to understand what a chain is, what the mos...
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Property Santa?
by John Adam. Christmas is the time for dreams and making wishes, but it is also the time for seeking dreams come true. Next Christmas, some of Sofia's most successful professionals and families will be about to enter their new homes in City of Fountains - an amb...
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Ncr Property Markets in 2008
by George Gonigal. The residential real estate in Delhi NCR is expected to foresee an unprecedented growth in the near future. Rapid commercial developments leading to spillover in housing demand from Noida to Greater Noida, Gurgaon to Manesar, Ghaziabad to Meerut and...
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Most Effective Wealth Creation Strategy for Property Beginners
by Brett Wood.Most Effective Wealth Creation Strategy for Property Beginners by: Brett Wood This is the first and probably the most fundamental strategy that
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Property Title Insurance in the Offing
by Property. Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard in talks with American company to launch the product.Property transactions in India will soon have an insurance cover to fall back in case something goes wrong in the deal. The country's two large private sector insurers...
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The Options For Your Property Sale
by P Green. 2008 is just a few days away, and that means the next peak time for getting your house on the market is fast approaching.Late January and February are key times to put on a property sale. The chance to take time off at Christmas makes many people re...
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The Effect Of Hips On Property To Buy
by P Green. 2007 saw the introduction of a new legal requirement for anyone selling a house - Home Information Packs.They're more commonly known as Hips, and since a few weeks ago, are now mandatory for anyone offering their property to buy in England and Wales...
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Negotiating A Commercial Property Lease In A Rising Market
by Tim Maunsell. The 90's was a golden decade for tenants & tenant representatives. Establishing leverage over your landlord was easy because office vacancies were steadily increasing and landlords were under the impression that if they didn't do a deal today, t...
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The Factors That Affect Your Property Value
by P Green. Everyone who buys a house wants to be sure of one thing in the years to come: that the property value will increase.For many people, their main home is being seen as much as an investment as it is somewhere for the family to live.And that's not surp...
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The Role Of The Property Tax Consultant In Litigation
by Paul Pennington. In the event that a valuation settlement cannot be reached during the administrative remedy, the property owner and/or manager often ask for recommendations regarding possible litigation from their property tax consultant. Since litigation support i...
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Selling your Property Privately
by Ian Wagstaff. With the popularity and widespread use of the Internet more and more people are turning to the World Wide Web to find them a new home. On the other side of the coin sellers eager to avoid high commission rates charged by estate agents are also begin...
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German English Property Glossary Released
by Uwe Falkenberg.German English Property Glossary Released by: Uwe Falkenberg Some providers of property services in the German property market are capable and e
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How To Become An Expert Property Finder
by P Green. When you decide that you're going to move house, there's a lot to arrange. It's certainly not the kind of thing you decide to do on a whim!But before you can start to arrange the move and the hundreds of details that need to be sorted, you must firs...
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