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How To Find A Good Tenant
by bizavings.The relationship between landlord and tenant is a delicate one. Little issues can mar it, and make the experience unpleasant for both parties. In order to avoid such problems, you should look for good tenants with whom you can get along. This article...
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Landlord Tenants Rights and Guidelines
by john smith brown. Landlords are the investors who lease their property to tenants for a specific time period. The landlords make money from this rental business whereas the tenants get a house to live in. There are some landlord tenant’s rights that can help bo...
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Landlord Should Have an Assured Shorhold Tenancy Agreement
by Javaid Kiyani. An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) Agreement is a contract entered into between landlord and tenant on a short term basis. It has become widespread for its merit over other terms of tenancy. With an AST, the tenant's right of security of tenure whic...
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How To Find The Best Tenants For Your Properties
by Javaid Kiyani. A landlord should never accept any tenant for his properties without doing some basic checks. These checks can be performed every time a new tenant is required and should form part of your property management system.First and foremost, you the land...
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How To Be A Responsible Landlord
by Javaid Kiyani. Any responsible landlord needs to take the following into consideration when renting his property out.1. PROPER SELECTION OF PROSPECTIVE TENANTSPrior determination of credit standing, references and background are very important in assessing a tenan...
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Having Good Legal Documents With Properite Landlord Software
by Simon Harris.Properite Landlord Software - Good Legal Documents are Everything! by: Simon Harris landlord software or software dedicated to a landlord's need
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Tips for the Unexpected Landlord
by Karrie Rose. In the advent of the sub prime mortgage crisis many homeowners are opting to rent properties as opposed to trying to sell in this unstable and already saturated market. But, land lording involves some savvy, so listen up and heed some valuable advic...
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Tips To Be A Successful Landlord
by Bruce Swedal. There are some landlords that prefer the hands on approach who manage all the different aspects of their rental property from the process of renting, to rent collection and maintenance.Do you fall into this category? To find out you should ask yours...
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How to Get Those Lease Tenants
by Judson Voss. Want the easiest way to bring in lease tenants when leasing a property? Put an ad in the paper! Getting a lease tenant is just the same as getting a rental property tenant. You can place an ad in the papers saying property for lease and giving you...
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Commercial Tenant Representation
by Matt Fay. In today's business world, there are a lot of options to consider when choosing the right location for your business. You have to consider area demographics, rental rates, size of the space for today and for growth, tenant build-outs and much, much ...
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Guide to Finding Quality Tenants for Lease-to-own Properties
by Judson Voss. Buying a property, holding onto it, and then selling it at a later date for profit generally puts you, the real estate investor, in the undesirable seat of being a landlord. However, if you want to buy and hold properties, without ever having to de...
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Tips to Avoid Tormenting Tenants
by Andrew Taylor. There is nothing more frustrating as a landlord than waiting for your rent to come. You wait for a few weeks or months but all in vain. You make a phone call to your tenant, and get all kinds of excuses. Every year, more than 100,000 people, become ...
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How to be a Successful Hands on Landlord
by Gilchrist Adam.How to be a Successful Hands on Landlord by: Gilchrist Adam A "hands on landlord" is a person who manages each detail of the rental procedure, f
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Becoming a Good Landlord is not as Hard!!
by Gilchrist Adam.Becoming a Good Landlord is not as Hard!! by: Gilchrist Adam Considering the drop in the price of property in most parts of the U.S and homes ar
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Top Ten Warning Signs of a Potential Bad Tenant
by Carolyn Gibson, CPM. Let's assume you are already doing the basic screening duties. Everyone fills out a rental application. You check the credit report, the employment and bank account information, landlord references, and the applicant has shown the ability to pay the...
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Preparations Before Becoming a Landlord
by Adam Singleton. Recent research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents shows that 40 per cent of existing landlords are planning on making more acquisitions during 2008. But, potential landlords should consider many different factors before committing t...
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How to Handle Disputes With your Landlord
by Nicholas Adams Judge. Like most states in the Northeast, the rental law in New York usually places more importance on tenant's rights than the landlord's bottom line. While legislated tenant's rights extend throughout just about every part of renting and living in ...
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The Pros And Cons of Landlording
by Omar Johnson. There are numerous ways to invest in real estate. A common investing trend is landlording. Landlords are investors who purchase real estate and instead of selling it for a profit, retain the property and lease it to a tenant. Landlording for profit ...
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Guide for Tenants Looking for a Flat to Let
by andrew munro. Moving into your new property to rent can be very exciting. Listed here are a series of pointers and advice for new tenants who either have not rented before or are looking for some useful guidance. This article covers aspects of property rental inc...
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Check List Before You Sign The Office Tenancy Agreement
by Ethan C. More people are choosing to lease their office space rather than having to afford the huge capital investment in buying offices. There are benefits on both sides when it comes to leasing office space. There is more flexibility when you lease rather ...
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What Every Landlord Should Know About Discrimination
by Attorney William. The Fair Housing Act of 1968, as amended, prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, nationality, familial status, age, and gender. Many state and local laws also forbid discrimination on the basis of sexuality or source of inco...
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Nice Landlord Or Mean Landlord?
by Kevin Kiene. The impulse to be overly nice to tenants is one of the most common mistakes made by those who are relatively new to the property management business. It's a completely understandable impulse; nobody wants to be seen as the bad guy, and as the old ad...
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Scouting Out the Ideal Tenant
by Ajeet Khurana. Buying a house is almost always a good investment. It may be a little expensive at first, but having a house of one's own makes one feel a lot more secure. For instance, one can rent it out and earn a decent income from it without making too much ef...
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Landlord Tools for Organization
by Brendan O'Brien. Along with a strong work ethic and a lot of patience, the most important trait for a landlord is organization. You have a tremendous amount of detail to keep track of and you never know when you'll need any particular piece of paper or record. You...
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Landlord Tips - Avoiding the Huge Costs of Tax Preparation
by Brendan O'Brien. As a landlord, your tightest months for cash flow are usually at the end of the winter and beginning of spring, in March, April and May. You've just finished paying for the extra costs that winter brings; sky-high utility bills, snow and ice remova...
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