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What is Title Insurance for and Why is it Important to Have it
by Patricia Hodge-Rendall. Purchasing a home can already be a stressful and confusing process especially when it comes to understanding all the different closing costs associated with it. When you buy a home or you refinance your mortgage you will be required to buy title ins...
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How to Choose a Reliable Title Company
by Shane Smith. Buying a home can be stressful for home buyers. A first-time buyer can find the process especially painful. A title company will help the buyer and other parties involved in the transaction to navigate the complexities of title transfer. They'll no...
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A Simple Checklist Concerning Trust Deed Notes
by Clint Jhonson. For borrowers in trust deeds, it is imperative to have a basic knowledge of the systems and processes involved. For people who trust deed invest, it would also be helpful to know more about the investment. That is because it is your responsibility t...
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Trust Deed Notes as Promissory Notes
by Clint Jhonson. When you trust deed invest, you should be familiarized with the basic knowledge and even terms applied to trust deeds. Because not so many people are too familiar with such loan transactions, there is a need for further understanding and education. ...
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Get Hold Of A Unique Title By Becoming A Laird Or Lady
by Ranju Kumar. Wondering or confused what to gift your near or dear ones which will make them feel very special, surprised and exited. Want to have a title of your own. Here is the solution. After all everyone wants to be special and be in the limelight, aren't th...
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The Differences Between a Warranty Deed and a Quit Claim
by Craig Berger. There can sometimes be some confusion about the distinction between a general warranty deed and a quit claim deed and which one is needed for a given situation. The difference is actually fairly simple to understand once it is broken down.What is a ...
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How To Become A Notary
by The Intern. A Notary Public witnesses a citizen's signature on certain documents or administers oaths as a representative of the state. The most common use of Notary Publics is in the signing and verification of documents that an individual is signing at his or...
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A Notary Claims Regression For The Industry
by The Intern. I was talking to this notary down in Alabama and she said that she always wished the notary job was more exciting. I told her whenever there is controversy, I here notaries talk, blog, and rant about it for weeks. Why is that? She said it is because...
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Types of Deeds Used in Land Purchase
by Marty Weishaar. There are many different types of Deeds which can be used to convey real estate. Many of our buyers, especially buyers who have previously owned real estate, want to know what type of deed we use to grant ownership of property to you, the buyer. I'l...
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Obtaining an Accurate Title Search
by Docedge.com. A detailed, thorough examination and search of property records for a title search can be achieved in a number of ways. DocEdge.com, an automated method of property record retrieval, has revolutionized the old-fashioned method of visiting the local ...
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Document Image Integration With Title Plants
by DataTree.com. DataTree XOS enables the integration of a database of over 3.5 billion public land record document images with title plants, websites, or other proprietary systems. Based on common XML standard, DataTree XOS provides seamless connection without pla...
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Gazumping, the Rate Dance, Multiple Occupancy & Community Title
by U.d. Pemberton. GAZUMPINGI am going to talk a little bit about gazumping. I was reminded of this because I just recently witnessed two different sets of people disappointed because someone else came in and offered full price on a property. This kind of buying is u...

A Closer Look At Ways Of Holding Title
by Matthew Larsen. What is the best way to hold title? There are many different angles to purchasing property and many decisions to make. One of the main decisions to be made is which method of holding title is the most applicable and appropriate for a particular parc...
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Title Insurance: Why you Need It, and How to Shop for it
by Mark Sumpter. The buyer pays the premium at the time of closing. Title insurance protects against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property. Before you purchased the house it may have gone through several ownership changes, and the land...
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Title Insurance What is It, and Should I Have It?
by Leaftech. Real estate transactions have a way of creating a lot of paperwork and over time, that paperwork can really start to add up. It's not possible in all cases to keep accurate count on how many times a piece of property has changed hands; if you live i...
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Is Title Insurance Worth It?
by Albert Bor. Is title insurance worth the extra cost and paperwork? In a word, YES! Title insurance may not be the most talked about aspect of a property transfer but it is something that is hugely important. In a perfect world we would not have to worry about w...
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Lombard IL Has Earned The Title
by Santo Del Monico. The Lombard, IL property include a variety of sizes and styles of apartments, condos, townhouses and single family homes and new home developments in many of the neighborhoods such as the wonderfully diverse Downtown area, Arboretum Park, Cambria, K...
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Consequences Of An Unmarketable Title
by Bob Miles. Put simply, the title to your real estate is unmarketable if it doesn't belong to you, if it has encumbrances such as mortgages on it, or if there is a reasonable claim against it by someone else. So what are the consequences of having an unmarketab...
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Why Use A Mobile Notary?
by Scott Krager.Why Use A Mobile Notary? by: Scott Krager Why Use A Mobile Notary?You're at the airport ready to send your kids overseas with their grandparents
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Title Insurance Information
by Calum MacKenzie. Tucked in among all your other closing costs when you buy a house you'll probably find a charge for 'title insurance'. If you're taking out a mortgage to buy a house, your lender will insist that you take out title insurance. This is more than just ...
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How To Advertise Your Mobile Notary Business
by Scott Krager.How To Advertise Your Mobile Notary Business by: Scott Krager How To Advertise Your Mobile Notary BusinessAdvertising your mobile notary busines
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How To Hire A Mobile Notary For Your Next Refinance
by Scott Krager.How To Hire A Mobile Notary For Your Next Refinance by: Scott Krager How To Hire A Mobile Notary For Your Next RefinanceYou've been working with
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Why a Buyer Should Protect Himself With Title Insurance
by Nef Cortez. Most homebuyers are familiar with other types of insurance (auto, boat, life) but are not certain as to exactly what title insurance is when it comes to buying their home. In order to best protect himself or herself, a savvy homebuyer must insist th...
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Good Reasons To Use A Title Company
by Tim Sprye. Almost every loan included in real estate transactions requires that the borrower safeguard the loan with the real estate that is being purchased or else the realestate that the borrower owns. To be able to say that to the lender, (i'll put my prope...
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