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How To Help Reverse The Recession
by Catherine Harvey. In this time of economic hardship for many it is easy to slip into depression. Doom and gloom is reported all the time, food and fuel prices are rising daily, jobs are less secure, strikes are breaking out over pay up and down the country and homes ...
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Try to Sell in a Bad Market
by Emil Emilov.Try to Sell in a Bad Market by: Emil Emilov You unlucky soul. You missed the red hot real estate market and now need to sell your home in a bad
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10 Ways to Save Money During an Economic Recession
by Joshua Ferris. With gas prices expected to shoot past four dollars a gallon this Summer, a housing market overwhelmed by foreclosures and rising unemployment rates throughout the country, now is the time to start thinking about how to save money and alternative wa...
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Recession Risks: The Silver Lining
by Ki Gray. The US appears to poised on the very brink of recession. Investors are reacting as news of a contraction within the service sector for the first time in five years, an FBI investigation into predatory lending, and increasing unemployment statistics,...
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A Fast Sale in a Slow Market
by Matt Barker. If you want to sell fast in a slow market, you have to make your house more appealing to more people; one way to do this is to list it at a fair - if not discount - price. Gulp! If you can't get past that one, here are a few other tips to help you m...
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Slow Market Due to Demand and Supply
by Keith McGregor.Investing in a Slow Market? It's All a Case of Demand and Supply! by: Keith McGregor You have probably been told by a property investment brok
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Slow Market? Stage a Sale
by Rick LeForce. So the market isn't moving as fast as it was a couple of years ago - there's been a ton of bad press and now you're getting worried. If you've been thinking about selling your home, don't let the market scare you. It's true that sales have slowed, b...
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Considering All Offers During A Recession
by Kim Lee. There are two sides to any real estate deal. There is the buyer and there is the seller. As you can imagine, both parties will be working as hard to get a good deal. The buyer will want to purchase the home for as little as possible, and on the othe...
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Seller Negotiations During Recession
by Kim Lee. Selling a home during a recession is hard enough. But if you do not know how to negotiate a good deal, you are going to be in an even worse position. The main reason that sellers struggle during negotiation is that they are not well versed at this a...
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Things To Expect During A Recession
by Kim Lee. When selling real estate during a recession some thing you should expect. Even if these details do not appeal to you, expecting them in future will put you in better position. Selling during a recession is not the same as when the market is in good ...
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Getting Best Out Of Recession
by Kim Lee. During a real estate recession, both sellers and buyers expect discount in transaction.A recession brings out a new side of sellers and buyers; Does'nt matter about what side you are standing , you need to understand what to expect from the other si...
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Maximizing Profit During A Recession
by Kim Lee. Selling a home during a recession can make a stressful time.You have to work hard to sell your home and also you have to face lot of pressure from the market too. But with all of that in mind, you can maximize your profits during a recession if you ...
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Waiting Out A Recession
by Kim Lee. Deciding whether to sell your home during a real estate recession is difficult to decide. While there are some pros of waiting out a recession, there are some cons that prevent this too. A potential seller has to asses the entire situation that is i...
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Negotiating For A Good Deal During Recession
by Kim Lee. Anytime you are buying real estate you need to make sure that you are negotiating are up to par. As you can imagine, the better you are at this, the better deal you are going to get. This holds true no matter if you are the person selling the home, ...
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Timing The Market: To Sell Or Not To Sell In A Down Market
by Shawn Buryska.Timing The Market: To Sell Or Not To Sell In A Down Market by: Shawn Buryska Every book I have read on trying to time the stock market says don'
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Slower Market Equals Better Value!
by Austin Lansing. As we have recently seen the national housing market has been slowing down after a long period of extreme activity. During this period we saw home values climb higher than ever before and there were so many buyers in the market that often there was ...
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10 Ways to Stay Profitable in a Down Market
by Justin Tracy. If you haven't been stuck on a deserted island for the past year or so, you have heard the talk of the real estate bubble losing quite a bit of air. The downturn to this market has drastically affected real estate companies in their never ending que...
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Grabbing Market Share In A Consolidated Market
by Andy West. The housing market has fallen noticeably in the last year, and just about every lender has felt the pinch. But how do some mortgage brokers thrive even in a consolidated market, while so many others go quietly under? The answer is quality mortgage l...
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