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The Truth About Tax Sale
by Rick Dawson. Most people begin their search on the internet to seek information about tax sales, hoping to acquire a bargain property at a tax sale. In this article I'll tell you about a different approach, which will allow you to get many more tax sale propert...
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Why You Will Not Get Cheap Properties At Tax Sale
by Rick Dawson. Many, if not most, of my subscribers initially come to my site because they are interested in learning more about tax sales in general. I'm going to give you the information you're looking for right here. I'll tell you how bargain purchases are ma...
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Considerations To Make When Purchasing Land
by Thomas Pretty. Currently there are record numbers of people purchasing land as a viable form of investment, but why are so many purchasing plots? The reasons are diverse, some are purchasing land purely to make a financial return on the plot while others, inspired...
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Living on Al Marjan Island
by Mark Burns.Al Marjan Island - a Haven of Tranquillity in Ras Al Khaimah by: Mark Burns The stunning Al Marjan Island is a collection of five man made islan
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How to Profit From Tax Lien Properties
by Richard.How to Profit From Tax Lien Properties by: Richard ?It is possible to earn huge amounts of money by investing in property in the long and short
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Search or Post Advertisements for Land Matters
by Vikram kuamr. Have you been finding advertising costs to sell a shop or office becoming too much? Has searching for available properties, shops or offices been difficult and confusing?? Search4premises is now here to make your life easier!? ?Search4premises is a ...
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What You Should Know About The 1031 Tax Exchange
by Garry Neale. When you run your own business, paying taxes can really take up a lot of your earnings. However, there are ways in which you can save on tax and the 1031 tax exchange is one of them.The 1031 tax exchange is one of the most common types of tax deferr...
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Landscaping Like You Love the Earth
by Branden Schroeder. It is just a little bit ironic that landscaping, the practice of caring for and arranging the earth and growing things in a certain area, can potentially be one of the worst things for adding toxic pollution to the ground. With the abundance of chem...
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Time to Send City Hall a Tax Bill?
by Josh Sloan. Since we are repeatedly told that some of the value has dropped from our homes, doesn't it stand to reason that most of us should be in line for a rebate on our property taxes? Isn't this how the City Hall works? Of course, it is unlikely that this ...
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Parceling Raw Land for Maximum Profits
by Judson Voss. While we, as real estate investors, generally think of purchasing developed land for investment, there is an entire other sector of the business which is worth exploration - raw land. Are you aware of the fact that approximately 85% of the land in ...
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The Cheapest Residential Land in Australia
by Dominic Alberth. There is a secret hidden in South East Queensland Australia. This secret is called Russell Island. Situated just 20 minutes off the coast of Brisbane (Australia's Third largest city), and within commuting distance of the Brisbane CBD, is an island p...
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Land Developments: Finding a Good Location
by Craig Berger. If you're planning to buy land for development, the first thing you need to decide is where. The right location is everything in land development. It can mean the difference between selling at a loss and seeing a huge appreciation in the value of yo...
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Conditions That Affect Land Values
by Craig Berger. There are many conditions affecting land values. If you are interested in purchasing land as an investment opportunity, it's important that you know some of them. This will help give you an idea of how much and in which direction your land value is ...
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Adverse Land Possession
by Parmdeep Vadesha. Traditional common law provides a method to claim the title to a land through use. The law rules for adverse land possession are codified under various laws. They allow a person to assign a title to a land from the owner just by using the land, out ...
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How Can Landscape Software Can Help You?
by Mark Robert. If you can visualize anything you can archive greater success. It is true not only in life but also in landscaping. Landscaping software exactly does this. Helps you visualize your project before it is finished. For sure it is one of the most challe...
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Things to Know to Qualify for Valuable tax Breaks
by Jake Marsh. Whether you are looking to invest, or already own a home that is, or may be designated a heritage building, there are several guidelines to be aware of before you begin making any changes to your property. The National Heritage Preservation Service ...
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Short Sale Tax
by Alex Greben.Short Sale Tax by: Alex Greben Short Sale Tax - IRS might get you The current Real Estate market is full of sellers who are going through a shor
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Forget the Soft Landing, Aim for High Altitude
by Paul Dubsky. There is an element of a gamble in whatever we do. Whether it is buying foreign currency or property, crossing the road, driving a car, betting the horses, or even getting married!In each case, the aim is to be a winner and successfully accomplish t...
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Understanding The 1031 Tax Exchange
by Omar Johnson. Real estate investors looking to sell an investment property and purchase a new one can greatly benefit from the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. Section 1031 is one of the most powerful tax deferral tools currently available for taxpayers. In sh...
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Tax Reduction
by Patrick O'Connor. Tax Reduction - a Result of Cost Segregation Tax tips and tax help to assist taxpayers by describing optionsfor tax reduction and tax cuts through lawful tax deductions. Tax reduction and tax deferral are the primary benefits of obta...
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Using Land Contracts to Get Rich
by Real Estate Ninja.Using Land Contracts to Get Rich by: Real Estate Ninja USING LAND CONTRACTS TO GET RICHWhat is a land contract or contract for deed?A contract u
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Whats a Land Contract?
by Steve Gillman. A land contract, sometimes also called a "contract for deed" and other names, is a contract to sell real estate on payments. It is basic seller financing, in which the seller takes payments from the buyer rather than the buyer borrowing from a mortg...
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Island Paradise
by Anthony Defrietas. There is something special about tropical islands. They have long been associated with a lifestyle of leisure and luxury. When thinking about this kind of life one conjures up images of endless white-sand beaches and lazy afternoons in a hammock. Wh...
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How To Subdivide Land
by Paul Sunndin. Land subdivision is a very time consuming and challenging process. Regulations can vary by government jurisdiction and the process can take months (or even years) to complete.I would define land subdivision as "any parcel of land that is divided int...
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Landscaping for Better Curb Appeal
by Eric Badgely.Landscaping for Better Curb Appeal by: Eric Badgely One of the most visual elements of any home is the yard and gardens. They may seem to take a
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