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Making Money From Buy To Let
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Rising house prices and a strong economy make highly favorable conditions for a buy-to-let real estate project. A particularly effective investment, a buy-to-let leaves you with an asset which appreciates in value over the years, in addition to a s...
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Saving Time and Money When Working with Potential Buyers
by Charles W. Moore. Once you've invested in a real estate property, you've completed half the work necessary to profit from your venture. Now, you have to find a way to sell the property and create a source of income. In order to do that, it is essential to build an ...
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CH-CH-CH-Changes... Why You Might Want To Refinance Now!
by Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans.CH-CH-CH-Changes... Why You Might Want To Refinance Now! by: Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans Big changes are expected in the mortgage market for

Reasons You Might Want to Refinance Now
by Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans.Ch-ch-ch-changes......why you Might Want to Refinance Now! by: Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans Have you been reading the papers or listening to t
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Put Seller Financing to Work for you
by Mark Sumpter. Seller financing is an important and popular tool that can help buyers purchase a property they could otherwise not be able to buy. Sellers are sometimes willing to become 'banks' for the buyer, taking payments just like a bank would until the loan...
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Get Cash Back For Going Green
by Calum MacKenzie. Going green can be less expensive than you think when you take into account some of the cash incentives being offered for those who build and remodel with greener alternatives than the conventional choices. Right now, alternative energy sources and ...
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Financing your Dream Back Yard Pool
by Melanie Speed. You don't have to be rich to put a swimming pool in your back yard, but you do need good credit, in most most cases. With a solid financial history and a little planning, you can get a loan to build a custom pool, and realize the home of your dreams...
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The Easy and Safe Way Out: Cashout Options
by Shane Barker. When you are down in the dumps, confused, and stressed out, you hardly have time to remember that to every problem there exists a simple solution. If you have wanted to sell your house for ages, but have been disappointed by unfruitful promises fro...
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Making Money With Subject-to Deals
by Real Estate Ninja.Making Money With Subject-to Deals by: Real Estate Ninja MAKING MONEY WITH SUBJECT-TO DEALSThe subject-to is one the most sought after real esta
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Owner Financing 101
by Attorney William. There are many benefits for doing an owner-carry installment sale as opposed to conventional financing for both the buyer and seller. Sometimes the advantages inure to the benefit of one or the other, but in most cases the transaction is 'Win/Win' f...
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Cashflow is King (sometimes)
by Dane. A common mistake of investors is the way they evaluate a potential investment properties. Below is the process I have seen first time investors use. Step One : Look at Cashflow What is step two? Their is no step two. Basically if the property ha...
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Rapid Re-score your Credit Files
by Lisa Phillips.Rapid Re-score your Credit Files by: Lisa Phillips Rapid Re-score is a technique by which negative information can be removed from your account,
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Save Money When Selling By Owner
by Kim Lee. When it comes to selling by owner, you probably know that you can save money. After all, hiring a real estate agent to sell your home can cost you a lot of cash in the end. In most cases, an agent is going to want at least 6 percent of the sale pric...
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Dream House Purchase With Bad Credit
by Ajeet Khurana. Most of us aspire to someday buy a house. Even today, when most of us inhabit rented apartments, there is the inherent desire to someday move into a place of our own. It is not that rented apartments do not provide that sense of belonging. It is jus...
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We Buy Houses Fast With No Credit Check Required
by Dan Heskett. How fast do some investors buy homes from homeowners? Very fast, actually - some investors will offer you cash upfront for your home within at least 24 hours from the time you contacted the investor. Such investor specialize in buying homes for cash...
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Make Good on Bad Credit
by Scott Baxter. Though it may look like the new lending rules are excluding first time buyers and people with a less than perfect credit rating from owning a home, look again. What we're seeing now is just a return to tried and true rules when it comes to mortgages...
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Saving Money - Why Pay $100 Per Hour to Swim?
by Steve Gillman. If you are interested in saving money on the things you buy, you have to start by being honest about what they REALLY cost. Lets look at an example of what this means.Saving Money On The Swimming PoolJeff and his wife loved the idea of having a buil...
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Quick Sale Means Quicker Cash
by Derrick Adolfo. There are many options to consider during times of financial crisis. Many people go for loans. That is a common thing. However, at times when the need is of a large amount of cash and that too at short notice, you may have to go for other options. ...
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Make Money Blogging Online-your Blogging Guide
by Joel Teo. Making money online by blogging is very possible if you have the knowledge or are willing to learn what you do not already know. There are a few steps to follow if you want to make money from blogging. If you do not already have a blog started, ther...
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The Positive Reality of 100% Financing
by Lee Cameron.The Positive Reality of 100% Financing by: Lee Cameron In today's world of high-priced homes the cost of living is always on the rise. Conversel
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Debt Consolidation and Reduction Leads
by Wayne Hemrick. Have you considered debt leads as a way to build your mortgage business? Many people are considering debt consolidation as a way out from under large credit card bills. People are looking for ways to reduce their monthly payment...
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Making Money Selling your Timeshare-- Its Possible
by Gary Hayduk. Buy high, sell low. That's not what any of us want to do! We are taking a bit of a backwards approach by discussing this since most people, when they buy a timeshare, don't usually think about making money on it. Instead they're thinking of how the...
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Hard Money Profits
by Steve Gillman. Make hard money loans and you get a high rate of return on your cash. You have to do it properly to be safe, of course. You also need a lot of money to invest to do this.What are "hard money" loans? They are short-term loans (usually 24 months or le...
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Refinance Questions
by Matt Schaub. Q. Should I refinance?The answer depends on your financial goals. A desire to lower your interest rate and/or payment is good reason to refinance, but there are other things to take into account:&bull How long do you expect to be in the home?&bull H...
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Little Aesthetic Improvements Equal Big Money
by Joe Pinto.Little Aesthetic Improvements Equal Big Money by: Joe Pinto In the game of selling homes, one has to be prepared to spend a bit of money to make
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