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Pick Up the Phone! Money Calling
by Justin Tracy. Most Realtors don't call their Internet leads, period. Even if they do, most don't ask the right questions or say the right things. The National Association of Realtors states, 'There is a 72% success rate of turning a web lead into a client if live...
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Financing & Equity
by Calum MacKenzie. The world of home financing is an interesting place. The longer you are involved in it, typically the more options become available to you. This process is started by simply paying off your mortgage. As you make payments on the principle of the mort...
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Just How Important Is Your Credit Score?
by David Peters. Whether you are just getting into a new home or are looking for a tenth investment, your credit score is important. This plays a large part in helping you to qualify for the amount of money that you want and need. By keeping up with your credit sc...
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Is Refinancing Your House Your Best Option?
by Jeff Herring. Refinancing your house means that you take out a new loan to replace your existing mortgage. There are lots of reasons why homeowners choose to refinance. In most cases, they hope to find a more affordable home loan solution. In other cases, they ho...
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Private Lender Note Clauses That Make you Money!
by Michel Lautensack.Private Lender Note Clauses That Make you Money! by: Michel Lautensack One of the most important documents you will ever sign with a private len
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Secrets Of Financing Your House Purchase
by Geri Mason. One of the hardest things about purchasing a home for sale by owner is obtaining the financing necessary.If you follow these tips you should stand a good chance of obtaining a loan:Lenders want to be sure that they are going to receive repayment for...
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Benefits of Cash Out Refinancing for Debt Consolidation
by Tamara Schmitt. No matter how good our intentions are, with the "Gotta Have It!" society we live in, even the most diligent of us sometimes over-do on debt, especially on credit cards or other non- appreciable debt in the form of installment loans. One popular and ...
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Sale-leaseback Financing
by Groshan Fabiola.The strategic conversion of corporately owned real estate into working capital has proven extremely beneficial to corporations, particularly as their executives are scrambling to find funds to help grow their companies. The benefits of sale-leaseback...
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