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Patient Buyers Who Are Qualified Seem To Be Smiling
by Chris Arnold. Lets begin by going over what I am NOT saying. I am not saying that today is the day to buy. I am not saying that we are at the bottom of the market. What exactly does that mean anyway? How does anyone declare a bottom to a real estate market? Isn't...
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Buyer Beware: Dont be Instantly Charmed by Curb Appeal
by Ed Kirkland. You may have heard the familiar real estate jargon of, "curb appeal". There's so much information out there on how to enhance your curb appeal to attract buyers. But there's probably much less pertinent info on how to truly assess what is "good" cur...
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Buyer: be Aware
by Kevin Bilberry. There is nothing worse than going into an important situation and having it turn out far different than you imagined. If you are getting ready to buy, or are maybe already in the process, make sure you don't blow it by being too naive.One big mistak...
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Make Buyers Broker Agreements Work for You
by Marci McFarland. One thing that home owners can balk at when considering an agent is the buyer's broker agreement (BBA). The BBA is a relative newcomer to the world of real estate and many future homeowners are leery of signing themselves into a contract with a rela...
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Build Your Buyer List
by Justin Anderson. It is said that Real Estate is all about location, location, location...however, the business of Real Estate Investing is really about Marketing...which is all about Networking, Networking, Networking! Let's face it, Real Estate Investing is absolu...
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Water Pressure and Standard Variations What a Buyer Should Know
by Eric Badgely.Water Pressure and Standard Variations What a Buyer Should Know by: Eric Badgely Homebuyers are often concerned about the water pressure at a ho
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Underground Fuel Tanks What Buyers Should Know
by Eric Badgely.Underground Fuel Tanks What Buyers Should Know by: Eric Badgely When it is disclosed, or discovered, that an old underground fuel tank exists on
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Lead Based Paint What a Buyer Should Know
by Eric Badgely.Lead Based Paint What a Buyer Should Know by: Eric Badgely Anytime a person buys an older home, it is only logical to assume that some lead-base
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Private Wells What a Buyer Should Know
by Eric Badgely.Private Wells What a Buyer Should Know by: Eric Badgely Buyers, purchasing a home with a well for the first time, often know nothing about the b
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Knowing Buyers Brings Better Negotiation
by Paige Martin. The housing market has been a seller's market for approximately the last fifteen years.This means that the number of buyers looking for a home exceeds the number of homes that are for sale. This is good news for sellers as it results in them getting...
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2008 Trends in Bathrooms Tempt Buyers
by Carolyn Capalbo. If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, take a weekend to improve it without breaking your budget.Real estate agents are advising that in today's realty market, home owners do not get their money back on big renovating jobs. Therefo...
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Subdivisions Attracts Buyers Wanting Competitive Pricing
by Tim Dillard. Atlanta is a thriving metropolis that more and more people are relocating to because of all that it has to offer business and career professionals and those raising a family. There are a number of areas that fall into the category "top Atlanta subdi...
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Kids Bedrooms and the Prospective Buyer
by Eddy Kicker. There is one thing that you can count on when trying to sell your house: the kids' bedrooms will always look disastrous! If you do have a 'creative' child, one way to balance this is to ensure that the rest of the house looks spick and span. The rea...
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Working and Closing the Deal with Self Seeking Buyers
by Tom Beaty. Since you are the "for sale by owner" seller, you will often receive phone calls from potential buyers with inquiries about the home for sale. When you Get a call from a potential buyer who has seen the house within the past few days and wants to le...
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Help Finding House Buyers
by Robert Clark. Are you trying to sell your home in the UK, but having a hard time finding a buyer? The current market in Britain, similar to its counterpart in the United States, is making it quite difficult for homeowners to find interested and qualified house bu...
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Build Connections to Generate Buyer and Seller Leads
by lanard perry. Generating home buyer and seller leads is no small task, especially for a real estate agent who is looking for ways to get some. There are many strategies involved in generating home buyer and seller leads, but their effectiveness is necessarily dep...
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Trends to Target House Buyers
by Robert Nachman. If you are thinking of re-vamping your home with a view to putting it up for sale in the spring realty market - read about what is in and what is out.Easiest to start with, perhaps, is what is out. Mosaic tiled bathrooms and kitchens are out. The be...
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What are Buyers Databases?
by Joshua Keen. Some real estate buyers don't find the best homes - the best homes find them. Popular new Internet buyer databases make it easy for buyers to quickly establish an online profile, and have details on the best properties sent directly to their real es...
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Appeal to your Buyers Emotions
by Eileen McAdam. 'Showing' a home is an important part of selling a home. The buyers who come to view your home will be encountering a very emotional experience, not only because they are going to spend a huge wad of money - but also because they are trying to visua...
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Why a Buyer Cannot Rely on the Code Inspectors
by Eric Badgely.Why a Buyer Cannot Rely on the Code Inspectors by: Eric Badgely As a realtor, and after speaking with home inspectors, I know that it is not wis
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Appeal to your Buyers Emotions
by Joshua Keen. Most of us have an emotional attachment to our home, and while this is a good thing, it is best if we can be detached from it when it comes to the sale of our house. Emotional attachment can lead to lost equity. There are many areas where our emotio...
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A Beautiful Bathroom Bags Buyers
by Jerry Clifford. If you want to spend a little money on a renovation that will help ensure a quicker sale - the bathroom is the place to start.It is only a small room, and personal taste differences will be limited when decorating this area, if you follow a few simp...
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Buyer-broker Agreements: are They Right for You?
by Robert Nachman. In any real estate transaction, buyers are wise to obtain representation via a buyer's agent. This agent works for you, and will do their best to go you a great deal on a house. The listing agent on the other hand, is working for the seller, and wil...
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Dealing With Unruly Buyer
by James Gunaseelan. Are you selling your home by owner? If so, you are probably looking forward to the day that you find a buyer. But sometimes this is the worst part of the process. Even though this is when things are supposed to come to an end, and you are supposed t...
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Giving Your Buyer a Good Deal
by kathyhel. O'Fallon is a rapidly growing suburban city in the Saint Charles County at Missouri. After the war of 1812 there was a flow of immigrants through this region. In the 1830's Germans came to settle in this area. O'Fallon became a city in the 1850's. A...
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