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Protect yourself With the Advanced Taser M18l
by Brandi Wheeler.Protect yourself With the Advanced Taser M18l by: Brandi Wheeler Today in the news there is a lot of controversy about the use of Stun Guns and
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Making the Right Choice While Looking for Cctv Security Camera
by Foryourhome. There are normally six things to look at before Selecting a CCTV security systems; 1. Camera Selection 2. Recording Options 3. Detection 4. Time and Date Stamping...
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Burglars be Aware, our Home is Secured
by Foryourhome. Few homeowners really bother about security until something happens to their house or a neighbour. It's our 'don't fix it if ain't broken' attitude that gives the burglar's an upper hand. However there are many simple basic things we can know to mak...
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Alarm Systems Stock
by Man31@clerk.com. by Dan The Roommate Man | February 09, 2005Over the past two years, households that earned $50,000 or more annually and had the means to join the ranks of home owners or continue owning the roofs over their heads represented the fastest growing seg...
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Home Security Surveillance Camera - Why are They so Popular?
by Terry Edwards. Home security surveillance cameras have become one of the hottest products in the home security industry. And for good reason, we all want to be safe and secure in our home. But, what are the benefits of these surveillance cameras? Here are a few ti...
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Stun Guns are Safe and Reliable
by Barry Jenkins. Have you questioned your safety? Or what you would do if it was threatened? Contemplating a method of protection is a very serious undertaking and it is becoming an absolute necessity in today's changing times. As crime rates rise and the forms of ...
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Window Locks Close a Window of Opportunity for the Burglar
by Martin Underwood. Window glass, like any other glass, can be smashed of course. But if you were a burglar would you want to break in to a home by breaking the window? Likely you would not want to do that. Breaking glass makes noise, very distinctive noise that is lik...
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The Importance of Security Systems
by David Bross. Security Systems With crime rates up in North America, many residents feel uneasy about relying solely on the protection of the law. With continued technological advancements, there is no reason not to look into additional security. A home securit...
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Communication and Security - All by Dial!
by Clint Jhonson. What would you say if I told you there is a company out there that can fulfill both your communication and security needs? Would you be interested in finding out more about them and their services? Well, this is the case of Dial Security Communicati...
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The New C2 Taser
by Barry Jenkins. There have been several articles written about the benefits of tasers in protecting people's personal safety. How much do you know about tasers? Have you considered whether this versatile item is the right self defense tool for you? This article wil...

Real Estate: to Own or Rent?
by Andrew Del Vecchio.Real Estate: to Own or Rent? by: Andrew Del Vecchio Owning one's own home is a dream shared by countless millions of Americans, and individuals
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Night Vision for Security
by Barry Jenkins. A staple tool in any action movie is the night vision. Whether it is a set of goggles, a camera, or some other form of surveillance, the effect of that grey grainy image is astounding. Whether it is for sport, surveillance, or just for fun, any pers...
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Home Security Gates - the Pros and Cons
by Terry Edwards. No one will argue that home security is not important in this day and age we live in. For those who live in the country or in sparsely populated suburbs, securing your home becomes an even bigger issue. This is where a home security gate may help, b...
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Pepper Spray for Self Defense
by Barry Jenkins. For years police officers have used pepper spray as a non violent method of control in situations such as riots and perpetrators who resist arrest. This spray is also a favorite among hunters and other woodsmen who carry the spray as protection from...
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Self-Defense and Self Defense Products : How Do You Decide?
by Ken Potter.Self Defense and Self Defense Products - How Do you Decide? by: Ken Potter With all of the various types of Self Defense Products on the market

Video Security Camera - What Should you Look for Before Buying
by Terry Edwards. A video security camera is the perfect solution for your home security needs. Whether you need a way to monitor your home while you're away or you just want the added protection when you are home alone, a video security camera gives you this and mor...
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The Queen of England, Home Security and you
by Martin Underwood. Buckingham Palace stands in its own grounds in the heart of London, England. It is possibly the number one 'must see' of the thousands upon thousands of tourists that visit London each year. With its ceremonial guards with their red tunics and tall,...
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Home Security Alarm System - How to Make a Plan
by Terry Edwards. Perhaps you have made the decision to install a home security alarm system or you are getting ready to. Here are some tips that will help you with the basics of knowing what to plan for with any type of security system.When you make the decision to ...
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Why Choose a Taser
by Barry Jenkins. An individual' personal safety should be their primary concern. As a society we are becoming more aware of the dangers that we can face, and the methods of protection are expanding. Although any effort to protect yourself is a step in the right dire...
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Short Story- War Widow
by Dalip Singh Wasan. War WidowMy elder brother was in the Indian Army and when our forces were advancing Indo-Pak war of 1965 before the start of India Pak war of 1965, my brother was killed in an accident which occurred in the operation area of Jammu and Kashmir. The w...
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Tips on How to Make your Home Secure
by Kathryn Eaton. Most people plan ahead for their vacation. Long lists are made with what clothes to take, what sites to see or what excursions to take, and even where meals will be eaten. However, one item that should be at the top of the list is usually not on the...
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How are Crime Statistics Collected and Crime Prevention Tips
by Susan Eaton. In 1929, the International Association of Chiefs of Police started a program called the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. This program was created to meet the need for reliable, uniform crime statistics in the nation. A year later, the FBI was ...
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How to Prevent a Summertime Disaster
by Susan Eaton. Summertime is a time for vacation and outdoor fun. Safety is the most difficult and less thought about task during the summer. Avoiding a disastrous vacation should be your top priority before and during the fun times. Even though you are rushing ar...
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Stun Batons the Most Innovative Product in Personal Defense
by Barry Jenkins. The self-defense industry has long recognized that while every citizen should have a method of self-protection, no two individual's needs are the same. That is why there are as many self-defense tools on the market as there are types of people who r...
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Rechargeable Stun Guns: Say Goodbye to Batteries
by Barry Jenkins. In today's ever changing world, there is nothing more important than protecting you and your family from imminent dangers in society. Whether walking down a dark street or defending yourself from an intruder, a Stun Gun can protect you and your fami...
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