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Commercial Real Estate Looks Promising in Chandigarh
by George Gonigal. IT companies to drive the trends... Owing to its well-planned infrastructure, availability of land, quality human resource base, and favorable policies, Chandigarh has become an attractive destination for IT and ITeS companies. Meanwhile, internatio...
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Real Estate in Bangalore
by Albert James. Real Estate is nothing but real property; Real estate agents are those people who buy or sell the property to the clients who need the property. For this the real estate agents will get commissions from their clients. In Bangalore like cities the re...
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The Emerging Real Estate Destination of Faridabad
by George Gonigal. Chasing the real estate development in its counterpart cities of Gurgaon and Noida, Faridabad has emerged up as one of the most sought after destinations for property investment in the National Capital Region (NCR), in the past couple of years. Of ...
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Residential Real Estate Investment in India
by Propertiesmls. WestWestport Capital Partners LLC announced that it is developing a residential real estate complex in Hyderabad, India. Westport is working with a local development partner to build the project. Total development costs will be approximately $100 mi...
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Commercial Properties to Soar in Jaipur
by George Gonigal. IT companies likely to spur demand in near term... While property prices in cities of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida float at unprecedented levels--the tourist attraction of Jaipur--has been coming up as a potential destination for real estate developers ...
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Orr Boost to Hyderabad Real Estate
by George Gonigal. The 159-km Outer Ring Road (ORR) project has come up as a major growth driver for the real estate markets of Hyderabad. As witnessed across the country, the state of road infrastructure has been a major determinant of property values, and an upgrad...
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Premium Housing in Gurgaon Enters Correction Phase
by George Gonigal. Demand goes down, developers cut prices... Hard-pressed by the falling demand, the higher-end segment of residential real estate in Gurgaon has been undergoing the phase of correction. As per the reports of global consultancy firm DTZ, the prices h...
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Metro Rail - a Mixed Bag for Noida Real Estate
by George Gonigal. Having witnessed the positive impact of metro rail connectivity on the real estate markets of Delhi, it has been a general perception that extension of the facility to any of the sites pushes prices of residential property to north. However, the NCR...

Germanys Fraport for Airport Projects in India
by Propertiesmls. Germany's Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, plans to adopt a multiple partner approach for airport projects in India. The company is also examining various airport projects with real-estate developer DLF Ltd. Mr Christoph Nanke, Seni...
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The Onam Effect on Kochi Real Estate
by George Gonigal. The festive season of August to October sees maximum real estate activity in India. Kerala sets the trend with Onam and Diwali is usually the peak across the North and the West. In a year of slowing down of property markets across the country largel...
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Premium Housing Picks Up in Bangalore Real Estate
by George Gonigal. Residential real estate in Bangalore has entered quite an interesting phase. On one side, the demand for luxury housing has been picking up well in the city-internationally famous as the cyber hub of India. And on the other hand, budget housing in B...
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Lost Run Farm - Zionsville, Indiana at 121st and Michigan Road
by James Wells.Lost Run Farm - Zionsville, Indiana at 121st and Michigan Road by: James Wells Fantastic. - I was trying to think of how to describe this morsel
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Affordable Real Estate by Delhi Builders in Ghaziabad
by George Gonigal. Situated on Delhi's eastern periphery, Ghaziabad is rapidly emerging as the residential nucleus for IT professionals working in NOIDA and Delhi. Ghaziabad is also gaining popularity owing to its proximity to the Commonwealth Games locations.Newsweek...
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Real Estate in Mangalore: the Rising Star
by Kumar Mangal. Real Estate MangaloreLocated at 357 kilometers west of the software hub of India Bangalore, Mangalore is the preferred choice of people buying Mangalore Properties owing to its proximit...
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Mivtach Real Estate Will Invest $13 Million in Chennai
by Propertiesmls. Israeli firm Mivtach Real Estate, a subsidiary of investment company Mivtach Shamir, will invest about $13 million out of the total $30 million in Chennai real estate to construct offices, hotels and commercial centers.Mivtach Shamir Holdings Ltd. i...
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Kolkata Setting New Real Estate Standards
by George Gonigal. Kolkata, the 'City of Joy' and capital state of West Bengal is supposed to be one of the most inexpensive cities in India. But now the scene is completely different as the Kolkata real estate sector has taken a big leap in the past few years. Curren...
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Bangalore Rental Market
by Amitabh Kumar. With Bangalore continuing to be a major IT hub, the real estate Bangalore has got a major push especially its commercial properties. The absorption figure in the city has reached new high of 14.2 m...
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Indias Reliance Power
by Propertiesmls. MUMBAI (AFP) - India's Reliance Power Ltd announced on Wednesday it will spin off a 10.1 percent stake in an initial public offering that is expected to be the country's biggest-ever IPO.The IPO could raise between 2.8 billion and three billion doll...
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Bangalore Reaching New Heights
by George Gonigal. Bangalore, the capital of the southern state of Karnataka, is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is the favorite destination for most high tech industries in India. The IT Software Services/ ITES companies are the highest contributor to Ba...
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Chennai the Next Big Thing in Real Estate
by George Gonigal. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India and enjoys the status of being one of the most viable cities for real estate development. In recent times Chennai real estate has gained more prominence due to the b...
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Mumbai Real Estate - Presenting New Opportunities
by George Gonigal. Mumbai is the most desired city for buying, selling or renting a property in India. A teeming metropolis, it has witnessed a burgeoning demand and supply of properties over the last couple of years. It is widely recognized across the world as an IT ...
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Set Goals to Succeed in Short Sales
by Mark Sumpter. Without goals you won't know where you're going - and you won't know whether you're getting there. Without goals, you won't succeed. It's that simple. Goals are like building blocks: extremely short-term goals support other short-term goals, and ...
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India Properties - Finding the Best Property in India
by George Gonigal. It's a known fact India Real Estate is booming it has given birth to innumerable opportunities for investment throughout the country. All throughout the country, whether it is the metropolitans or the two or three tier cities are exploding with comm...
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Indiana Free Homebuyer Realtor Representation
by James Wells.Indiana Free Homebuyer Realtor Representation by: James Wells So I'm at a wedding this weekend and a young friend asks how much it would cost to
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Renaissance Bay Indianapolis at 78th and Keystone
by James Wells.Renaissance Bay Indianapolis at 78th and Keystone by: James Wells I attended an event on Friday 9/7 at this location and then Saturday was their
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