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How to be a Slumlord
by Steve Gillman. You may not realize it, but the real estate investor who is typically called a slumlord is providing a needed service. Though there are those who are truly taking advantage of people, many who are given this ignoble title are simply providing afford...

How to Buy a House
by Steve Gillman. There has been a lot written about the mechanics of how to buy a house. You get prequalified for a loan, then perhaps preapproved, and then you look for a home, make an offer, have inspections done and so on. Many people can help you through the pro...
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How to Ensure Your Offer to Buy Is Accepted
by Barry Cunningham. It seems that just about everyday there is another story in the newspaper or on television about the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market being down.While some of what is being portrayed is true, you can't expect that EVERY homeowner selling a home is...
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How To Mitigate Appraisal Fraud Patterns
by Michelle Thiel. Appraisal fraud is a component of many mortgage fraud schemes. This type of fraud is one of the more sophisticated techniques being used to commit mortgage fraud. As one of the fastest growing financial crimes in U.S. history, counter measurements t...
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How To Find Discount Realty Services
by Brian Shelton. With real estate prices rising across the country, the so-called average real estate agent's commission of "about 6%" can cost you upwards of $10,000. Wouldn't you like to find a way to keep some of that money in your own pocket?The obvious answer i...
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Leasing a Storefront: How To?
by Ken Fong. A storefront is a business that has visibility from the street. Storefront properties are generally leased by those selling items to the public. Some storefronts are used for restaurants or even business offices. Leasing a storefront can bring th...
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How to Cut Costs With Granite Counter Tops
by Austin Lansing. Have you ever thought of getting a trendy granite counter top, but decided against it because of the cost? Your reluctance is understandable - at $50-$150 a square foot, it can be a costly renovation item.One thing about granite, it's not just anoth...
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How to Motivate Sellers to Work with You!
by Charles W. Moore. Most people want someone they can trust to work with in any situation, and when it comes to selling a home, even the most desperate of individuals wants to feel safe and secure with the person to whom they are selling. In order to motivate even the...
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How to Find a Good Roommate
by Apartmentreview.net. There are a lot of people who would love to live by themselves in an apartment. But many times, that is not a choice. Many people, especially students and those who are recently employed, need to share an apartment, since they cannot afford it on t...
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How to Trump the Gazumpers
by Tracy Kellett. HOW TO TRUMP THE GAZUMPERSBritain has the highest incidence of gazumping in Europe, with around one in three buyers falling victim to the practice. Tracy Kellett from home search company BDI Home Finders explains how you can best protect yourself.It...
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How to Outsell The Sellers
by Chad Childress. As some of you may know, The road to my personal success was not at all the "fast-track" it would appear to be at first glance. Yes, I am very young in comparison to most of my entrepreneurial counterparts, and yes, I have reached a certain plateau ...
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How Do Lease Options Work and How to Get Rich Doing Them
by Real Estate Ninja.How Do Lease Options Work and How to Get Rich Doing Them by: Real Estate Ninja LEASES OPTIONS RICHESAnother very popular real estate investing t
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How To Build A House To Be Proud Of
by Gerald Mason. Do not be in too big a hurry to begin the finish work.Wait until the plaster is thoroughly dry; two or three weeks should elapse from the time the plaster is completed before the finish lumber, flooring, doors, and cabinets are even brought into the...
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Annie Get Yer Caulking Gun - How to Shoot Down your Energy Bill
by Eric Badgely.Annie Get Yer Caulking Gun - How to Shoot Down your Energy Bill by: Eric Badgely In the typical house 38% of all lost heat escapes though leaks

The Sub-prime Boondoggle - How to Get Past it
by Dewey Kearney.The Sub-prime Boondoggle - How to Get Past it by: Dewey Kearney I can remember in the late 1960's the aerospace company that I worked for in Pas

How To Buy An Older House And Save A Fortune
by Gerald Mason. When you have found a house in a desirable location that looks interesting, look it over carefully for evidence of quality construction or the lack of quality.Does the house have the general appearance of being in good shape?Do the doors swing freel...
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How to Beat Multiple Offers?
by Joe Samson.How to Beat Multiple Offers? by: Joe Samson by Joe Samson, Calgary RealtorIf you've been shopping for a house in Calgary for the last couple of
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How To Buy The Perfect House?
by P.O. Pharm. Buying a house is very important decision of the life. House means the happiness and warmth place of every member in the family. Before decision, you have to set the goal and plan every step by circumspectness. These steps are usefully for decision ...
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How to Buy a Master-planned Estate
by Amos Grham. Many buyers agree that one of the attractions of buying a home in a master-planned estate is the chance to live in a resort-like atmosphere, free of maintenance and restriction. Instead of mowing the lawn, attending to the weeds, and painting eaves,...
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How to Use the Multiple Listing Service (mls)
by Joelane. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database that contains all of the real estate that is up for sale at any given moment. This is why the MLS is extremely useful and important for real estate agents and brokers. All of the information that is s...
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How To Get Your House Ready To Sell
by Adrian Adams. The exterior of your home is very important. This is what people will see when they drive by your home. If it isn't in good condition most people won't take the time to schedule an appointment to see the inside of your home. Make sure you keep the g...
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How to Bring your Yard Up to Par
by Alan Olson. Selling a home is a tricky undertaking. As the seller you have a responsibility to make sure that the home and property are in top-notch shape in order to improve the presentation of the property as a whole. It is hard to sell a home that is not pro...
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How To Deal With An Eviction Notice
by Professor P. You've been served an eviction notice, what should you do? The state that you are currently residing in is a major factor. However, there is generally a set of procedures that applies to tenants.The most important step that a landlord must take duri...
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How To Eliminate The Risks Involved With Selling Your Own House
by Geri Mason. It is often a good idea to intensely analyze a situation before delving right in.Selling your home for sale by owner is one of these types of situations.(there is a free ebook: 101 Tips For Selling Your House,for you to download, from a link at the ...
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How To Advertise Your House
by Geri Mason. In today's age of technology, advertisement is as simple as posting an ad on the Internet where it can and will be exposed to millions of people at the click of a mouse.(there is a free ebook: 101 Tips For Selling Your House,for you to download,that...
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