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Indiana Realtors Announce Property Tax Reform Agenda
by James Wells.Indiana Realtors Announce Property Tax Reform Agenda by: James Wells The Indiana Association of Realtors announced their proposed property tax r
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Delhi Properties - Buy, Sell or Rent
by George Gonigal. Are you planning to buy, sell or rent a property in Delhi? Find out the best areas for investing in Delhi properties are and what is the best way to invest in Delhi real estate. Delhi, which is considered to be one of the fastest growing metropolita...
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Buying a Luxury Villa in India
by Mike Nicholson. Live life king size is the mantra of the rich and the famous with a taste for the finest and the best. And the high-end real estate market in India is literally sizzling in a bid to meet the increasing demand of the select elite. When people imagine...
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Real Estate Funds in India - Awaiting a Welcome
by jansenkoe.Real Estate Funds in India - Awaiting a Welcome by: jansenkoe One sector that has assumed growing importance owing to
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India Real Estate Fund
by jansenkoe.India Real Estate Fund by: jansenkoe India Real Estate Fund is a significant component of the Indian realty market flooded with Indian and forei
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Subprime Woes May Hit India, Says Rbi
by Propertiesmls. The Reserve Bank of India has said continued defaults in the US housing loan market pose a risk to India, whose capital market has already taken a hit on fears of the credit crisis spreading to other economies.'Conditions in the subprime mortgage se...
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Commercial Real Estate Property in India
by Nidhi Gupta. Real estate is the term referred to immovable property or real property such as a building. Commonly said real estate is the legal term provided to the immovable property. With the development of the real estate and the emergence of the private or p...
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Four Ways to be a Great Tenant in Gurgaon
by Kalpita Saxena. Gurgaon is a friendly city. Thousands of people move into the city from across the country every year owing to its booming services industry and the cosmopolitan culture of Gurgaon receives them well.As far as the residential facilities in Gurgaon a...
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Discover Whats Driving Utah Real Estate
by Christian Jacobsen. The state of Utah is perhaps one of the most misunderstood - or misrepresented - states in the union. Many people, when they DO think of Utah - see a vast rocky (and salty) desert; a place with a strong economy and low unemployment, but a place, per...
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Utah Real Estate: 10 Reasons to Appreciate the Appreciation
by Christian Jacobsen. So, you are considering a move to Utah? Excellent choice! The Salt Lake State boasts a booming economy, low unemployment, and, best of all, the Utah real estate market has never been stronger. Once ranked last in the country in terms of home appreci...
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Residential Rentals Stabilize in Gurgaon
by Kalpita Saxena. Home rentals in Gurgaon finally stabilized in the second quarter of 2007, after remaining the subject of sturdy movement towards north at least for the past couple of years.A lobby of real estate experts believes that this is the time when the city ...
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Developing Property Market in Chennai
by Amitabh Kumar. Chennai property market , in recent times, has gained high popularity with several corporates and multi national companies looking at the city as a business destination. The ongoing developments in the ...
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Hines Set to Develop First Indian Project
by Propertiesmls. Hines has formed a joint venture with DLF Ltd. to develop the real estate company's first project in India. The Houston real estate firm opened an office in India earlier this year and named Daniel MacEachron as managing director of Hines India Real...
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Properties in India
by jansenkoe.Properties in India by: jansenkoe India is a very lucrative destination when it comes to buying and selling properties. With the globalization b
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Office Real Estate in Gurgaon-an Update
by Kalpita Saxena. Ever wondered what actually is this real estate boom all about? Just check property trends in Gurgaon and you will get the feel of it. Imagine. The vacancy rates in the commercial office space segment are as ...
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Robust Real Estate in Delhi
by Amitabh Kumar. Delhi without doubt fares well in infrastructure, availability of professional work force and connectivity. Even as Delhi Real Estate Market chases ambitious plans in Real Estate before Commonwealth Games in 2010 arri...
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Singapore Firm Launches India-focussed Real Estate Ipo
by Propertiesmls. Singapore-based Ascendus India Trust has scored a major first by launching the first ever initial public offering (IPO) which raised funds on the Singapore Stock Exchange with the aim of owning real estate in India.The IPO size was 500 million Singa...
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Buying Commercial Property in Mumbai
by Amitabh Kumar. The Mumbai real estate market witnessed a slowdown in the second quarter of 2007 with a decline in property prices. Real Estate Mumbai is likely to see a marginal correction in capital and rental values during the coming y...
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Future of Real Estate Market in India
by Mike Nicholson. Will property prices in India fall? This is one question every one has been asking, as its answer will eventually decide whether you are going to invest in the real estate in India now or you will rather wait for the property prices to fall. Accordi...
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Before Renting Property in Gurgaon
by Kalpita Saxena. Gurgaon-the most happening business destination in northern India-is also a dream location to reside. As a subject of intense commercial development, companies operating their businesses from Gurgaon are on streak to expand their operations. As we k...
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Indian Real Estate Stocks Most Expensive in the World
by Propertiesmls. Real estate stocks in India are the most expensive in the world even as they give lower returns than most of the emerging as well as developed markets including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. The revelation has come in the backdrop of a ...
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St. George, Utah: Business is Booming!
by David Ellis.St. George, Utah: Business is Booming! by: David Ellis Knowing that the place that you are considering a move to has a great business atmosphere

Indian Real Estate: Corporate Sales
by Propertiesmls. Hindustan Unilever (HUL), consumer products heavyweight has begun selling its real estate assets across the country, and has even put its landmark Mumbai head office on the market.Several of HUL's residential properties in prime Mumbai markets, such...
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Real Estate Property Consultant India
by Anurag Batra. Real estate is something which is flourishing in India and simultaneously attracting more and more investors. But with the increasing number of investors many people are looking for experts who can advice them wisely in this property related issue. ...
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Hot Spot Hyderabad
by Propertiesmls. Realty firms, such as, Nagarjuna construction, Bhagyanagar Industries, GS Realtors, including a group of overseas investors are in the race to pick up a slice of Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE), as it has kick-started its de-mutualisation process. Ac...
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