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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Custom Dream Home
by Tyron C. McDaniel.Owner Builder Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Custom Dream Home! by: Tyron C. McDaniel In my professional experience as a Home Constructio
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Fsbo - Avoid Some Common Mistakes
by Abhinav Sidana. For selling your FSBO property, you need to avoid some of the common mistakes. There can be a number of things that you might need to perform before you actually offer your property for sale.Avoid jam- packed rooms, kitchen and stores before of...
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Mistakes to Avoid for Construction Loan
by Chris Esposito. The number one mistake, hands down, that most people make when building their home is not allowing enough time to get through the process, especially for those people who are acting as an owner-builder and building without a general contractor. Buil...
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Mistakes Happen, Even With Buying a House
by miss_j.Mistakes Happen, Even With Buying a House by: miss_j Everyone makes mistakes. It's a given. We're all human after all. But some mistakes can not
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Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
by Craig Berger. Marketing for real estate is difficult, but is it because of the tactics you use? Quality marketing campaigns yield results. Read on to find about some tried-and-true advertising approaches that work.Real Estate Marketing With DesignWhen you look at...
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Common Mistakes That Sellers Make
by Craig Berger. Selling a home can seem like a complicated and intimidating venture. The consequences of making a mistake when selling a home can be financially disastrous. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when selling your home.Common Selling Mis...
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Avoiding Common Decorating Mistakes
by Jerry Clifford. When it comes to decorating, there are so many choices available. You'll find dozens of magazines, internet ideas and design centers just waiting to share their products with susceptible new decorators. A design project can be an overwhelming experi...
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The Top Five Mistakes First Time Homeowners Make
by Carolyn Gibson. Buying your first home is stimulating, and full of hope. It is also the most expensive purchase you will make besides your first car. A considerable amount of thought should be put into your first home purchase before you hire a real estate broker. ...
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Top Five Mistakes First Time Homeowners Make
by Carolyn Gibson, CPM. Buying your first home is stimulating, and full of hope. It is also the most expensive purchase you will make besides your first car. A considerable amount of thought should be put into your first home purchase before you hire a real estate broker. ...
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Go Zone Investors: How To Avoid Common Mistakes
by Chris Anderson, PhD. In the real estate investing community, tremendous excitement has been generated from the benefits offered by the Go Zone's 50% first year, bonus depreciation. I don't know of many opportunities where you can literally save $10's of thousands of dol...
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Dont Make These Fsbo Mistakes
by Ken Hamric. Selling a home on your own is a something that can be very rewarding and also very confusing. If you aren't familiar with the process that are a number of downfalls that a first timer can make that serve to make the whole process more stressful then...
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Home Pricing - Avoid These Mistakes
by Steve Gillman. Home pricing is an art, but fortunately there is a little bit of science to it as well. As in many areas of life, learning what not to do when pricing a home is an important part of doing it right. Here are some of the common mistakes sellers make, ...
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5 Deadly Trade Up Mistakes
by Bruce Swedal. So you're thinking of trading up. This time when you buy there is a new wrinkle. It's not like the last time when you didn't already own a home, this time you already own a home. Not only are there additional considerations for financing your nex...
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The Common Mistakes a Seller Might Make When Selling a House
by Kevin Cox. When selling a house there are many common mistakes that the seller might make. One common mistake a seller might make when selling a house is pricing the house to high. If the house is too high in price it will take longer to sell or it might not s...
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The #1 Mistake Sellers Make When Selling Their Home
by Nef Cortez. Although it??s contrary to what many consumers believe, homes sales occur year round; however, springtime is usually the time in the year when most sellers seriously contemplate placing their home on the market for sale and housing inventory tends t...
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Making Money In Real Estate: Mistakes To Avoid
by Chris Thomas1. When it comes to making money in real estate the highest profits can be found in the art of flipping. Flipping real estate is the process of buying a fixer home under value, doing the necessary work, and reselling it for substantial profit. But whil...
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Common Mistakes Done by the Buyers During Purchase
by Ron Victor. Purchasing a house property needs more experience in the house property business as well as some knowledge in that. The buyer deals with different kinds of experience while he dealing a home purchase. That too, when a buyer wants the secure a home l...
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Avoid 6 Common Mistakes if you are Novice
by Maximus Mejo. It is just unbelievable that many novice investors are ready to invest their hard earned cash without taking time to study their investment and only rely on traditional market trends. Before you invest in real estate take time to learn all about mar...
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Common Mistakes in Selling Properties
by Sacha Tarkovsky. Buying cheap property for sale seems easy, but for the bulk of investors who do it they end up losing money. Why? Because, they make basic errors. If you want to make big gains by buying cheap property for sale then avoid these common errors and you...
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Five Common Mistakes Made Buying Hud Homes for Sale
by Al Hardymon. You may have gone by a house and saw the orange stickers on the front door or windows. You looked at the sign stating this was a HUD homes for sale. It also said to contact a local real estate agent.You looked around the property and thought this ...
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