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Harding Real Estate - Bernardsville Real Estate
by Adam Morien. If you're in the market for an upscale, relaxed and luxurious setting to call home, then you might want to look at a few prime locations just outside of New York City in north central New Jersey. Set in calming settings of Somerset and Morris counti...
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Flipping Real Estate in Phoenix, Arizona
by Paul Escobedo.Flipping Real Estate in Phoenix, Arizona by: Paul Escobedo What exactly is flipping real estate? Flipping real estate involves buying property a
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The Oddities of the New York City Property Tax Structure
by Nicholas Adams Judge. You would expect that, in a civilized society, those who have more income than they know what to do with would be asked to pay higher property taxes than those struggling to get by. If you've philosophical disagreements with that statement, you wo...
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Nashvilles Greening Looks Skyward
by Gary Ashton.Nashville's Greening Looks Skyward by: Gary Ashton A green roof. What is it? How can it help offset global warming while increasing human comfor
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Nashville to Host Green Building Conference
by Gary Ashton.Nashville to Host Green Building Conference by: Gary Ashton Nashville will soon be the hosting a conference aimed at encouraging builders, desig
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Another gold Rush to California?
by Jason Sisilli. California is the most populated state in America, and it contains eight out of ten of the most populated cities. But compared to the rest of the nation, hardly any Californian homes were bought or sold last month. Why was this, and what does it mea...
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Alaska MLS
by Donald Plunkett. Nothing helps Alaska property owners buy or sell a home quite like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). For buyers, it provides a list of properties for sale that their agent can access or that they can view at one of hundreds of different websites; ...
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Austin Remodeling
by Donald Plunkett. One of the many wonderful aspects of the Austin, Texas real estate market is the variance you will find amongst properties found within the city of Austin. While many large national tract home builders have entered Central Texas, the actual city of...
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Gated Communities in Houston On The Rise
by Tim Dillard. One of the best places to live in America is Texas. At least, that is the opinion that many individuals that live in that state have. If they did not feel that way, they would likely move to somewhere else, so that they could feel more comfortable i...
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Foreign Demand for New York City Real Estate
by Nicholas Adams Judge. The falling dollar has made Manhattan apartments an incredible value for those that earn their salaries in foreign currencies.? Even the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US dollar these days.?? The c...
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Houston Has Both Good Schools and Good Subdivisions
by Tim Dillard. Many states throughout the country have very beautiful communities for people to live in. The best Conroe neighborhoods are some of the nicer neighborhoods in the state. A lot of the tourist trade that comes through the area helps to keep it growing...
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Buy Mandeville Real Estate for Access to St. Tammy Schools
by Andrew Stratton. When it comes to education in and around the New Orleans metro area, most people will agree that the St. Tammany Parish school district is a force to be reckoned with.When it comes to deciding on a place to call home, the educational offerings of a ...
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Finding Commercial Real Estate in Houston
by Tim Dillard. Finding commercial property in Houston Texas used to be hard, but there is so much of it now that in Houston, commercial land for sale can be found almost anywhere. This is in no way an indication that there are problems selling these kinds of prope...
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Grab your Piece of Scottsdale While Its Affordable!
by Robert Nachman. There is a prediction out in the media that the median price of homes in these gorgeous desert golf communities will be on the increase. Of course, there are some golf communities that offer so much else, that you don't even have to be a golf player...
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Manhattan Real Estate Sets Record Year in 2007
by Gea Elika.Manhattan Real Estate Sets Record Year in 2007 by: Gea Elika There hasn't been a year like 2007 for Manhattan real estate in a long time. And t
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Arizona MLS Systems
by Donald Plunkett. When buying or selling properties in Arizona, one could get virtually nowhere without the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a database of homes for sale and an offer amongst brokers to compensate one another if they represent a buyer that p...
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Beachfront Living in Breckenridge, Colorado
by Kelli Bennett. The highly anticipated Crystal Peak Lodge has been well received in the mountain community of Breckenridge, Colorado. Imagine 46 luxury ski-in/ski-out luxury residences located at Peak 7 and Peak 8; perfectly situated to take advantage of the new In...
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San Diegos Thriving Relocation Market
by Doug Jones. As one of the nation's fastest-growing waterfront cities, San Diego provides an interesting study for coastal buyers and sellers across the nation. The metro area features a wide variety of beautiful new developments ranging from high end country cl...
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Rediscover Your Backyard In Tennessee
by Tim Stewart. Tucked away in a tranquil setting among the lakes of East Tennessee, Quail Creek at The Ridges is an idyllic destination for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers. The planned golf community is especially attractive to retirees, but the area is quickly...
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Americas Neoclassical Building Tradition
by Kevin And Gretchen Koitz. Neoclassical and Greek Revival architecture are two of America's most recognized building forms. Though not in wide use today, these styles, characterized by columns, tall facades, and simple white exteriors, can be easily found on many of the natio...
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Villas in Cancun
by Tom Budniak. Have you ever dreamt of staying in a private villa overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean ? Well, if you want to find a villa in Cancun you're in luck! In fact villas in Cancun are some of the finest properties on Earth, not to mentio...
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San Diego County Real Estate
by Mikhail Tuknov.San Diego County Real Estate by: Mikhail Tuknov The San Diego real estate market is currently undergoing a turbulent and highly instable period
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California Real Estate
by Mikhail Tuknov.California Real Estate by: Mikhail Tuknov The California Real Estate market is one of the fastest paced and vibrant in the world. Nowhere else i
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Commercial Real Estate Continues to Thrive in Dallas
by Richard Soto. As 2008 gets underway, there is good news in the Dallas commercial real estate market. Major corporations are either relocating their operation centers to the Dallas area from other parts of the nation, or are reconfirming their success in Texas by ...
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Oakland California Puts Bay Area Real Estate On The Map For Good
by Matthew Larsen. Oakland California is one of the best places to live and work in the Bay Area. It has fantastic weather that is ranked in the top five in the world for a moderate Mediterranean climate. Oakland is located just east of San Francisco and Emeryville an...
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