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The Charm of the Houston Heights Neighborhood
by Paige Martin. If you are looking for a new house, you may want to look at the Houston Heights neighborhood in the Houston Texas market. In the middle of the US housing slump, the Heights area continues to grow at a strong rate.The 2008 Houston Real Estate Invest...
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Finding Homes in Georgia Mountain Communities
by Tim Dillard. More people today are moving to the Georgia area. They are finding that they like the countryside, and they like the homes that are for sale. There are some specific places in Georgia, as well, that people seem to gravitate to. One of these is Atlan...
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Real Estate in Canada
by K Hashemi. With flat, sandy beaches and looming, gigantic mountains, vast open plains and bustling cities, Canadian real estate is as diverse as it is immense. Vibrant South Asian and Chinese communities add ethnic and cultural diversity to this exciting count...
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Where New York City Apartments Fall in the Global Economy
by Nicholas Adams Judge. At the beginning of 2007, when most mainstream economic analysts looked forward to what 2008 would be like, few of them got their predictions right. They all predicted slower rates of growth, both globally and in the US. But their predictions under...
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Luxury Homes in Houston
by Tim Dillard. There are a lot of lovely communities in states throughout the country. Some of the nicest of these are the top water park communities in Texas. Much of this comes from the fact that they enjoy so much tourist trade. Because of this, they must be ke...
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Austin Real Estate Market
by Seth callen. Despite the crisis in the mortgage market and the tightening of credit standards for home loans, the Austin Real Estate Market remains steady and strong. It is true that home prices in the Austin area overall are down from 2007, but the following ...
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Luxury Homes in Sugar Land
by Tim Dillard. One of the best places to live in America is Texas. At least, that is the opinion that a lot of people that lives in that state have. If they did not feel that way, they would likely move to another place, so that they could feel more comfortable in...
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Dallas Real Estate Market
by Seth callen. Market snapshot: As of Monday, January 28th, 2008 Homes for Sale(MLS) 7548New Homes Listed 262Real Estate Classifieds 3146Foreclosures 3250 The Dallas Real Estate Market has cooled off, there are less homes bei...
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The Importance of an Exclusive Buyers Agent in Mexico
by Jim Scherrer.The Importance of an Exclusive Buyer's Agent in Mexico by: Jim Scherrer As we all approach retirement, we often dream of someday owning a piece
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Use a Buyers Agent When Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico
by Jim Scherrer.Use a Buyer's Agent When Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico by: Jim Scherrer So, you've reached a point in your life where you think that you've l
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The Secret of Greenville
by Eddy Kicker. South Carolina is the new up and coming real estate secret. Prices have been steady here, in spite of a national dropping of realty sales and house prices. The Upstate is the fastest growing region in the state and positioned as it is, between Charl...
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Atlanta Homes are for Lovers of the Countryside
by Tim Dillard. Many individuals today are moving to the Georgia region. They are discovering that they like the countryside, and they like the houses that are for sale. There are some specific places in Georgia, as well, that individuals seem to gravitate to. One ...
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Finding Custom Homes in Clear Lake
by Tim Dillard. Among the best new places to live in the United States is in Texas. Generally, not everybody will think so, but many people are moving to that region of the country. In addition, some people narrow it down even further to some of the best new places...
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Locating New Home Builders in Atlanta
by Tim Dillard. Many people today are moving to the Georgia region. They are discovering that they like the countryside, and they like the houses that are for sale. There are some specific places in Georgia, as well, that people seem to gravitate to. One of these i...
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New Homes in the Clear Lake Area
by Tim Dillard. The builders that create luxury homes find that their services are needed very often and that individuals that want homes in the Clear Lake area are coming to them with ideas and designs that they have created or those they have seen elsewhere and w...
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Coming Soon - Zi Denver
by Carol Freyer. "The rebirth of grace and beauty in LoDo's historic district" was what the developers from Kentwood Homes had in mind when they designed Zi Lofts and Town homes. Located at 2229 Blake Street, right across from Coors Field, residents can take in an a...
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No Shirts Lost in Austin
by Brian Talley. Once again, the fair city of Austin, Texas, has hit one of the nation's top ten lists and this time it is good news for home owners. Yes, it has finally been declared on a nationwide chart that Austin has a less than one per cent chance of seeing a ...
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Foreign Buyers Cant Get Enough of New York City
by Nicholas Adams Judge. I would imagine that at some point soon, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve will start receiving thank-you notes from New York City realtors: The falling dollar has made New York apartments an incredible value for those that ...
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Free Seismic Upgrades for Oakland Real Estate
by Hamid Grinage. If you're from Oakland or anywhere in the the East Bay Area, then when the ground starts moving you don't get "too" surprised because it happens so often! We're pretty safe from floods, hurricanes and snow, but we are known for earthquakes and this ...
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Tualatin Real Estate Agents
by Adam Morien. Tualatin, Oregon provides the comfort and familiarity of a small town with the convenience of easy access to a major metropolitan area. Located less than 10 minutes from Portland, Tualatin combines the charm and nostalgia of a traditional community ...
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Helping your Search for a Washington D.c. Appraiser
by Locateappraisers. If you are looking to buy or sell a home or apartment in Washington D.C., you are going to need professional help. When dealing with real estate in Washington D.C., you need a Washington D.C. real estate appraiser who can give you an accurate assess...
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Austin Architect Ad Stenger
by Dane. Though AD Stenger wasn't as prolific as Joseph Eichler, or as well known as Frank Lloyd Wright, he built some of Austin's most unique homes that are now considered mid-century modern. Arthur Dallas Stenger first began building homes in the 19...
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Toronto Real Estate is the Most Appreciated Acquisitions
by Peter Scarlett.Toronto Real Estate: the Most Appreciated Real Estate Acquisitions Today by: Peter Scarlett Getting prepared to buy a home? Then you must be loo
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Sara Hearts Costa Rica
by Nick Viale.Sara Hearts Costa Rica by: Nick Viale When she came back from her two week vacation in Costa Rica to icy Minnesota, Sara was haunted by memories
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Major Corporations Intends to Occupy Downtown Dallas Space
by Richard Soto. In recent years, Dallas office space and warehouse space has become a hot commodity that is increasingly in demand. Each day there are new announcements of the development of new office and warehouse space in downtown Dallas. Just this week the Amer...
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