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Indian real estate embarks into its Golden Era
by Madhurimasil. The global real estate group Knight Frank has ranked India 5th in the list of 30 emerging retail markets and predicted an impressive 20% growth rate for the organized retail segment by 2010. The organized segment is expected to grow from mere 2% to ...
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Investing in property in India
by Larry Jone. To have a secure and well-performing asset we need to examine the returns offered by various types of investments in the last 5 years. For years, financial advisors have been telling us not to invest more money in property if we already owned your o...
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The markets in India
by Harry Johnson. May 8,2006- After the trmendous success of Jobs, Hotels and Metrimonial websites in India. How can Real Estate Market remain untouched. If you have a property to sell and are planning to upgrade or move to another location, now is the good time to d...
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