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Massachusetts Real Estate
by Tom Beaty. Massachusetts is one of the New England states and like most of the states in this region; it is trying to go green. This means that new builds and remodels on Massachusetts real estate is done with keeping the environment in mind. This may be what ...
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Kentucky Real Estate -- Lexington
by Tom Beaty. If you are looking to invest in the Kentucky real estate market than Lexington, may be a place to consider. According to fall market reports for the 2007 Kentucky real estate market, this area is experiencing some job growth as a result, there are ...
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Real Estate In West Virginia
by Tom Beaty. West Virginia is one of the prettiest states to visit during the winter with the snowfall. While you may not find some of the hottest places to ski, they do have several small ski resorts that offer a place to escape with the family and from the cro...
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Maine Real Estate
by Tom Beaty. If you are looking to invest in Maine real estate there is one area of southern mean, you should consider. This area is the area around Biddeford. Biddeford is one of the oldest established communities in southern Maine. Originally, it was founded a...
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How to Buy Mexican Real Estate Using Bank Trust
by Tom Budniak. Mexico Real Estate is always in high demand especially among American citizens. But there are some laws that any foreigner interested in buying Real Estate in Mexico should be familiar with. Though under Mexican law, foreigners may obtain direct own...
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Real Estate Investment in Playa Del Carmen
by Tom Budniak. Playa del Carmen (often referred to as just "Playa" locally) was a little, unknown fishing village that was discovered by the traveler's visiting Cancun and Cozumel . But now Playa del carmen is one of the fastest growing coastal towns in Mexico. Th...
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Marin County California Real Estate Profiles - Sausalito CA
by Renee Adelmann. Nestled up against the Marin County end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito is a whimsical waterfront town that defies description. Once home to artists, writers, actors and poets, Sausalito retains a pleasantly offbeat character with an upscale at...
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A Snapshot of the Las Vegas High-rise Condo Market
by Melanie Speed. Las Vegas is home to some of the nation's most extravagant high-rises and condo towers, and new ones are being added constantly. At any given time there may be more than 50 high rise developments underway here, offering every type of floor plan and ...
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Renting and Buying a Home in Chicago
by Nicholas Adams Judge. The third largest city in the United States and the largest in the Midwest, Chicago is one of the most archetypal American cities. Its three million residents live at the spot where the great lakes meet the mighty Mississippi River, a...
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Arranging for a California Short Sale
by Kari Shea. Does this scenario seem familiar? You've lost that high-paying job you thought you had tucked in your pocket; your finances are upside down, you miss a couple mortgage payments and now your home is in pre-foreclosure. You owe more money than the hom...
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of Arizona
by Shane Smith. The most important step in purchasing a home in the State of Arizona is by choosing a lending agency that will loan money on terms that will cut costs without cutting corners. The purchaser should get a pre approved and pre qualified credit rating. ...
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of New Jersey
by Andrew Dubinsky. The firs step in purchasing a home in New Jersey is to zero in on an agent or Realtor. The agent under the laws of New Jersey owes fiduciary duties to the seller. However, the Realtor can represent sellers, buyers or both. A Realtor with a substanti...
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of Massachusetts
by Shane Smith. The firs step in purchasing a home in the State of Massachusetts is to budget the purchase amount. The purchaser can obtain a credit rating from a credit rating company. This will enable the purchaser to have the necessary documentation to shop for ...
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of Missouri
by Shane Smith. The process of the purchase of a home in the State of Missouri begins with the purchaser approaching a Realtor. The Realtor is the agent of sellers and under the laws of the State of Missouri have specific and fiduciary duties towards the seller. Th...
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Renting and Buying in Atlanta
by Nicholas Adams Judge. Right now, Atlanta is one of the most exciting cities in the country. Having been relatively poor during the seventies and eighties, its quality of life has been steadily improving for about two decades now. Since 2000, its median inc...
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Kendall Real Estate - Most Popular In Miami
by Hector Lesende.Kendall Real Estate - Most Popular In Miami by: Hector Lesende Kendall is a suburban area situated in the Miami Dade County of Florida and is po
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Tips for Choosing a Good Realtor in Dillon Beach
by Deborah.Tips for Choosing a Good Realtor in Dillon Beach by: Deborah Dillon Beach of Marin County is in the San Francisco-Oakland metro area. It is a sp
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Return To A Simpler Time In Asheville, NC
by Tim Stewart. Cascading mountains with views over the treetops. A history steeped in the inspiration of great literature and an ongoing vibrant arts community as well as the theater. Botanical gardens and an Arboretum. A calm, relaxed mountain forest and the chan...
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Camelback Mountain, Arizona Real Estate
by Nick McConnell.Camelback Mountain, Arizona Real Estate by: Nick McConnell Camelback Mountain is home to premier Real Estate, resorts, and hiking. The views are
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Residential Brokerage Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona
by Nick McConnell.Phoenix, Arizona Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Real Estate Topics by: Nick McConnell If you have been thinking about buying, selling, le
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Atlanta Real Estate Agents - The New Real Estate Ways
by Eric Mabo. The real estate stuff is an easy industry to get into but, a difficult industry to succeed in, if you wish. It has been estimated that three-quarters of real estate agents fail out the real estate industry with 16months. Statistics also shows that, ...
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Renting and Buying in Boston
by Gea Elika.Renting and Buying in Boston by: Gea Elika One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston currently houses more universities and col
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Fayetteville Online
by Sam Huntington. There is no better place to learn about the wonders of Fayetteville, North Carolina than online. Fayetteville online gives you an insight to virtually everything you want to know about this charming, North Carolina city.By visiting Fayetteville onli...
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Short Sales: A Guide to the Las Vegas Real Estate Market
by Thomas Bladecki. Many new investors thrilled by the novel idea of making money by buying and selling real estate, are persuaded by short sales or sometimes called "foreclosures". Short sales are the real estate equivalent of repossession auctions.Occasionally, homeo...
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Everything You Need in Edgefield South Carolina
by Tim Stewart. When it comes to finding the ideal home - whether it will be a full time residence or a vacation home where you go when you want or need to get away from it all - what do you look for? For some, it's all about the location - they want to live in the...
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