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Determining Whether a Fixer Upper Home is a Sound Investment
by Clay Davis. There are many factors you need to consider when deciding whether you have found a fixer upper home worthy of buying. From location to the purchase price, the list of considerations may seem overwhelming before concluding you have a profitable home ...
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Using The Internet For Land Investment
by Stephen Campbell. Some homeowners use pamphlets, DVDS or newspapers to pass across information about their homes to prospective homebuyers. You can put up information about your intention to sell your home on the internet. With the internet, you can reach homebuyers ...
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When Disaster Strikes: Keeping Your Investment Safe
by Robert Evans.When Disaster Strikes: Keeping Your Investment Safe by: Robert Evans ?Once you've finished searching for that real estate investment of a lifeti
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The Ultimate Return on Investment (roi)
by Andrew Van Valer.The Ultimate Return on Investment (roi) by: Andrew Van Valer With the current state of the economy, where can someone get their best Rate of Ret
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Real Estate And Land Investment Business
by Stephen Campbell. Real estate and home selling are some of the most competitive form of investments today that you may join. However, before joining, you must be knowledgeable on this business fundamentals. You have to know that pros and cons.Price is an imperative ...
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Investment In Land; Not Out Of The Reach Of Everyone
by Thomas Pretty. As many investment markets worldwide seem to be suffering, such as gold, pensions and the stock market it is surprising that investment in land is still a popular way to achieve profit from returns. There are however certain myths surrounding land t...
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Alternative Dollar Investments
by Aslam. With the USD still at over $2 to ?1 and with uncertainty surrounding the US property market there had to be some alternative dollar investments out there.It's no secret that many are turning to market-based options to maximize returns over the long ...
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Smart Way to Earn Profit: Investment in Condo Hotels
by Kuldeep Goel. Property Purchase and Realestate investment market has currently one of the best growth rates which are the reason it is considered to offers low risk and lofty rewards. Many experts are of the view that this is among one of the best investment plan...
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You Can Count On Dracula Country For Wise Investment
by Catherine Harvey. Forget Count Dracula and all the horror stories that accompany him. If you're looking for a foreign property you could do much worse than look to Transylvania. A highly under-rated country, this beautiful place has much to offer.A corner of Western ...
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Why is Real Estate Still Such a Great Investment?
by Brian Higdon. You read about it every day. The real estate market is going down the drain and the world is coming apart, right? That's certainly what it seems like if you read the newspaper or watch the nightly news. But is the real estate market really that bad...
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Is House Flipping a Profitable Investment Strategy
by Simon Volkov. Real estate investing in house flipping is considerably different in today's market. Not so long ago, house flipping was one of the more profitable real estate endeavors. Today, it takes a savvy investor to flip a house and make a quick profit.In th...
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Condominium Investments Are Still Safe And Sound
by Jon Caldwell. If people think owning a condo is expensive, think again. According to a condominium-specialist realtor, a good benchmark for operating costs or "housing fees" should be 30 cents a month per square foot of private property.So where does those fees g...
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Making an Investment Decision With Commercial Property Analysis
by Andrew Stratton. Investing in commercial real estate can be a very profitable venture. Most commercial spaces have the potential to bring in much more money than what goes out for the mortgage loan. In order to make any purchase worthwhile however, it is extremely i...
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Maximise Your Wealth By Learning To Price Investment Real Estate
by Emlyn Scott. Love the deal not the property!The old saying is "Location. Location. Location." While picking the correct location for the purpose you intend to use your property is absolutely essential there is one more piece of analysis that is even more importa...
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Homes For Sale: Which Type Is The Best Investment?
by Simon Volkov. A variety of homes for sale are available in today's real estate market. The more common types include single family dwellings and multi-family real estate such as duplexes and apartment buildings. There are brand new homes, foreclosure homes, fixer...
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A Holiday Home Can Be an Investment Too
by Thomas Pretty. It is currently estimated that around two million people in the UK now own a holiday home either in Britain or abroad. It is also predicted that this number will steadily grow in the coming years as increasing numbers of people decide to invest in p...
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Why Condominiums Are A Sound Investment
by Peter Geisheker. Many people are making the decision to purchase homes instead of renting. Purchasing a home is the single biggest purchase you will make in your life. It is important to know what you want before you start house hunting. In the past, there were very...
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Consider Self Storage Investments
by Johnny Cashflow.Plumbing and Tenants are Driving You Crazy? Consider Self Storage Investments! by: Johnny Cashflow In order to get to my financial freedom, I to
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Top 6 Land Investment Myths Debunked
by mathew g. 1. Myth: Land is land. Why should I pay a higher price for some land?All land is not necessarily the same. In addition to residential land there are also five different grades of agricultural land. The location and quality of the land are extremely ...
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Real Estate - an Ever Appreciating Investment Option
by addi vardhaman. Real estate in India is now a safe destination for potential investors. Service apartments or Fully-furnished houses are preferred choices of long-stay executives, foreigners, Non Resident Indians and other frequent travelers to India. These propert...
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Get a Tenant Report to Secure Your Investment
by Neil Ebsworth. On Thursday, (10th April 2008), Treasury Secretary Paulson finally admitted what most people have known for some time. Speaking to the Council of Institutional Investors in Washington, D.C. he remarked that the US economy 'has turned down sharply'. ...
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Limiting Losses in Online Investments
by Rozita Daud.Limiting Losses in Online Investments by: Rozita Daud No matter what type of online investments you are working with you should consider all sor
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Franklin TN Real Estate: Your Info On TN Investments
by Shellaine Enfesta. Looking for a home or real estate investment in Tennessee, Franklin TN real estate may be what you are looking for. Whether it is in the heartland of country music or Franklin Tennessee neighbourhood, you can find some good if not great deals of rea...
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Luxury or Bargain Investment Homes - the Fractional Solution
by Neil Robertson.Luxury or Bargain Investment Homes - the Fractional Solution by: Neil Robertson Are you a wealthy individual looking to make your budget for ove
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Offshore Investment Opportunities for High Net worth Individuals
by Kris Koonar. The general notion is that the rich are getting richer, while there are others aspiring to make it rich. The fact is that there is more money flowing today as compared to any time before. The high net worth individual has put in effort with wisdom i...
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