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The Cost of Living, the Cost of New York
by Gea Elika.The Cost of Living, the Cost of New York by: Gea Elika Economists in the government are some of the most callous people in the world. When calcu
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When Is A Down Bay Area Real Estate Market Going To Hit Bottom?
by Matthew Larsen. This has been a very hot topic amongst the nation's top economists, professors and citizens. With many billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines watching the game, the magic question seems to be when is the market going to bottom out? It seems th...
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Las Vegas Bucks the Real Estate Trend
by Ariel. While the rest country is experience a construction slowdown due to a burst in the mortgage bubble, Las Vegas continues to grow in both the size and value of the real estate market. Las Vegas' population blast, hearty economy and job growth are fue...
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Retire in Style: Retire in Tampa
by Gary Ashton.Retire in Style: Retire in Tampa by: Gary Ashton Florida, the Sunshine State, is one of the fastest growing states in the country for good reaso
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Downtown Tampa: Condos and Convenience
by Gary Ashton.Downtown Tampa: Condos and Convenience by: Gary Ashton Tampa, Florida is an amazing place to live. Not only does the area enjoy some of the fine
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Advantages of Buying Riverfront Property in Asheville, Nc
by Temp. One of the big advantages of the geographical location of Asheville, NC, is that it happens to be located on a piece of water known as the French Broad River. This is a river that starts in North Carolina and flows into Tennessee, passing a number o...
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Current Market in New York City Ideal for Foreign Buyers
by Nicholas Adams Judge. With the U.S. Treasury Secretary warning recently that; we have yet to see the bottom; of the housing market, one might think that now is not a good time to purchase a home in New York City. Strange as it might seem, though, the consensus among econ...
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Trials and Tribulations in the New York City Rental Market
by Nicholas Adams Judge. Most people under thirty planning on moving to New York City approach finding an apartment to rent the same way they usually find a job, car, bike, or even a date: they go on Craigslist. More often than not, though, the notoriously difficult New Yor...
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10 Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica
by Nick Viale.10 Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica by: Nick Viale 1) Cost of living: Those pension dollars will go a long way here, compared to most places. San
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American Realtors Target Canadian Home Buyers
by Kyle Ware. Canadian home buyers are now picking up American real estate as the loonie continues to appreciate. American real estate was once viewed as expensive by Canadians when the Canadian dollar was about 10 percent lower than its American counterpart. Now...
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The Strong Canadian Dollar Goes a Mile in Mexico Today
by Jim Scherrer.The Strong Canadian Dollar Goes a Mile in Mexico Today by: Jim Scherrer Upon retiring from Houston, Texas more than ten years ago, we were very
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Getting the Most Return From your Renovating Dollar
by Jim Hirschman. You're putting your house up for sale and it can definitely use some updating and improvements, but how far do you go? Do you initiate a full scale renovation from top to bottom or limit your changes to some painting and de-cluttering?An updated, ne...
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How Does the American Property Market Influence South Africa
by Sean Wheller.How Does the American Property Market Influence South Africa by: Sean Wheller Recent property media has been abuzz with news of the real estate
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Columbus Ohio Real Estate
by Thomas Meeks. Searching for homes for sale in various real estate markets is easy utilizing online home searches. Here is an example of a website where you can use a free Columbus Ohio real estate home search. Real Estate in Columbus, OH is hot with great new bui...
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Things to Consider When Buying Houston Home
by Russel. Buying a home in Houston could be a confusing process especially if it is your first Houston home. Dealing with real estate agent, and the bank for mortgage, and making over your finance. It is sounds a real daunting task, but Houston foreclosure ho...
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Buy or Renovate
by Amos Grham. So, you have lived in the same house for twenty-five years. It has always been a cozy home with a warm ambiance. The children have gone their own ways and now it's only you and your wife. You have been talking about buying a new house or unit; downs...
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Title: Miami Beach Real Estate: Still In High Demand
by Hector Lesende.Title: Miami Beach Real Estate: Still In High Demand by: Hector Lesende One of the most desired beach resorts in the United States, Miami Beach
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Montgomery County Takes you Back in Time
by Justin Lee. Some people never live in new homes. They prefer an older home brimming with history, and maybe even a ghost or two. Montgomery County emerged as a farming town in 1776, and contains many well preserved historical homes; some dating as far back as t...
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Lakefront Property - Maintaining Its Scenic Value
by Alan Olson. There is nothing that can replace the scenic wonder of nature's landscape. When you purchased this property you were probably attracted by the visual qualities and natural beauty in the area, and now you have a responsibility to maintain this beauty...
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Lakefront Property - Look Before you Leap!
by Alan Olson. Minnesota, aptly named, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", is well known for its abundance of lakes and rivers. In fact there are over 11,000 lakes over 10 acres in size, and more than 63,000 miles of natural streams and rivers. Chances are, after spending...
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Lakefront Properties - Improving Water Quality
by Alan Olson. Now that you have your ideal lakefront property, complete with a sandy beach and fresh, clean water. You may not realize it, but there are measures you can take to help preserve this unique environment. Add Filter Strips: This is a natural strip of ...
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Things to Look for in an Orlando Realtor
by Doug Lasley. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, getting a competent and cost-effective broker can make all the difference between a successful transaction and one that doesn't go to plan. This article outlines exactly what you should look for in a re...
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Investing in Orlando Real Estate
by Doug Lasley. The property market is awash with opportunity, creating more millionaires than anything else. There are many reasons why this is the case, and indeed many strategies that have been used. There is property development, buy-to-let, construction and ma...
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Finding an Orlando Property for Sale
by Doug Lasley. Buying a property in the Orlando real estate market is simple if you know what you are doing. However, like almost anything, there is more than one way to reach the same goal - and there is also some ways that are easier, and cheaper, than others. W...
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Boston Schools Train Their Own Teachers
by Patricia Hawke. All schools need talented, motivated and inspiring teachers. Without them, students would be hard-pressed to meet the ever-changing standards set forth by local, state, and federal education officials. For those who wish to work in the classrooms of...
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