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Foreign Investors May Shun Real Estate
by John Parker. ?Foreign investors may shun the Indian real estate market as lower asset prices in the US and the potential to earn better returns skew the risk-reward equation against emerging markets such as India, say private equity experts.'...
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Flipping in the Real Estate Business as an Investor
by Brad Wozny. Flipping in terms of real state refers to a custom of purchasing a plot of land having potential and selling it instantly by remodeling it. Flipping will give an investor a decent profit amount. The flipping process can be applied to any asset. Mult...
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How to Be a Successful Property Investor
by Javaid Kiyani. One of the most important jobs of a successful property investor is to find a good property investment deal and structure it to make the most money from that deal. It is important to note that a property investor is not a solicitor, or necessarily ...
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1031 Exchange Properties - Options for Investors
by Andrew Gitt. ?If you are an investor who has decided to sell an investment property, you should certainly consider a powerful tax deferral tool provided by the United States government.Section 1031 of the IRC allows owner to sell an investment property, defer 10...
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Real Estates Finest Gems for Investors
by DCFawcett. Where do most investors turn to when they seek preforeclosure opportunities? Sure, they take a look at free foreclosure listings or even sources of foreclosure listings that they pay for. While these sources may lead to productive and profitable dea...
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Whats the Value of a Real Estate Blog for Investors?
by Brad Wozny - INSTANTRealEstateSolutions.com. Developing a real estate blog allows you to build your business by building up a regular readership of investors and potential buyers. Unlike a website, a blog can bring you more business because people are more interested in the casual tone of blog...
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Why Property Investors Love University Towns
by James Woolley. University towns and cities and areas with top performing schools are favourite areas to invest in for a lot of property investors. This is because properties in these areas can yield excellent profits.Let's start by discussing areas with good quali...
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Real Investors Guide to Finding Motivated Sellers
by Judson Voss. Whether you are a real estate investment professional, or simply an individual looking for a great deal on property, a motivated seller is someone who you want to work with. People are motivated to sell homes for a variety of reasons, and if you ca...
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Property Appraisal for Investors
by Uwe Falkenberg.Property Appraisal for Investors by: Uwe Falkenberg Property appraisal or property valuation is the process of determining the value of the prop
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Condo Conscious: Smart Tips for the Condo Investor
by Quinn Kiet. The U.S. condo market has been good to real estate investors. In the past few years the median sales price of the average condo has stayed on par and even surpassed that of the single-family home. But with the condo's rapid increase in popularity, a...
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Property Investor Show
by Parmdeep Vadesha. Nowadays a popular method of buying a property is through auctions, with plenty of info found about them at property investor shows. You see, nearly 21,000 homes are being auctioned every year.And since 1998, the buying and selling of homes in aucti...
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Hard Money Lenders for Investors Who Need Money Fast
by Chris Parks. One fear that many new Real Estate Investors have is where to find money for real estate investing. And once new Real Estate Investors begin to read about some of the options they may have, they are bound to come across the term "Hard Money Lender"....
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Risk Reduction Tips For The New Investor
by Kris Koonar. Risk is an inseparable part of any business or industry. It all depends on how effectively you apply the experience of years to the current trends and surmount obstacles. The natural fear of losing money accompanies every investment. This very fear ...
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Real Estate Asset Management - Home Base for Foreign Investors
by Uwe Falkenberg.Real Estate Asset Management - Home Base for Foreign Investors by: Uwe Falkenberg Real Estate Investors are currently looking for a "Home Base"
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How Can Some Property Investors Profit
by Sean Wheller.How Can Some Property Investors Profit From the Nca and is it Morally Right to Do So?? by: Sean Wheller The country is starting to face the repe
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Property Investors Need to Keep Up With Their Tenants!!
by Sean Wheller.Property Investors Need to Keep Up With Their Tenants!! by: Sean Wheller In today's information age anyone can find anything they ever want on t
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Computer Program Enables Investors to Analyze Property
by Samuel Martin. Each candidate property can be entered in less than five minutes by inputting the purchase, loan and rental specifics. The inclusion of depreciation and taxes will show the huge effect on cash flow - particularly post-tax profits where investor insi...
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Foreign Investors Line Up With Big Money
by Propertiesmls. Foreign investors are once again queuing up to pour money into India's red hot property market, with the government relaxing some of the norms. At least half-a-dozen deals worth $1billion are being finalised by Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, The Carlyle ...
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Polands Construction Problems Good News for Investors
by Tim Hill. In the second quarter of 2007 Polish property prices rose just over 8% but there are higher increases hidden behind the headline figure. Tim Hill from the Anglo-Polish property portal Mamdom.com digs ...
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Due Diligence - an Investor Necessity
by Steve Gillman. You need to do your due diligence when investing in real estate. What is due diligence? Here is a simple definition: "The investigation and verification of the details of a particular investment." You can start this process before making an offer,...
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Negative Gearing for Property Investors
by Karen Wheller.Negative Gearing for Property Investors by: Karen Wheller What is Negative Gearing? Negative gearing is the cash flow outcome of buying a proper
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Online Property Websites Making Life Easier for Investors
by Jacqui Smith. Wanting to buy Australian Real Estate? Here are some interesting facts you should know. In the financial year 2005 / 2006 property sales totaled $186.1 billion in Australia, out of which 67% of Australians owned their own houses and 28% rented on th...
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Realty Beckons Investors With Lure of Lucre
by Geetika. Real estate in Asia offers great investment opportunities and has robust potential in the long term but lack of infrastructure and transparency, especially in India, pose big challenges to global investors, a study says. 'With an asset base directly...
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Creative Real Estate Financing Ideas for Investors
by Paulie Sabol. Creative Financing For InvestorsFor decades, the golden rule of property investment was 80-20, with 20 percent going toward a down payment, and the remaining 80 toward the loan. Now, there are dozens of ways to finance the purchase of a new propert...
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