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Alaska Real Estate Auction
by zhafran. Auctions have been around for a long period of time and they are steadily gaining in popularity as the way to buy and sell property effectively over the Internet. The majority of people attending a Alaska Real Estate Auction are the ones building up...
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Oakland Real Estate Agents: Short Sale or No Short Sale?
by Hamid Grinage. By now every Oakland real estate agent knows what a short sale is, because we are seeing record numbers of them. If you are a real estate agent and you started your career less than four or five years ago, then it is very poss...
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Annapolis Maryland, a Beautiful Place to Live
by Branden Schroeder. Annapolis, a city of about 36,408 citizens at last count, is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It's humid, subtropical climate makes it attractive to summer visitors, and relatively mild in the winter. This is a relaxed city, with a glorious natural...
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Property Management in Costa Rica
by Nick Viale.Property Management in Costa Rica by: Nick Viale The popularity of condos in the booming Guanacaste region in Costa Rica has spawned a new indus
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Build your Team and Go for the Win in Costa Rica
by Nick Viale.Build your Team and Go for the Win in Costa Rica by: Nick Viale Falling in love with Costa Rica is easy. Still relatively undiscovered with a wa
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Polaris World - a Desirous Destination - Always
by Brittney Jackeline. A great new lifestyle in Polaris World is awaiting you- a world that beckons all the connoisseurs of golf and good living. Polaris World is one of the best and most popular regions of Spain. This part of the country experiences a lot of attention as...
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New Construction Suggests Phoenix on the Brink of Major Growth
by Anne Eliason. The Phoenix real estate market, ever strong and stable, has dipped slightly in recent months, giving astute home buyers a chance at deals they wouldn't have seen last year, and may not see again for quite some time. Sometimes a dip in the market is ...
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Cucumber Cool in the Hot Phoenix Sun
by Anne Eliason. According to Money Magazine's recent Best Places to Live poll, the Phoenix area is home to one of America's best small cities (Scottsdale) AND one of America's best big cities (Mesa). Phoenix' reputation as a prime real estate location began with re...
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Dallas Builders Stepping Up in the Downturn
by Richard Soto. Though the surplus in housing inventory has been bad news for builders this year, the smart ones in Dallas are turning it into good news for new home buyers. The 2007 Fitch report, released August 29, confirmed what the National Association of Home ...
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Good News for Those Looking to Retire in South Carolina!
by Lee Keadle. Many people like to retire somewhere warm, and with plenty of fun things to do. The sub-tropic climate of South Carolina, and the historic charm of Charleston in particular, make this area an appealing choice. An exciting new Del Webb retirement com...
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Viva Las Vegas - Seniors Soak Up the Desert Sun
by John West. Las Vegas has long been famous for its graft and sin, but now with the fastest growing seniors population in the country, it's getting attention for being a retirement mecca. Though Florida still holds the crown, Nevada is tempting retirees with its...
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New Developments in Arizona: Which Ones Right for You?
by Steve Proski. There are quite a few new developments in Arizona, and it can be confusing to those wanting to buy a home. Let's take a look at what's available, and what sets in apart from the other communities.If you like downtown Phoenix, the Copper Square area ...
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Miami Lakes Real Estate: an Excellent Investment
by Hector Lesende.Miami Lakes Real Estate: an Excellent Investment by: Hector Lesende Miami Lakes is a fairly large town of around 23,000 people in Miami-Dade Cou
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As Boston Goes, so Goes the Nation?
by Michael Sanborn. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller® U.S. National Home Price Index, there isn't a lot of good news in the housing market. But they make an interesting observation: 'During this cycle, Boston was the first metro area to report negative year-over-y...
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Colorado Has the Right Communities
by Lane Hornung. Looking for the right community to purchase a home in? A place where you can raise a family and work. Perhaps a place that you can really call home? Colorado has consistently been associated with a high quality of living and that is largely due to t...
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Oakland Real Estate Agents and the Lending Crunch
by Hamid Grinage. Considering what is happening in the mortgage industry, it's important for us real estate agents to make sure our buyers are going to be able to get financing once they get into escrow. Today, because of the fallout of the sub-prime mortgage industr...
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Prominent Architects in Phoenix
by Wayne Hemrick. Working with outstanding Phoenix real estate agents is one of the best ways to find the perfect Phoenix homes that will best meet you and your family's needs. Once a Phoenix realtor understands the type of property you wish to purchase, he or she w...
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The Green Homes of Austin
by Jim Olenbush. Though concern for the environment might be why more people are buying green homes today, Austin buyers are definitely falling for the way they save them money on overall operating costs and maintenance. In 2007 there were more green homes built, bo...
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Home Styling Helps Sell Phoenix Homes-offsite
by Wayne Hemrick. If you are ready to sell your Phoenix homes or Phoenix condos, your Phoenix realtor will ask you to consider staging your home to create a favorable impression on buyers. Not only can the staging of your ...
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Exciting Things in Store for Myrtle Beach
by Preston Guyton.Exciting Things in Store for Myrtle Beach by: Preston Guyton Myrtle Beach is already a pretty exciting place. With fantastic beaches and some of
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Getting the Best Transaction in Miami Real Estate
by Eliza Maledevic Ayson.Getting the Best Transaction in Miami Real Estate by: Eliza Maledevic Ayson When it comes to buying a home in Miami real estate, there are lots
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Miami Beach Real Estate: What Makes it Click?
by Vanessa Arellano Doctor. The City of Miami has always been revered for its glitz and glamour, in part or full created by Hollywood and the movies or shows it shot on location in this sunny and scenic vacation spot. Miami Beach's dazzling history as an entertainment and cult...
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Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--ready to Live in Luxury?
by Jim Scherrer.Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--ready to Live in Luxury? by: Jim Scherrer After a lifetime of hard work, isn't it about time that you enjoy the f
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Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--condominium or Villa?
by Jim Scherrer.Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--condominium or Villa? by: Jim Scherrer Invariably, when North Americans visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, they have
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Retiring in Puerto Vallarta
by Jim Scherrer.Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--can't Afford to Live in Malibu? by: Jim Scherrer Perhaps you can't afford to live in Malibu, but if you can affor
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