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What is a Remortgage?
Topic : What is Remortgage : What is a Remortgage & Re Mortgage
by John Mussi.A remortgage is changing your mortgage without moving your home. Remortgaging is the process of switching your mortgage to another lender that is offering a better deal than your current lender there...
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Mortgage Prepayment Penalties - Just Say No
Topic : Mortgage Prepayment Penalty : Mortgage Pre Payment Penalty
by Jakob Jelling.One of the most common terms found in a new home loan is a prepayment penalty. This type of penalty says that if the borrower pays off the loan early, commonly during the first five years of the loan...
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Importance of Mortgage Protection Insurance
Topic : Mortgage Life Insurance : Mortgage Life Insurance Cover
by Claire Bowes.Your house is a big investment – probably one of the biggest you’re every likely to make. It is also the place that you and your loved ones call home; a shelter and haven from the outside world. That...
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Standards for Mortgage Lending
Topic : Secondary Mortgage Market : Secondary Mortgage Markets
by Syd Johnson.The Secondary Mortgage Market is responsible for the setting many of the rules and common practices that determines who gets a home loan. The secondary market includes Fannie Mae (Federal National Mo...
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Internet & Mortgage Calculations
Topic : Mortgage Repayment Calculation : Mortgage Calculations
by Jakob Jelling.“You’ve been approved!” The words you have always wanted to hear when you filled out the home loan application. It swirls through your mind the opportunities and memories you will cherish in your new...
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Bad Credit? Qualify Yourself For A Zero Down Mortgage Loan
Topic : Zero Down Mortgage : 0 Down Mortgage & Mortgage Loan
by Nick Graziano.I decided to write this article today after closing a home purchase loan for a couple that had some major credit issues. They got into the house with ZERO down payment, and only had to bring $600 fo...
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Mortgage Preparation Made Simple
Topic : Mortgage Preparation : Mortgage Advice & Mortgage Advise
by Jeffrey Broobin.Buying a home is probably the single largest investment most people make in a lifetime. By preparing yourself and your credit before a home purchase or refinance, you can ensure a smooth finance proc...
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Choosing The Right Mortgage For You
Topic : Choosing a Mortgage : Choose a Mortgage and Choosing Mortgages
by John Carle & Sharon Gregresh.This article will help you understand the differences between a variety of mortgage options. There are many different mortgage products offered by the various lending institutions in Canada, so you m...
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