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Why Dubai is Having Property Explosion? Dubai After Oil Boom!
by Richard Achille. Dubai's gross domestic product as of 2006 was US$46 billion. Although Dubai's economy was built on the back of the oil industry, revenues from oil and natural gas currently account for less than 3% of the emirate's revenues. It is estimated that D...
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Palm Dubai -dubai Property
by aqib26. With the Dubai freehold property market in overdrive, and real estate costs reaching new highs, it can some times be hard to see how to achieve a good level of investment at the present time. With most properties on the market already having achieve...
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Ownership Rules and the Mortgage Market in Dubai
by William King. In 2002 the government of Dubai created freehold property zones in the city. For the first time foreign individuals could own property in the freehold areas of Dubai. This has resulted in an unprecedented boost in the real estate market leading to m...
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Dubai Economy Growing Through Real Estate
by William King. Dubai is the first country in the United Arab Emirates that ventured away from oil as its main source of income. Today oil contributes only 6% of the nation's GDP. Dubai has steadily and determinedly worked on transforming itself from an oil rich co...
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Dubai Property Attracts Investors All Over the World
by layla. Dubai today is flashy, fun and slightly surreal. Renowned for its sand, sun and shopping, it was once a tranquil town of coral-and-gypsum courtyard houses built by Persian traders and palm-frond huts housing Bedouin fisherman and pearl divers. Today...
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Rental Property Dubai, Abu Dhabi
by Editor-123. Known as the richest city of the world, Abu Dhabi is the most populated of the seven emirates. This oil enriched city offers a modern infrastructure and way of living to people inhabitant here. One can easily notice the impressive sky line of luxury...
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Real Estate Abu Dhabi
by Editor-123. Being the richest city in the world, Abu Dhabi is the cultural hub of the Middle East. This planned city is equipped with all the facilities of the modern living. As a capital city of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the comple...
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Dubai: Areas of Historical Interest
by Editor-123. Dubai possesses a potential to become a world city. This land of sand is enriched with traditional culture and modern development to compete the faster pace of progressing world. People with historical outlook can find Dubai really interesting. A br...
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Hotels in Dubai
by Editor-123. The beauty and exoticism of Dubai is attracting people to visit the city at least once so that they can come again and again. This emirate has become one of the popular traveling destinations in the world. People who are conscious of brands can get...
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Dubai Real Estate & Its Economy
by Editor-123. Dubai is emerging as the one of the most important cities of the world. The city's gross domestic product was calculated at $46 billion in 2006. Dubai's economy is backed by rich oil deposits, which was discovered in 1960's. Since then the city is m...
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Dubai Real Estate
by aqib26. Dubai Largest property selection , a portal with no compare with others around the world. A webase solution with all necessary tools and data to make decision of real estate acquisition in the Unites Arabs emirates. At Alineah, our mission is to hel...
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Dubais High Rising Architecture and Development
by JumpHigher.Dubai's High Rising and Architecturally Brilliant Developments by: JumpHigher Dubai has become an international hotspot for property and the rea
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Dubai - the Dream Destination for Real Estate
by JumpHigher.Dubai - the Dream Destination for Real Estate by: JumpHigher Dubai has always been known for extraordinary architectural developments and breath
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Dubais Luxurious and Exclusive Property
by JumpHigher.Dubai's Most Luxurious and Exclusive Penthouses and Apartments by: JumpHigher Dubai has become an international hotspot for property and the dem
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Freehold Property Investment in Dubai
by JumpHigher.Freehold Property Investment in Dubai by: JumpHigher In 2002 Dubai made modifications to its constitution and passed the freehold law that allow
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Dubai Real Estate Boom
by Editor-123. Dubai has always been the most attractive places in the entire UAE property scene. Dubai allows investors to capitalize on a new source of foreign investment. Within the last 2 years neighboring Emirates has taken due notice of the potentiality of r...
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Real Estate Investment Dubai and in Abu Dhabi
by Editor-123. Dubai is a like a dream place where people from all over the world come, stay here and work to earn money. The World in Dubai can be found offshore. Infrastructure is Dubai is conducive for commercial activities. Dubai also offers good return on in...
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Property in Abu Dhabi
by Editor-123. Abu Dhabi is one of the most attractive places in Dubai, drawing a huge number of foreign visitors every year. There are almost 200 different cultural communities residing in Abu Dhabi, and you have to consider that the recent population of Abu Dhab...
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Real Estate Dubai
by Editor-123. Dubai is a luxurious city indeed. It is considered as one best holiday destinations in the world and is accepted as an up coming commercial hub and one of the most pleasing places to live. Dubai is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates...
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Property in Dubai
by Editor-123. Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities in the world and is widely acknowledged as the gateway to the Gulf. It's prideful possession includes some of the most impressive buildings, biggest theme parks, and outstanding shopping malls in the wor...
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Dubai Real Estate - Dubai Property
by Nabi Baig. We are known in Dubai as the Palm Island specialists, having dealt with these fantastic manmade islands since they were launched by Nakheel a few years ago. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a nice little mansion by the sea with the height of luxu...
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Three and Four Star Hotels in Dubai
by Pankaj Mohan. Property firms are increasingly looking at constructing more three and four star hotels in Dubai these days. Dubai has made a surge in the recent years in trying to become the recreational center of the Middle East. A large number of tourists, apart...
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Lack of Low-cost Housing in Dubai
by Pankaj Mohan. Dubai's private developers have recently announced that erecting low-cost housing was not their first priority. High land rates in the emirate have prevented them from taking up low-range housing assignments. According to Ahmad Al Abdullah, chairman...

Dubais International Property Show
by Pankaj Mohan. One should look at Dubai's fast growing skyline, to have a measure of its economic growth. The number of new construction plans being announced on a regular basis, by the city's developers, is amazing. Several Dubai hotels and retail chains could be...
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Is Dubai Getting Over-stretched?
by Pankaj Mohan. Dubai's bullish economy might be creating ripples across the world, but there is a suspicion among some pundits that it might get over-stretched in the longer run, in its attempt of gaining invisibility. The policy of developing world-class infrastr...
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