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Miami Continues to Attract Condo Buyers
by Katja Kukovic. Over the past few years the Miami condo market has taken a hit as investors and speculators take their money elsewhere. Natural disasters like the resent hurricanes in the area have taken its toll as well. Howev...
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What is the Weakness of the Sarasota Real Estate Industry
by Vanessa Arellano Doctor. Sarasota real estate is one of the most sought after piece of real estate. A lot of investors sees it as a sound investment, and is very attractive to them, especially since buying real estate properties in Sarasota offers them a whole lot than just...
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Investing in Chicago Properties
by Joe Pinto.Investing in Chicago Properties by: Joe Pinto Cities around the U.S. are growing at a rapid rate. Along with this growth has come a drastically
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Finding the Perfect Orange County Home
by Drew Hartanov. Finding the right home home can be a trying experience. Locating that perfect balance of accessibility, features, and afford ability is a challenging task. Depending on who you ask, you will probably get many different theories on home shopping. How...
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Chicago Realtor
by Paul Gorney. A Chicago Realtor, a member of the National Association of Realtors, follows a strict code of ethics that go beyond the state licensing laws and has access to the Multiple Listing Service, on which property for sale is listed. Your Realtor can help ...
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Renovate Bathrooms for a Quick Sale
by Cyndi Gerken. One of the most utilized rooms in any home is the main bathroom. It is also one of the rooms that is most susceptible to wear and tear. Due to the amount of steam and water that is used in a bathroom it is a room that has to deal with more moisture ...
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California Home Investing
by Cyndi Gerken. All over the country, investors are seeking out good markets for their real estate dollars. It can be a difficult choice as there are definitely a few desirable markets out there. The more popular vacation destinations in the U.S. are always thrivin...
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Lofts in Austin
by Brian Enright. The loft & condo market in Austin is heating up, and that's not just because summer is on the way! For some time, Austin has been seeing a surge in the real estate market and much of this is attributed to the development of new loft & condo developm...
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Toronto Condo Price Trends for 2006-2007
by Leaftech. As Canada's largest city, and the fifth largest city on the continent, Toronto finds that its space is at a premium. As a result, the trend in most of the city for home buyers has changed from a preference for single family dwellings to a marked inc...
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Austin Real Estate Profiles: Avery Ranch
by Eric Bramlett. Conveniently nestled in Austin's northwest corridor, the Avery Ranch neighborhood is considered one of the most desirable areas in the region. With 1,800 acres of prime Texas hill country, Avery Ranch offers beautiful views, wonderful homes, and exc...
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Home Decorating and Renovating: are you Up for It?
by Andy Asbury. Alright, you have spend the last 4 weeks watching some renovation program on television and have formulated some ideas about what you want to do with your condo to help it sell better. With hammer and wallpaper in hand and the words of Bob Vila cour...
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Ten Great Reasons to Live in Phoenix
by Wayne Hemrick. There are many reasons to relocate in search for better living. If you are getting ready to move or relocate to Phoenix, Arizona, you know that a good realtor can help you in finding the right Pho...
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Different Areas to Live in Scottsdale
by Wayne Hemrick. If you are planning on moving to Scottsdale and are looking for Scottsdale property for sale, you will want to find a local realtor who is informed about all of the different areas to live in Scottsdale. Armed with this informat...
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Five Star Luxury At 1400 Museum Park Chicago Condos
by Paula Cherrist. Those interested in luxurious urban contemporary living should be very interested in the condos at the 1400 Museum Park Chicago condos. If you want to surround yourself with beauty and pamper yourself and your family (or just yourself if that family...
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High Tech Living At Marquee Chicago Condo Residences
by Paula Cherrist. Some people judge the quality of a condo they are considering based mostly on the technology options the place offers. Those people would be very happy with the Marquee Chicago condos. Stay up-to-date with local weather and traffic with the Intelipl...
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Dallas Flat-fee Mls
by Calum MacKenzie. Alright. So you have chosen to sell your home yourself. But how to get the exposure you need for your home? That, of course is the tricky part to FSBO selling. For many years people have tried to sell their homes without the benefit of a listing age...
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Dallas Real Estate Rebate
by Calum MacKenzie. VIP Realty of Dallas has once again set themselves apart from the masses of real estate companies in the Dallas market. They have done so via the "real estate rebate" program, which offers home buyers up to a 1.5% rebate on the purchase price of a h...
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Tampa Job Market
by Calum MacKenzie. One major concern for home buyers in today's market is jobs. Where can they relocate to an area with a great and proliferating job market? Traditionally buyers have looked to major market cities to provide employment opportunities that will be both ...
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San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate: Buy Now Or Wait It Out?
by Errol Vincent. Probably the most popular real estate debate today centers around the San Francisco Bay Area home sales market and whether or not now is a good time to buy a home. With recent changes in the market, most buyers are sitting on the sidelines trying to...
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Orlando Family Loses Dream Home -- This Could Happen To You!
by Mike Payne. Buying your new home is exciting. Moving in to your new dream home is exhilarating. Getting a mortgage to finance your dream home is not fun or exhilarating. It's a drain even with good credit and a bank full of money.Before shopping for your new ho...
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Smart And Secure Living At Burnham Pointe Chicago Condos
by Paula Cherrist. Living at one of the 290 luxurious Burnham Pointe Chicago condos puts a lifestyle of modern casual living right at your family's fingertips. From single to several, the Burnham Pointe Chicago condos have something for everyone, whether they like par...
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Silver Tower Chicago Condos Seated Among River North Restaurants
by Paula Cherrist. Silver Tower, a highrise full of premium Chicago condos has opened its doors for interested buyers. These condos are much too well-placed to last for long. In fact, a lot of buyers are expected to close on their fabulous Chicago condos in fall of 20...
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Greenville Sc Real Estate
by Eddy Kicker. The time has never been better to invest in a home in Greenville, South Carolina. The current real estate market has been remarkably steady in the first few months of 2007 and shows no signs of waning. In fact, the local market has not experienced t...
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The Local Santa Monica and Brentwood Real Estate Market
by Simon Salloom.Simon Says:" What is Going on in the Local Santa Monica and Brentwood Real Estate Market?" by: Simon Salloom This week while watching
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Beautiful Parks Around Chicago Aqua Lakeshore East Condos
by Paula Cherrist. When you start thinking seriously about Chicago condominiums, you know you're doing well. You've moved on to an entirely different lifestyle than you had before. That's why Chicago condominiums like the ones at Aqua Lakeshore East are perfect for th...
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