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Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership
by Jeremy R. Yes, there are certain responsibilities associated with owning a home. Landlords will often argue the benefits of renting, and for obvious reason. If you are renting, you're helping them make their mortgage payment. The numbers are staggering if you...
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Advertising your Rental Property
by Michael Peterson. In any market advertising is essential to a successful business. This is a trend that holds true in real estate rentals. So you have a property to rent and are wondering about how to reach as many potential renters as possible? Naturally you would l...
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Choosing the Right Rental
by Michael Peterson. Finding the right rental property can be a difficult proposition. In some areas rental properties are freely available and not difficult to find, but in other areas there is a huge need for rentals and properties can get quite expensive very fast. I...
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Current Scenario for Real Estate in Australia
by Jacqui Smith. It is a common scenario worldwide that any property bought by an individual as a long term investment always appreciates in value. The Australian property market is no exception with a recent survey noting that in Australia investors have made remar...
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Buying a Home Vs Renting a Home
by Adeal Benhayoun.Buying a Home Vs Renting a Home by: Adeal Benhayoun One of the most basic ways to increase your personal wealth has always been owning your own
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Protecting your Assets: Rentals
by Matt Barker. Playing the real estate game has made more people more money than almost any other industry in America. However, those that have been successful have learned how to protect their personal assets and property while maintaining a strong investment por...
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What Rights Does A Tenant Have To Rented Property?
by Bob Miles. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you need to know what rights a tenant gains by entering into a lease and paying rent. Below are some of the things a tenant can and cannot do:1. A tenant can exclude everyone else from the rental property, inc...
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Which is a More Lucrative Deal: Buying or Renting??
by Property Reporter. With the immense progression of property and real estate in Dubai, the price patterns have changed to a vast degree. In the precedent decade, the property has been affluent and it proposes an avid investment. But there has been an undulating change ...
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Flip or Rent?
by Scott Baxter. Flip or rent? It's a difficult question to answer. Both have some really great assets and both have some particular drawbacks. As investments go, both are excellent ways to build wealth. The main difference is whether or o not you choose to go for t...
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Stop Renting! Go for a Home!
by Albert Bor. There is a major misconception that homes are unattainable by many people. With the amazing variety of mortgages that are available in today's financial world it has become easier for people to get that first home that they have always dreamed about...
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Marketing your Rental Property
by Michael Peterson. OK, so you have a rental property and you want to find yourself the right tenants. Any successful landlord can tell you that marketing your properties to the right people is a critical part of succeeding in the rentals game. You should break your ma...
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Keeping your Rentals in Good Shape
by Michael Peterson. Keeping rental properties in great shape can be a time consuming endeavor. However, its a necessary evil if you want to continually have quality renters that respect both you and your property. Problem renters are simply that, a problem. Ideally you...
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What Makes For A Good Beach Rental Property?
by Wendy Hauschildt. South Padre Island is one of the few coastal communities in the U.S. in which rental revenue can still come even close to cash-flowing a rental property. In most areas the property values have risen far above what the rental prospects can sustain. M...
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Continue Renting or Buy the Apartment?
by Simon Salloom.Simon Says: "should you Continue Renting or Should you Buy?" by: Simon Salloom Several times a week someone tells me, "My friends say
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Should you Continue Renting or Should you Buy - Simon Salloom
by Simon Salloom.Should you Continue Renting or Should you Buy - Simon Salloom by: Simon Salloom Several times a week someone tells me, "My friends say wait to b
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Investing in Rentals
by Karrie Rose. Investing in rental properties has proven over the years to be a fantastic way to make money. Not only does owning rentals increase your equity and thereby your ability to acquire additional properties but it also provides a nice monthly income. So ...
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Decorating A Rental Apartment
by David Riewe. Those who live in a rental apartment are usually quite limited in the amount of decorating they are able to do. This can have the impact of making a rental apartment not quite feel like a real home. In many cases the rental apartment is painted a br...
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Investments in Rental Properties
by Michael Peterson. There is no mistake about it, investing in real estate makes money. Agreed, you have to spend money to make money, but that is true in all areas of investment. Historically one of the most secure ways of making a profit in the real estate industry i...
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The Advantages of Buying and Renting a Home
by Kevin Cox. Buying or renting is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. One of the advantages of renting is you will not have to take on a big debt, if you buy a house and you can't pay the mortgage you will lose the house and all the money yo...
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Free Advice On Guaranteed Property Rental Schemes
by Ewan McGarrie. A guaranteed rental scheme can provide you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you will receive a fixed income for an agreed period of time. Many buyers like to use the guaranteed rental income to pay associated mortgage costs. Additional...
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Real Estate Investments And What Different Types There Are
by Louis Roberts. The idea of real estate and property is much more than just finding a home. There are categories of homes and business properties as well as divisions in the types of real estate that are available to others. If you want to make a different type of ...
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Ways to Protect your Property When Renting it Out
by Kevin Cox. Renting out a property can be a stressful thing. One thing many worry about when renting out real estate is, would the person or family take care of the property, there are many steps you can take to protect your property. One thing you can do that ...
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Great Tips For Getting Started With Rental Properties
by Kevin Kiene. Are you thinking about making an additional income through investing in real estate properties? It's a very good idea, but before following this path, you need to consider the following information, which will tell you how to go about starting with ...
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Upgrading your Rental Property
by Michael Peterson. The rental market is a great place to make some good money and increase your equity. Rental properties traditionally end up paying for themselves which is why they are such popular investment. However, in today's market, one must set their rental pr...
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Positive Rental Cash Flow - The True Secrets
by Chris Anderson, PhD. The new real estate investor asked, "Please explain to me what is so hard about getting me a positive rental cash flow on a property your group sponsors." Why is it so hard for a bulk group like you guys to simply get me a property in a appreciating...
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