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Making Space for Sacred Space
Topic : Meditation How To : Calming Techniques & Prayer Help
by Stephanie Yeh.When you read a great inspirational book, prayer, or article, don't you think to yourself, "What a great idea! I should do more daily rituals, prayer, meditation."? It always seems like a great idea,...
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Life’s a Beach – A Shore Theme in Your Outdoor Space
Topic : Outdoor Living Ideas : Beach Theme & Outdoor Theme
by Debbie Rodgers.Twentieth century American architect Phillip Johnson once said, "I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?" Mr. Johnson evidently didn't how to relax, but as another summer ...
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Is there a leprechaun in your garden
Topic : Catch A Leprechaun : The Leprechaun & Irish Leprechaun
by Susanna Duffy.There is no mention to be found of female leprechauns in traditional Irish legend, so as to how they came to be .. your guess is as good as mine. These apparently aged, diminutive men are hard-worki...
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Selling Your Home - A FSBOs Guide to Keeping It Safe
Topic : House Selling Advice : House Selling Checklist & Homes For Sale
by Michelle Annese.Home sellers not only need to think like a realtor in finding potential buyers for their homes, they also need to think like a personal security agent. Sellers need to keep their safety in mind whe...
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Tips For Breaking Away From White Wall Paint
Topic : Painting Your House : Interior Painting & Home Painting Tips
by Lisa French.Paint is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to change a room. But choosing the right paint colors for your home can seem like an overwhelming task. Paint, accessories, fabric, furniture, and...
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How to Change a Rooms Dimension using Wall Pictures
Topic : Interior Design Help : Wall Design & Wall Pictures
by Claire Bowes.The Basic Role of Pictures Wall art plays an important role in interior design as it helps create the ambience of a room. By cleverly placing wall pictures in certain ways, you can change and create...
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How to Decorate your Space with Wall Art
Topic : Room Design Ideas: Wall Art & Room Design
by Claire Bowes.If a room in your house lacks character, by simply placing some fine art prints on the walls can actually make quite an impact. Wall pictures are a necessary accessory in your home and are great to t...
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Redesigning Your Fireplace
Topic : Fireplace Design Ideas : Fireplace Decor & Fireplace Design
by Susan Penney.Everyone loves a fireplace aglow with a roaring fire or flickering embers. But your fireplace need not be a gaping empty hole--like a picture frame without a picture—-those times you choose not to ha...
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What does it take to be an Interior Designer?
Topic : Interior Designer Qualifications & Interior Designer Career
by Marjan Zemljic.When trying to decide if Interior Design is right for you, it helps to know what that really means. Interior Design is not simply the profession that “makes rooms and places pretty”; it takes a littl...
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The String Algae Blues...
Topic : Pond Algae Control : Algae Treatment & Algae Removal
by Brett Fogle.Now that Spring is upon us and things are coming back to life in your pond with the warmer weather, many of us are battling with string algae. String algae is caused primarily by a combination of the...
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Overwintering Pond Fish
Topic : Breeding Pond Fish : Feeding Pond Fish & Pond Care
by Brett Fogle.The metabolism of koi and goldfish is controlled primarily by water temperature. As the water cools, pond fish require less protein in their diet. When koi and goldfish are fed high-protein food in c...
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How to Choose between Goldfish and KOI
Topic : Breeding Pond Fish : Pond Fish Care & Koi and Goldfish
by Brett Fogle.Many people have asked us over the years "Should I add goldfish or KOI (or both) to my pond? The answer is "it depends." Goldfish are better suited to smaller water gardens and ponds, in the 50 - 50...
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Fish Health in Hot Summer Heat
Topic : Nutrition of Fish : Pond Maintenance & Fish Health
by Brett Fogle.Summer is over, but for many of us - the heat remains. Here a couple of things to do to keep your fish healthy and your pond clear going into winter. First, remember to keep your pond well aerated. ...
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Funniest Pond Stories - Part 1, May 2004
Topic : Funny True Stories : Funny Stories & Hilarious Stories
by Brett Fogle.Get ready for some gut-wrenching, laugh out loud hilarious pond stories from all over the world... (Continued from May Issue of PondStuff!) We had some hilarious, truly gut wrenching, laugh out-lou...
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Building Liner Ponds
Topic : Pond Liner Installation : Pond Liners & Installing Pond Liners
by Brett Fogle.Surprisingly enough, it is usually in mid-summer that many gardeners begin to think about installing a small pond or water garden. Ponds don't need to be weeded or watered, and they can supply exuber...
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Protect Your House from Burglars
Topic : Landscaping Your Home : Landscaping Security & Home Security
by TC Thorn.Believe it or not, landscaping can be an important part of a good home security plan. A burglar who is "casing the joint" from the street will choose the house with tall shrubs and trees that provide...
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Bathroom Remodel - The Plan
Topic : Bathroom Remodeling Plan : Bathroom Design & Bathroom Remodeling
by David Foy.Planning a bathroom remodel? Each home project of this nature can be broken down into 5 distinct steps. Following through each step will help this often confusing process make more sense and produc...
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Rising Damp
Topic : Rising Damp Treatment : Rising Damp & Damp Proofing
by Alastair Taylor.It doesn’t sound like a particularly interesting topic, however a quick search on the worlds favourite internet search engine will show that in some circles rising damp is a very hot topic indeed. Th...
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Tickle Your Senses With Yankee Candles!
Topic : Yankee Candle Fragrance : Scented Candles & Yankee Candles
by Wendy Yeager.How many of us remember as kids creating our own candles from our broken crayons? We’d have mom or dad help us melt down the crayons on the stove, throwing in every color of the rainbow. Then we’d ...
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Gel Candles - An Alternative To Wax Candles
Topic : Gel Candle Making : Make Gel Candles & Gel Candles
by Wendy Yeager.Gel candles are basically made from a combination of polymer resin and mineral oil. Gel candles make a beautiful gift for friends, family, or for yourself. Gel candles can add a touch of elegance ...
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Candle Holders Add Flair To Your Home Decor!
Topic : Home Decor Candle Holders : Candle Decor & Candle Holders
by Wendy Yeager.Candle holders are an essential accessory for candles. The first candle holders, made of clay, date back as far as fourth century BC Egypt. Of course, today we have a wide variety of candle holders ...
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Add Some Light To Your Life With Candles
Topic : History of Candles : Candles History & Candle History
by Wendy Yeager.Candles first served as the main source of light for early civilization. They have made many changes through the years. The candles of today are not the same candles from hundreds of years ago. Befo...
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How to Tell If Youve Got a Rodent Problem
Topic : Rat Problems : Rat Problem & Rodent Problems
by TC Thorn.Older houses are most vulnerable to rodents, but it's possible for them to crop up in just about any neighborhood. There are often large rodent populations in the city, but apartment owners typically...
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Is There a Fungus Among Us?
Topic : Mold in Houses : Mold Removal & Mold Diseases
by Wallace Conway.Mold has taken hold! Not that the microbes have reached out and grabbed us, but rather they have captured our attention. A rash of recent high profile media stories have petrified many people with co...
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Five Tips For Garden Sanctuaries
Topic : Design a Garden : Garden Design & Garden Design Ideas
by Robin Mastro.The design of your garden has an amazing affect on your family’s health and well-being. Here is how you can create harmony in your garden—which is considered a living entity—and bring peace and happi...
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