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Top 5 Real Estate Markets For Price Increases And Decreases
by Real Estate Advisor. In its 4th quarter report of 2006, the real estate information site estimates the home value trends for the U.S. and 75 metropolitan areas. According to the data from ...
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Celebrity Homes - Top 10 Fanciest Cribs Ever
by Joel Teo. If antiquity gods lived in the heavenly Olympus above the clouds, nowadays' stars have cribs that top anything else in the world. Choose any celebrity home and you'll hardly find any comparable house that doesn't belong to a star. So, what's so grea...
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Top 10 Questions to Ask your Realtor
by Kris Kombrink.Top 10 Questions to Ask your Realtor by: Kris Kombrink The days of putting a sign in the yard and throwing a home in the local Multiple Listing
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Top 15 Problems When Re-selling A Home Or Condo
by Real Estate Advisor. In today's mobile society, most people buy and sell homes many times over their lifetime. The marketability and ease with which a home is likely to sell is an important consideration when purchasing real estate. This article briefly reviews some com...
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Top 5 Emerging Real Estate Markets for 2006
by Rhiannon Williamson.Successful real estate investors are well aware that one of the fundamental keys to building a successful property portfolio is the careful timing of market entry; therefore investors always seek to buy ahead of an emerging trend and often take a nat...
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