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Home Inspections Equal Home Sales
by Anita. When you are ready to put your home up for sale, be advised that the market is very competitive. One plan that may help you sell your home is a pre-listing home inspection. Any problems that exist can be dealt with or readily expressed to the consum...
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Facebooking Your Way to a Home Sale
by Ted Gaurnero. If you think that Facebook exists only so you can check it every three seconds to find out what your friends are doing, consider this: it is a presently an underutilized resource for selling your home. A search for "real estate" results in over 500 ...
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Finding Places to Advertise Your Home for Sale
by Craig Berger. Traditionally, real estate advertisements were in newspapers, on benches and in your mailbox. With the advent of the Internet, online advertising has increased dramatically in recent years.Why Classifieds Are OutThe number of unsold homes continues ...
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Selling a Vacation Home for Sale by Owner Can be a Challenge
by lazysubmit.Selling a Vacation Home for Sale by Owner Can be a Challenge by: lazysubmit Selling a vacation home For Sale By Owner can be a challenge. If you
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Spring is Coming, and With It, Home Sales
by Joe Samson. While some areas of the country are still blanketed under a thick layer of snow, it is undeniable that spring is on its way. This is an exciting time for home sellers and real estate agents alike, as it is generally accepted as THE time to buy or se...
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Stop Repossession With a Quick Home Sale
by Eugene Articolov. You can stop repossession with a quick home sale. Repossession is often in the news and more and more people are affected. When you miss mortgage payments, financial difficulty is not far behind. When lenders write and ask you to get in touch, somet...
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Stop Repossession With a Fast Home Sale
by Eugene Articolov. If you're looking for the best way to stop a repossession hearing, then a fast home sale could be the answer. When your lender is threatening to repossess your home because of missed payments, mortgage arrears or a lack of communication, then you ar...
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How a Fast Home Sale Process Can Help you With Debt
by Eugene Articolov. If you have a problem with debt and need cash loans fast, then it's time to start the fast home sale process. Most property owners have a lot of debt. The UK's consumer debt mountain is continuing to grow. There comes a time when you need to realise...
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Tips for a Quick Home Sale
by Terry Trexler. For a quick sale, you need to make your home look better than the competition. When I look through pictures of real estate online, I see so many pictures of messy rooms. People haven't taken the time to even tidy up a little before they or their age...
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Reasons for Slow Start in Home Sales 2008
by Fritz Pfister. An interesting thing happened in the housing market when interest rates fell below 6% for only the second time since the 1960's; sales declined. With most lenders offering 30 year loans at 5.7%, and 15 year loans at 5% you would expect prospective b...
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Benefits of a Virtual Tour - When Listing your Home for Sale
by Leaftech. The advent of the Internet has changed all sorts of businesses and transactions that people go through in the course of their lifetime, and real estate is no exception. The use of the Internet in selling homes has completely changed the way in which...
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Pricing Your Home for Sale
by Lance Mohr. One of the more challenging tasks that needs to be undertaken before you put your home onto the Tampa Bay real estate market is the pricing of your home. With this in mind, there are some steps that you need to take in order to ensure that you pric...
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Vacation Home Sales are Up
by Nick Viale.Vacation Home Sales are Up by: Nick Viale The move to buying a second home overseas is gaining popularity, and many retirees are looking to Mexi
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Holiday Home Sales are (baby) Booming!
by Marc Talon. Even though we have been reading of a downturn in realty, some areas are still booming; why is this? We all want to buy a home that is going to hold its price, but what is the secret? How can you ensure that your home will remain a viable asset? Wha...
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The November Home Sales Pace Report
by Lance Mohr. Timing is everything when it comes to the selling and purchasing of a home. If you are considering either buying a home or selling your current residence, it is important that you stay on top of home sales trends to make sure that you take the step...
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Finding a Gonubie Home for Sale Then
by Michael John. Gonubie can be found in the vicinity of East London of South Africa. East London itself is drawing in many retirement-age individuals who find the area an attractive place to spend their golden years due to the mild climate and low population densit...
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Installing Vinyl Exterior Shutters at Home for Sale
by Shad Storhaug. A common mistake people make is to assume that their house is "ready for sale" just because it is a livable, functional place that is not in need of repair. This mistake can not only make your home take longer to sell, but can also mean you will be...
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Sellers Tips: Home Sale Preparation
by Eric Badgely.Sellers Tips: Home Sale Preparation by: Eric Badgely So you are selling your home and need a little guidance on getting it ready for the droves
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Why Staging is so Vital in Home Sales
by Kevin And Gretchen Koitz. Asking why staging is a vital aspect of home selling is kind of like asking "why bother to clean before the show?" Years ago before staging had not really been defined in the real estate industry, the process was already being done to some extent on...
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5 Low-cost Tips to Prepare your Home for Sale
by Nef Cortez. Real estate is sold throughout the year but when spring and summer roll around, one begins to see yard sales going up as homeowners prepare their homes for sale. The following is a list of tips that are low in cost and usually require nothing more t...

Intelligent Fixes for Home Sales
by Eric Badgely.Intelligent Fixes for Home Sales by: Eric Badgely When it comes to selling a home there are certain things that a seller can fix up to increase
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Is Redoing the Kitchen Worth it During Home Sales?
by Eric Badgely.Is Redoing the Kitchen Worth it During Home Sales? by: Eric Badgely This has been a question that has seen much press and attention when referri
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Finishing Touches for Home Sales
by John West. Having planned your home sale carefully and really taken the time to make your home shine like a diamond you may find yourself asking "What's left that I can do to make this place a little more impressive?" Well, let's look at at the list and make s...
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How Distressed Home Sales Impact your Homes Value
by Dave Dinkel. We know the gut wrenching feeling when a home sells down the street from you for well below Fair Market Value (FMV). You may only find out when a perspective buyer says your home is too high priced because of that distressed home sale! Distressed ...
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Home Sale Problems
by Nelson Stewart. There is nothing quite as difficult for a home seller than to see their home sitting on the market getting no offers or interest from buyers. It is even worse if they have reduced the price a few times to no avail. The best homes in the best locatio...
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