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New Opportunities for Real Estate Buyers
by Craig Berger. After several years of overinflated prices, the housing market is finally full of affordable homes for sale. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a first time buyer, the opportunity for buying is better than ever. Real Estate Buying Is...
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Irn Realty Looks For Real Estate Growth In 2008
by Mark Cheng. Despite the decline in the real estate market, IRN Realty is not only alive but is actually looking to grow in 2008. With many area real estate companies closing its doors or downsizing, this Southern California real estate company is thriving."In t...
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Making Money in Probate Real Estate
by Michael (MIke) Agemy. We hear every day how the real estate market is going under, but yet certain real estate investors are making money every day, regardless of market volatility. How? By buying probate real estate. Probate is the legal process property goes through wh...
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Balancing Finance And Payables In Real Estate
by Jon Caldwell. The foreclosure crisis has rippled all from first to last the wider markets and is hitting big financial losses on mortgage-backed securities and institutions with other concerned assets. These delays have led the institutions to hold back and cut d...
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Real Estate Information Gathering Should Be Consistent
by Jon Caldwell. As far as looking and buying potential properties are concerned, you have to wonder if you really need a real estate broker to point you in the right way. We see properties for sale these days and apparently some of them are not to keen on dealing w...
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Knowing Your Way Around The Real Estate Business
by Jon Caldwell. There are different types of real estate, and there are various ways to invest in them. It is essential to combine these two factors in a means that suits your particular needs. For example when renting a house, it is an easy way to get started, and...
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Working Hard To Satisfy All Real Estate Requirements
by Jon Caldwell. Property buying includes a lot of things and size is one of them. Depending on whether you plan to live as a bachelor or with your family, size allocation will matter.No person wants to live in a sardine-like setting. As much as possible, you will w...
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Get Poor Quick With Real Estate
by Jim Hirschman. YOU can become RICH with REAL ESTATE!!! Live the life you want with REAL ESTATE! Come to my seminar on how to MAKE MONEY from REAL ESTATE!!! OMG! WTF! BBQ!It seems that whenever you are interested in investing in real estate, you get inundated with ...
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Real Estate Valuation
by Patrick O'Connor. The Approaches to Establishing Property ValueSales Comparison ApproachThe sales comparison approach is used at property tax hearings for houses, land and owner-occupied buildings. It is sometimes used for income properties as a secondary method...
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Make The Preparations For Real Estate Offerings
by Jon Caldwell. By looking at the property and observing that the road is not wide enough to let you vehicle pass, do not push through with the purchase. Verify the title first and see whether or not it is bounded by a road or a street. The surveyor can point alert...
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Practicality In Real Estate Planning
by Jon Caldwell. One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is putting the wrong price tag on his or her home. Sellers tend to put a very high value on their property out of fear of losing profit, but buyers won't even look at homes that are priced too high. Ther...
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Highs And Lows Of The Real Estate Business
by Jon Caldwell. Markets on hot real estate don't stay hot forever. Home sale market in some area around the country has already slowed after being robust for several years. The unsold inventory index has been used to tell which way the market and home prices were m...
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The Technology Influx In Real Estate
by Jon Caldwell. According to the one of largest real estate surveys that was conducted, technology has transformed how people buy and sell their houses, including the way people work and transact with brokers and real estate agents. The result of the said survey wa...
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Facts On Modern Living In Real Estates
by Jon Caldwell. More and more people are finding it easier to get people who are willing to swap properties as people are holding off buying due to the slowing economy. The economy isn't getting better, and with gas up to more than $3.00, it won't be getting any be...
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Using Your Facebook Profile to Sell Your Real Estate
by Kevin Bilberry. Some people find that it's most expedient to create a new Facebook profile for selling their real estate. However, if you already have friends and family that are also contacts, you might want to just go with the profile they already have friended. ...
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Real Estate: Hot Properties In A Cool Market
by Simon Volkov. Real estate investors spend the majority of their time in search of "hot" properties. In today's cool real estate market, locating profitable properties might seem impossible. However, there is still plenty of money to be made in the real estate inv...
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Distance Real Estate School
by Shannon. Having a real estate license is a very handy thing. It can act as a great supplement to your current income or forge a completely new career path for you. First, you need to go to real estate school. Going back to school to get your real estate lice...
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Understanding the Power of the Rule of 72s in Real Estate
by Brian Higdon. In this article we are going to discuss and demonstrate by example the power of the Rule of 72s. This rule comes in handy as a quick way to figure how long it will take to double your money. It does not matter what the investment is, real estate, a...
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Setting Up Passive Income in Real Estate
by Jeffry Evans. Anyone that knows anything about business, wants to make passive income. Many folks would like to have a primary, or secondary source of passive income in real estate. I am one of those people. Currently, my passive income in real estate is around $...
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Watch Out For Fraud And Scams In Real Estate
by Jon Caldwell. One of the common modus in real estate scams is identity theft. Identity theft refers to involvement of stealing money or obtaining other benefits such as properties and land pretending to be another person. It is actually a misnomer to a lot of per...
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Real Estate Lead Generation - How To Overcome Obstacles
by Cole Stevens. Real estate agents are driven to sell homes, but to do that they need clients willing to list their properties with them. So, while an agent can be amazing at selling houses, they also need to be great at generating leads and building their client l...
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Real Estate Hype 2008-2009
by Juhlin Youlein.Real Estate Hype 2008-2009 by: Juhlin Youlein Since 2006 the media has butchered real estate. It seemed that every time the 6:00 news was on the
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The 7 Reasons Why Real Estate Is Your Essential Tool
by Emlyn Scott. Real estate (both residential and commercial property) is perhaps the best way for the average person to generate wealth. There are many reasons why real estate is such a brilliant way to fast-track your wealth plan and why it's so popular with thos...
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Real Estate: Tips for Selling In A Buyers Market
by Andrew Stratton. Trying to sell real estate in a buyers market can be a tough and frustrating venture. When sellers greatly outnumber the buyers, competition can get fierce. Prices often drop dramatically and homes stay in the market for months. If you have to sell ...
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Selling Residential Real Estate in a Slow Market
by John Allen.Selling Residential Real Estate in a Slow Market by: John Allen Inventories of homes for sale are up and sales have slowed. Selling a home in to
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