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Strategies for Buying Commercial Real Estate
by Kimberlyn Williams. If you've grown weary of paying rent for your current business space, or have considered purchasing commercial real estate as a long-term equity investment, there are several important factors that can maximize your financial opportunities and minim...
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What Is A Real Estate Indemnity Agreement And How Does It Work?
by Mark Warner. While a real estate indemnity agreement may have a scary or intimidating sounding name, it is a very common and very simple type of legal agreement. With a real estate indemnity agreement, one party is pledging to protect another from any kind of fi...
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Some Tips to Finance Commercial Real Estate
by Christy Myers. Here are some tips to get the finance for the development of commercial property.1. One of the basic requirements to manage the financial resource or financial planning is to get the mobilization of various financial resources. It is essential to d...
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Real Estate Recovery
by Juhlin Youlein.Real Estate Recovery by: Juhlin Youlein The Wall Street Journal came out with an article talking about how the real estate market reached a bott
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Real Estate Websites: Virtual Tours and Its Importance
by Richard Brazil. Virtual tour is the method used to provide a graphical presentation of a property or properties to internet users. It is a simulation of an actually existing location, comprised of still or video images or virtual models of real location. To make it...
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Real Estate Internet Marketing
by Serge Dandelin. Real Estate Internet Marketing is gaining much importance nowadays, as it is highly important for those who are engaged in selling real estate online. According to a survey conducted by a top-rated magazine, more than 75% of people lean on the inter...
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How To Find A Reliable Real Estate Agency
by John Ash. If you are interested in purchasing or selling some property or land, you would most probably have to go and visit a real estate agency. A real estate agency is a body comprised of real estate agents who act as legal middlemen to settle deals regard...
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What Type Of Real Estate Am I Really Buying?
by John Ash. When you are getting ready to purchase a piece of residential real estate, you should bear in mind that there are several different types of residential properties that you can choose from. The most common types of residential real estate include si...
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Marketing And Advertising Your Real Estate Properly
by John Ash. If you are planning on selling a property, you have to make sure there is proper advertising done. Real estate advertising not only generates more inquiries and calls about the property, it also makes sure that other agents know about your property ...
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Get Lock in Value Equity to Avoid Falling Real Estate Value
by Kelly Price. You may not be familiar with the term lock in value equity but it is the perfect solution for home owners who are worried that real estate values will fall. Here we will look at home these contracts work and how they can protect the value of your ho...
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Relocating to Somewhere Within Appleton Real Estate
by Adam Morien. One thing owners should know about Appleton real estate is that $80,000 can buy a decent house (with 5-7 rooms) in a nice neighborhood within 20 minutes of all the economic epicenters the Fox River Valley has ...
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Finding The Right Real Estate Space
by John Ash. If you are looking to invest in real estate offices, you should know the types of offices available. Offices can be graded according to their quality. Knowing what class of office you need is helpful because it makes clear to your real estate broker...
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Real Estate Mfs and Reits Come Cheap
by Property. They say bureaucracy in India can be slower than the most patient snail. So, more than seven years after the proposal was first mooted, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) came out with its draft guidelines for real estate mutual funds...
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Realty Space to Gain From Real Estate Mfs: Kpmg
by Property. NEW DELHI: The Indian real estate sector, currently facing strong headwind due to the credit turmoil as well as high inflation, is set to get a breather from the market regulator SEBI's move to allow Real Estate Mutual Funds, says global consultancy...
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Real Estate Appraiser and Their Importance
by Jennifer jones. Real estate appraiser helps you in finding houses in your city at right prices. Real estate appraiser role is very important when someone wants to sell a property and wishes to know what the property is worth so that they know how to price the home....
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West Linn Real Estate
by kerri. If you're looking for a new home in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, you are most certainly not alone: in recent years, the Portland-area real estate market has skyrocketed. As housing prices nationwide plummet, Portland is one of only five m...
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Real Estate 101 - What is a Short Sale?
by Alex Shay. A short sale in real estate refers to a concept whereby a lender (mortgagee) agrees to discount the amount of money owed on the loan made to a borrower (mortgagor), due to hardship on the part of the borrower. It basically allows the homeowner (mort...
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Create a Marketing Plan for Your Real Estate Business
by Omar Johnson. As a quick turn real estate entrepreneur one of your highest priorities for growing your business should be marketing. Obviously there is more to the business than just marketing, like negotiating and closing deals, but your marketing efforts are w...
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Selling Your House With Real Estate Experts!
by Ken Wilson. Are you interested in selling your home but you don't know where to find the best service possible? Do you want the assistance of a professional real estate company? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you will be happy to find o...
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General Real Estate Schools of Thought
by Stuart Chng.General Real Estate Schools of Thought by: Stuart Chng One real estate school of thought talks about doing a lot of analysis. This real estate
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Real Estate Appraisal - is That the Real One?
by Stuart Chng.Real Estate Appraisal - is That the Real One? by: Stuart Chng The person who performs a real estate appraisal exercise is called the real esta
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Real Estate Management Firms - Making Life Easier
by Stuart Chng.Real Estate Management Firms - Making Life Easier by: Stuart Chng Real estate investment can happen for various reasons. You could invest in rea
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Making Money in Real Estate Requires Motivation
by Omar Johnson. Motivated buyers and sellers are the fuel that drives a quick turn real estate business. Buyers are discussed elsewhere; this article is about creating sources of motivated sellers and getting them to talk with you.There are many reasons why a prop...
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The Importance of Developing Your Real Estate Rolodex
by Omar Johnson. Connections are the name of the game in quick turn real estate. This is a literal statement. Real estate is a game where the more people you are connected to and on good terms with, the more powerful you are. To demonstrate this to yourself, thin...
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The Importance of Automating Your Real Estate Business
by Omar Johnson. The pattern followed by successful entrepreneurs in real estate or any industry is to begin by learning the process hands on and taking responsibility for every operation, then to automate and delegate every part of the process so that it happens wi...
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