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Using your cell phone in Germany
Topic : Tips for Tourists:Using your cell phone in Germany
by Joshua Spaulding.If you wish to use your cell phone in Germany, you must first ensure that it is of the Tri-Band variety. To find out if your phone is Tri-Band you need to contact your cell phone manufacturer, dealer or just refer to your user manual. Once you identi...
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Tips for Driving in Germany
by Joshua Spaulding.Firstly, some bad news for tourists. Your local driver’s license will not be accepted in Germany. You will need to contact your local license branch (BMV) and find out the steps you need to take to receive an international driver’s license.Next w...
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Public transportation in Germany
Topic : Tips for Budget Travellers: Public Transportation in Germany
by Joshua Spaulding.Once you arrive in Germany, you will notice that the German public transportation system very efficient and cost effective. There are many options and for the most part, you can get anywhere any time. Keep in mind that you can purchase a train ticket...
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Travel To Germany: The Pulse Of European History
Topic : Reasons to Travel To Germany
by Frank Johnson.Germany has played a significant part in European history, creating waves in time for the rest of the continent to ride out. From Charlemagne and Otto von Bismarck to Nazism and the Cold War, Germany has become the epicenter of cutting-edge culture a...
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Germany Travel Tips
by Joshua Spaulding.Note that water is not complimentary. If you order water you will get carbonated bottled water. In most restaurants you can request tap water and they may or may not charge you but it is most likely straight from the sink. In some American fast food ...
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Destination - Berlin
Topic : Destination – Berlin: A Guide to Berlin
by Ken Charnly.Berlin brings to one’s mind, the Great Divide (or wall) that split the city into two different political entities. However, the newly rejuvenated and reunited Berlin is marching into the future, post millennium. It is casting itself in the light of...
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Bavaria Travel Guide
by Peter Wilson.Bavaria is Germany’s largest state and is located in the southern region of the country. There are resorts, hotels and private accommodation available for rent located throughout the state. The first step is to decide which areas you most want to v...
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German Beer
Topic : An Introduction to German Beer for Tourists in Germany
by Joshua Spaulding.Many say German beer one of the best-tasting. German breweries are mostly secretive about their methods, which have yielded products that have won fans from all over the world. Most German beers are popular because they are vegan (no animal products...
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A Tourists Guide to Munich, Germany
Topic : Tourists Guide to Munich Germany
by Thomas Smith.Munich is the third-largest city in Germany. With a population of roughly 1.3 million people, it is by no means small. Few may know this, but Munich is also the capital of the state of Bavaria. The city of Munich is located on the River Isar, and of...
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A Very Small Introduction To Berlin
Topic : A Short Introduction To Berlin: A Tourist Guide
by Cathy Peterson.In the past century, Berlin has undergone more identity shifts than Bob Dylan. To many people, Berlin evokes unfortunate images of World War II or stereotyped images of lederhosen, but the reality is that Berlin is a city of the 21st century, brimmin...
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Backpacking Europe in the Winter
Topic : Winter Destinations and Holidays: Backpacking Around Europe During Winter
by John Grimes.Europe is undoubtedly a top destination for many travelers that like to back around regions. You do not need to mark Europe off your list just because it is winter.
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Europe Travel Tips : Things to know before you go.
Topic : European Travel Destinations: Travel Advice and Tips For a Better Vacation
by Tatiya T..Lack of good preparation will make your trip unsuccessful. This applies to no matter you travel to anywhere in the world, not only for the Europe. The following article provides informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Travel...
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Holidays In Brussels
Topic : European Destinations: Public Transportation and How To Get Round Brussels.
by Frasier Smith.As you might expect from a city that’s dubbed “capital of Europe”, Brussels enjoys strong transport links – not only within Belgium and Europe but throughout the globe. Brussels has strong rail links with other European countries (including E...
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Perfect Europe Vacation Planning
Topic : Vacation Planning: Cheaper Europe Package Vacations.
by Remy Jirek .Are you planning to go on a Europe Vacation some day? If so, you have picked an excellent place to venture to, as Europe has great cultural and historical significance, making it a hot locale for travelers. Places like Berlin, London, Venice, Nice, a...
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The Best European Golf Destinations For Family Holidays
Topic : Family Holidays and Packages: European Golf Destinations
by R. Ritchie. Golf holidaying with a family presents its own special challenges. Keeping non-golfers in the family happy and feeling like they are having a real holiday, while at the same time getting your fill of golf, is worth that bit of extra travel planning...
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Travel Europe Cheap
Topic : Travel Europe Cheap & Cheap Travel to Europe
by Podo.Do you like travel? No problem with flying? We did little research for you, how to travel cheap around the world.Let just say, that you need to travel from USA to EU within 3 weeks. Your starting point Florida - destination Bratislava, capital of S...
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Peles Castle - One of the Most Beautiful in the World
Peles Castle from Sinaia (Romania), is nested at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, in the Prahova Valley and is one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe and in the world.Short history of Peles Castle The magnificent Peles Castles, with its fai...
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Affordable Accommodations All over Europe
by ccmonitor.A big travel to other countries once in a while wouldn't damage our budget, yet if work requires many trip or emergency situations bring us to international places such as Amsterdam, Spain, even France, our financial management abilities should start...
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European Travel on a Budget
by nhs_sbs.Planning a European escapade? I'm somewhat absolute you have a place in mind right now. Yet if you have not selected one yet, ask yourself what you basically desire to see, what you like to achieve on this journey. A vacation is a method of leisure a...
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Paris Hidden Gem: The Jacquemart-Andre Museum
by linx_smart.Paris museums are not all about crowds and famous paintings. You can love the Louvre and leave it too and savor instead, one of the small, more accessible museums that impart a particularly Paris flavor like the private Musee Jacquemart-Andre at 158 ...
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French Rock is Alive and it Lives in Paris
by linx_smart.Like many other European countries outside of the UK, France has always struggled with it's own musical identity. In the second half of the 20th century, the music scene in France ended up mimicking the sounds of popular American and British artists....
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Chambre Dhote In The Loire Valley In France
by Chateau_du_Guerinet.Traditions hotels may be great for some but not all travellers. If you are looking for a quaint or more intimate rural kind of experience, a bed and breakfast option might be perfect for you. In France bed and breakfast establishments are called ch...
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How Not To See Everything On A French Vacation
by Chateau_du_Guerinet.So you are finally going to France for your next holiday. You have picked the location, organised your travel, and booked some accommodation. That is the easy part of the "where" and the "how". The trickiest part of enjoying and planning your holiday...
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Malta Air Show 2007
by Tribune2.The 2007 Malta Air Show is expected to be the best yet, with display teams from across Europe, the US and possibly Canada participating.The air show traditionally comes late in the Malta holidays season, and is a welcome late boost for the island's t...
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The Loire Valley In France
by Chateau_du_Guerinet.The Loire Valley wine area is situated south west of Paris typically a little over two hours drive from the Paris peripherique and extending out as far as Nantes. It is a region blessed with a mild climate and fertile soil, allowing for the productio...
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