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Experience The Wonderful Penang
by Wolfgang Jaegel.Penang - an island resort - is perhaps the most favorite tourist destination in Malaysia that is much famed for its rich culture and history, natural wonders, and excellent cuisine. Situated in the straits of Malacca on the Peninsular Malaysia's nort...
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The History of Penang
by Wolfgang Jaegel.Penang is a wonderful island destination in Southeast Asia, located in the straits of Malacca, on the north-west coast of Malaysia. Located just four-hour drive by air from Kuala Lumpur - the capital city of Malaysia, the city boasts of an enormous v...
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About Penang
Malaysia, Penang Travel Guide – Introduction to Penang & George Town

Tours & Cruises in Penang
Malaysia, Penang Travel Guide – Tours & Cruises in Penang

Festivals in Penang
Know Penang - Annual Events, Festivals & Celebrations in Penang, Malaysia

History on Penang
Penang Historical Guide – History of Penang

Penang Museums
Penang Guide – Penang Museums & Art Gallery

Penang Historic Buildings
Penang Attractions – Penang Historic Buildings, Monuments & Forts

Penang Places of Interest
Penang Travel Guide – Penang Places of Interest & Attractions

Unique Mosques in Penang
Malaysia, Penang Travel Guide – Tours & Cruises in Penang

Unique Temples in Penang
Penang Attractions - Interesting Temples in Penang

P. Ramlee House
Penang Attractions – P. Ramlee House

Penang Hills & Parks
Penang Attractions – Penang Hills & Penang Parks

Penang Attractions
Penang Attractions – Penang General Attractions & Places of Interests

Golfing in Penang
Penang Sports & Recreation – Golfing & Water Sports in Penang

Telok Bahang Forest
Penang Adventure - Forest Reserve, Telok Bahang Forest

Monkey Cup Forest Trail
Penang Hiking Trail 1 – Monkey Cup Forest Trail, Simpoh Gajah Trail

Charcoal Kiln Trail
Penang Hiking Trail 2 – Charcoal Kiln Trail, Ridge Top Trail, Penang Hill Forest Challenge

Quick Shopping in Penang
Penang Shopping – Shopping Overview in Penang, Malaysia

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