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Fashion Tip: Dont Make These Fashion Mistakes
Topic : Fashion Tip & Fashion Tips : Tips on Fashion
by Sheila Dicks.1. Wearing the Wrong Colours To look your best wear clothing colours that will complement your skin. Wearing the wrong colors will make your skin appear sallow and lines and wrinkles will be more ev...
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Jeans That Fit: How to Find Them
Topic : Jeans That Fit - Finding Jeans that Fit
by Sheila Dicks.We all own jeans and they truly are the main ingredient of any casual wardrobe. However, they are not all equal or equally flattering. We are not all born with the same shape, so, the style we wear w...
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Stockings - An Essential Wardrobe Accessory!
Topic : Stocking & Stockings : Wardrobe Accessory
by Wendy Yeager.Nylon fiber was first introduced to the public at the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. The first thing nylon was used for was nylon stockings in 1940. Women liked the nylon stockings because they were a...

Corsets - To Cinch Or Not To Cinch?
Topic : Corset & Corsets : Woman Corset & Women Corsets
by Wendy Yeager.Up through the Victorian Ages, corsets were very popular with women. Corsets were worn to reduce waist size. A tiny waist made for an attractive figure. Corsets were made from different materials ov...

Choosing a Comfortable Yet Flattering Bra
Topic : Comfortable Bra : Choosing a Bra & Flattering Bra
by Wendy Yeager.Todays bra is not only designed to make you feel pretty and sexy, they are designed for comfort and practicality. You can choose from an underwire bra for support or a bra without underwire. Need so...
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Fashionable Clothing That You Choose
Topic : Fashionable Clothing & Fashion Clothes
by Mike Yeager.Clothing encompasses a wide range of apparel. From big and tall men’s clothing to women’s clothing. How we dress ourselves and what we wear tells the people around us a lot about who we are. Clothing...
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Jeans For Work Or Sexy Jeans
Topic : Jeans & Jean : Sexy Jeans
by Mike Yeager.A little over a century ago Levi Strauss invented to first modern jeans. Introduced originally as rugged, durable clothing for hard working men and women, today all social classes feel comfortable in...
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Find The Perfect Dress For You
Topic : Dress & Dresses : Perfect Dress
by Mike Yeager.When you look in your closet do you see dresses that you like or are there many, many old, out of style dresses that you wouldn’t dare be seen in? Fashions do change over time and naturally the cut a...
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Hairstyles That Make You Look Attractive
Topic : Hairstyle & Hairstyles : Attractive Hairstyle
by Mike Yeager.Have you ever wanted to change your hairstyles every couple of weeks? It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, not at all. Thinking about different hairstyles simply means that you’re a comp...
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Finding the Fashion Youre Comfortable With
by Mike Yeager.Fashion is not only what we wear, it is also how we describe ourselves to the world. When you’re deciding which fashion is for you, take the time to consider your figure and style and also how you wa...
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The Scent of a Woman
by Mike Yeager.The scent of a woman can be one of her most appealing features. Hairstyle, clothes and makeup are all important, but the fragrance a woman wears provides a level of attractiveness that few other fash...
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The Hows and Whys of Vintage Clothes Shopping
Topic : Vintage Clothing & Vintage Clothes : How to wear Vintage
by Myranda Morgan.Why Vintage? Why would anyone want to wear vintage clothing? First of all, it's fun! When you wear vintage, you stand out from the crowd. The chances of someone else wearing the same exact outfit to ...
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Slimmer Legs ... Stress-Free
Topic : Slim Leg & Slim Legs : Stress Free
by Gordon Black.Well, with the success of my article, "Wrinkle Remover That WORKS!!", I realize that there is a really strong interest in getting information that is going to do something for you, rather than genera...
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Designer Envy: Knock It Off!
Topic : Designer & Designers : Designer Envy
by Gregory Lions.CHANEL, VERSACE, DOLCE & GABBANA, VUITTON, GUCCI, DIOR, FENDI, PRADA, COACH, MARC JACOBS et al. As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, these are the brand-name clothing and fashion acce...
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Why Do Men Love Leather Mini Skirts?
Topic : Leather Mini Skirts, Reasons to buy a Leather Mini Skirt
by Christianna Mansfield.It may seem like a fairly unimportant question, but have you ever thought about why men love leather mini skirts so much? Of course, there is the obvious answer that has something to do with the actual amount of a woman’s body that is left showing ...
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Stylish Western Wear
Topic : Western clothes, cowboy boots, cowboy costumes, handbags
by Chris Robertson.Western wear isn't what it used to be - it's much more than a girl could have ever imagined years ago. Not only can western wear fans find unique cowboy boots and cowboy hats today, they can now accessorize their western wardrobe with many other styl...
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Finding the Perfect Pair of Cowboy Boots
Topic : Shopping for Cowboy Boots, How to choose Cowboy Boots
by Hosez Jones.So you are eyeing that great pair of cowboy boots. Well, it does not matter where you are from, as long as you are wild at heart and want to take them all by rope and ride, cowboy boots are the perfect choice for you. These days there is a wide array...
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How to Choose Hot Dresses Online to Match Your Style
Topic : Tips on choosing Dresses, Style advice, How to Select a Dress
by Chris Robertson.One thing many ladies love about shopping online is the wide variety of dresses that are available. If you live in an area where there aren't many places to shop, then online shopping might be your ticket to finding hot new dresses that fit your styl...
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Types of Bras
Topic : Bra & Bras : Types of Bra
by Barney Garcia.Though the origin of the bra dates back to over 6000 years ago, it has evolved from being a garment that revealed the breast; to one that was supposed to make them smaller and more manlike; to one that made the breasts look symmetrical; to today’s ...
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Why Are Shoes So Important To Women?
Topic : Women Shoe & Women Shoes : Woman Shoe & Woman Shoes
by Glenn Canady.Tom Hanks, in Forest Gump said “Mama always said you could tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.” And his Mama was right! But this is a more correct statement for women than it is for men.
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Silicone Wristbands: Fad, Fashion, or Mainstay?
by clarkswihart.Awareness Bracelet CrazeEver since Lance Armstrong started the silicone wristband craze with the release of his yellow "LIVESTRONG" wristbands, millions of people worldwide have discovered a new and effective method of supporting their favorite cause...
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Hats And Caps Be Now To Continue
by RogerWilliams.Hats and caps are a original passion of the early stages. Hats and caps present a young emotion and a smart appear. Hats are the newest craze on the streets as a street style and still on the slope. Hats and caps are the foundation of styling even in...
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Fashioning an Image for Yourself
by acurace.Making an image for yourself can prove to be an invaluable career move, or at least a social one. The reason to do so lay in the fact that while thorough communication between others is a virtue, projecting an image for yourself can serve as a near-e...
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Photo Cufflinks: The Perfect Gift for All Occasions
by personalcufflinks.The act of choosing what gift to give to someone you care about can give you quite the dilemma. For one, you would need to choose something that is unique and something that the person you will be giving the gift to will really appreciate. Most of ...
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Why Personalized Cufflinks?
by personalcufflinks.Personalized cufflinks have been in style for as long as anyone can remember. In olden days, those who are rich enough to afford it often commission jewelry makers to craft for them personalized cufflinks. Such personalized cufflinks often depict f...
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